YouSuite Review – Best Way to Hack Your Competitors Traffic in 2021

YouSuite Review

Advertise on Your Competitor Videos or Videos of your Choice

Youtube is the 2nd Biggest Search Engine on Earth.

If you are looking for something or if you want to learn something new… You go on Youtube.

“In Nov 2020 YouTube announced that it will Start Adding In-Stream Advertisements even on Non-Monetized Videos” which means Slowly most of the Videos on YouTube will have Ads and Advertisers have the Option of Picking and Choosing Videos on which they wish to Show their Ad!

E.g. You are Promoting Web Hosting Affiliate Offer As an Advertiser, you can pick and choose videos on YouTube which are teaching people to Create a WordPress Website or Teaching People How to Create a Website and You will be able to Display Your Webhosting Affiliate offer in those Particular Videos.

You can Even Choose YouTube Videos that Appear on Page 1 of Google Search or YouTube Search for a keyword such as WordPress Hosting etc and even try to target that video to show your Ad.

Earlier, YouTube ONLY Displayed Ads on Videos Which had Monetization enabled in which (Which most of the Videos already had Enabled) Starting Nov. 2020 they will start Rolling Out Ads on Non-Monetized Videos as well.

Yousuite Helps Advertisers Hijack Traffic from Competitor’s YouTube Videos or any other YouTube Videos in their Niche by Showing their Ads in those Videos Using YouTube’s Placement Targeting Option.

  • Ethically Steal Your Competitors Traffic & Customers
  • World's Easiest YouTube Traffic Software
  • Advertise on Videos on Page 1 of Google & YouTube and Steal their Traffic, Sales & Customers
  • Quickly Find 100s-1000s of Videos on YouTube in Your Niche
  • Works for Selling Software Products, Affiliate Products, eCom, Consulting & Every Niche Under the Sun
  • Get Insane R.O.I. with Dirt Cheap & Possibly Free Clicks
  • Smart Strategy used by Companies like Amazon, Wix, Clickfunnels, Shopify, etc. to rake in millions
  • Detailed A-Z in-Depth Training Videos
  • Instantly grow your business & revenue & Much More

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my YouSuite Review for more details.

YouSuite Review


Overview – YouSuite Review

  • Product: YouSuite
  • Vendor: Kimberly de Vries
  • Launch Date: 2021-Mar-24
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $47-$67
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is YouSuite? – YouSuite Review

Do You Know – “You can Advertise on Any Video on YouTube Using YouTube Ads”?

You will Advertise Your Product on the Exact YouTube Videos that Your Customers Watch! Anyone who visits “your target” Video on YouTube will see your Ad FIRST before watching “that video” Video.

YouSuite is How you can Advertise over Your Competitor Videos or Videos of your Choice on YouTube for Free.

YouSuite is the Most Ingenious way to drive Targeted Traffic to any local business website or store using Youtube.

Youtube Officially Lets You Steal Traffic from Your Competitors Videos or any other Videos in Your Niche on their Platform.

You'll learn:

  • How to Get Unlimited Visitor To Your Websites
  • And How To Replicate Big Marketers Strategy to Get Millions of Traffic form YouTube @ This Moment!
  • How to Get Millions of Viewers to Watch Your Videos
  • And How to Convert Hyper-Targeted Visitor into Buyers in Any Niche
  • How to Advertise on YouTube and NOT being charged!
  • And their very own 100X Case Study!


If you've been on their Webinars before… You know they're also giving away some awesome goodies:

FREE Special YouTube/Google Ads Software!

Special Coupon

FREE 1-Hour Coaching Sessions with 7 figure Online Marketers

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What are the great features of YouSuite? – YouSuite Review

Imagine having the Power to Generate Leads on Demand and that too at the lead cost of 2011-2012.

And Imagine having the Power to Advertise Over Videos Ranking #1 for the Most Competitive Keywords on Youtube.

Imagine having the Power to Scale your Ad Campaigns without worrying about your Ad-sets & clicks getting expensive.

They will be covering all this and lots more in YouTube Ads Masterclass Training!

This Training is Focused Around YouTube Ads & How YouTube Ads are among the Most Underutilized Traffic Source EVER.

In This Training They Will Cover:

  • #1 How to Target Your Competitor Videos or Other Video's in Your Niche on YouTube™ for FREE Targeted Traffic using YouTube™ Ads
  • #2 How to use YouTube™ Ads to get $0.03-$0.08 Views & Clicks to your Ads
  • #3 How to Build Your Email list of First 1000 Subscribers using YouTube™ Ads

This will be a no-fluff Training & They will directly Jump on to the Juicy Part!

When they did this Training, over 300 People Attended it live, and they are expecting over 500 People for this Next Training. It will be Jam-packed!

  • Pick & Choose Your Target Videos or Competitor Videos to Show Your Ads
  • Dominate Video Marketing Using YouTube Ads
  • Get Insane R.O.I with Dirt Cheap & Possibly Free Clicks
  • Get Laser Targeted Traffic (Better than Facebook Ads)
  • Work's for EVERY NICHE Under the Sun!
  • In-Depth Video Analytics to Help You Choose Target Videos
  • Detailed YouTube Ads Training Included
  • Get Started in Under 5min with Your 1st YouTube Ad Campaign
  • Hottest SAAS Software of 2021

Demo Video – YouSuite Review

How does it work? – YouSuite Review
  • Step#1 – Enter Your Keyword in YouSuite and Get a list of 100s-1000s of Videos in Your Niche
  • Step#2 – Download this list Containing these Video details
  • Step#3 – Add this list to Your YouTube Ads Campaign and Start driving 100% Targeted Traffic Instantly
Why should you buy it? – YouSuite Review

People Searching on Youtube have a very clear intention and Goal in Mind.

If you want to capture this high intent, 100% Targeted Youtube Traffic; you will have to create & rank videos on youtube for these queries.

Looking to Learn SEO. You Go on Youtube and Search “Learn SEO”

Looking to buy the latest iPhone. You Go on Youtube and search “iPhone 20 Review.”

Need to Lose Weight. You Go on Youtube and Search “Best Diets for Weight loss.”

Creating & Ranking Videos on Youtube is a very Tedious and Time-consuming Task. With intense competition in 2021, you might never be able to rank videos on youtube.

This is why they created Yousuite.

See Yousuite in Action here.

Yousuite Works for Selling Software Products, Affiliate Products, eCom, Consulting & Every Niche Under the Sun.

Yousuite helps you find 1000s of Videos in your niche ranking on Youtube & help you show an Ad of Your Product or Service inside them using a Youtube Placement Targeting Campaign.

Would you like to learn the Ultimate Youtube Traffic Strategie?

  • A Strategie which Guarantee's 100% Targeted Traffic, Leads & Sales in Any Niche Imaginable
  • A Startegie which almost Guarantees Success

I want to Introduce You to Yousuite!

YouSuite lets you Instantly Find & Show Your Product or Service to The Audiences Of 1000s of Highly Relevant Videos on Youtube In Your Business.

Yes! You will be able to Ethically Steal Traffic, Leads & Sales from Your Competitor Videos and Other Videos in Your Niche on Youtube using Yousuite & Super Simple Youtube Ads.

To be honest, thank you for reading my YouSuite Review! See you later.