WP Story Machine Review – NEW WP Plugin Turns Blog Posts into Stories

WP Story Machine Review

Get More People & More Engagement On Your Content using STORIES Today

Did you know that you can now create STORIES from your site content?

YES – just like Facebook, Instagram and Google.

STORIES are the FUTURE of internet content & Story Machine is what you need.

Huge internet companies are banking big on this fact, Google is going to officially start ranking stories higher in search results.

So the TIME is now to stay ahead of the curve and create stories from your content.

Easily beat your competitors in rankings this way and get more traffic to your sites using STORIES.

But, how can you create stories from your existing content?

Introducing WP Story Machine – a brand new plugin that turns your content into stories for faster reading and better monetization.

YES you can insert ads, offers or even promotions inside these stories automatically.

And turn them into sales and commission generating machines for yourself.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my WP Story Machine Review for more details.

WP Story Machine Review



  • Product: WP Story Machine
  • Vendor: Ankur Shukla
  • Launch Date: 2020-Mar-26
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is WP Story Machine?

In just 1-CLICK, it turns your long form content on your blog post into a SHORT slide based content that they call STORIES – every big website is doing this today. Facebook, Instagram and even Google is now working on creating short form content for the new mobile audience.

This is NOT about changing your content but more about creating an ALTERNATE version of your content that you can MONETIZE, add slides with advertisements and offers and create more content from the content you already have.

Read more in my WP Story Machine Reviews.

What are the great features of WP Story Machine? – WP Story Machine Review

Monetize Your Stories With Ads, Offers or Affiliate Links with Call to Action Buttons.

They want you to make as much money as possible with your Stories and that is why they made it so you can earn commissions from multiple sources, advertisements, offers & affiliate networks like JVZOO, WarriorPlus and ClickBank.

1-Click Story Creator Turns Any Blog Post or Page into a Story

This 1-Click Story creator plugin helps you start making more money from your existing content by simply turning your existing blog posts into STORIES and making it easier for your mobile audience to engage, buy and convert into sales.

Automatically Add a VIEW Story Button in The Blog Post or Page

No need to manually add story buttons on your posts or pages, all this happens automatically when you create a new story from your post.

Create Unlimited Stories & Embed Them Anywhere on Your Site or Other Sites.

You can create any number of stories you want – no limits and you can also add them to your blog posts automatically and even embed them anywhere on the web easily.

Automatic Images for All Your Stories in Just 1-Click

If your stories do not have enough images or you need more enchanting images for your posts – you can simply type in one keyword, press one button and amazing images will be added to your STORY in just 1-Click.

Automatically Share Your Stories on Social Media / FB / Twitter etc. For Free Traffic

Everyone wants free, automated traffic. That's why they added automatic social sharing so you can publish your stories to the top social sites without any manual work. Just press one button and done.

Get Higher Engagement on Stories & More Views from Mobile Visitors to Your Site

Stories are designed for a better social experience that includes sharing, driving back more traffic to your site and more engagement from your visitors making it a richer experience.

ALL STORIES Are Designed for The Best Mobile Experience

With over 70% of the internet traffic being on mobile devices now, your mobile visitors want a better experience, one that convinces them to take action and buy from you. This is why Stories are the best because STORIES will sell for you & convert sales.

Add Videos to Your STORIES from Multiple Video Sources.

Getting clicks from your affiliate articles is not enough, you need to do a little more to attract attention to your offers and that's why They created the special high conversion boxes that grab attention and get you sales.

Add Any Kind of HTML Ads, Content, Banners or Advert Slides Inside Your Story.

Banner ads and ADVERT SLIDES come built into your Stories and you can add them in just 1-Click into your Stories. You can add any kind of adverts, insert ads automatically, promote offers, affiliate products or anything you want inside your Stories.

Automatic Transitions & Animations for Your Stories

Presentation and appearances are important to give your visitors a great experience. Thats why now you can easily animate your slide effects, add transitions or even animate call to actions and banners inside your Stories.

Create NEWS Style Stories like FlipBoard or inShorts.

​When you have more content on your blog posts or pages, you can select the NEWS Style of STORY to create from your blog post. ​This style looks similar to the view you get when you use news apps like Flipboard or inShorts on your mobile devices.

Create Social Style Stories Like Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok in just 1-Click.

Social style stories are the ones that look like the Stories from Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook like stories that will give you an amazing experience to your visitors when viewing the story on your mobile or desktop.

Add Unlimited Content & Slides in Your Stories, Install on Unlimited Sites & Create Unlimited Stories

No matter how many posts you have, no matter how much content you have, how many images you want to add to your stories – there are absolutely no limits to how many stories you can create using Story Machine.

How does it work?
  • Step#1 – Upload the Story Machine Plugin into Your WordPress Site
  • Step#2 – Select Which Post or Page You Want to Create Your Story From
  • Step#3 – Just Click The “Create Story” Button, Review The Info & Hit SAVE – That's It
Demo Video

Demo Video

Why should you buy WP Story Machine?

There are two major changes happening on the internet right now.

1. More and more traffic is coming from MOBILE devices.

2. Attention span of people watching / reading content is reducing.

Basically people want SHORT FORM Content that they can consume on their mobile devices and do it in a better, easier, faster manner.

BUT – most blog posts on wordpress sites are mostly longer form content.

So how do you make this content BETTER for this new age generation or for people using mobile.

That's where WP Story Machine comes in.

With WP Story Machine, you can:

  • Turn Any Blog Post into a STORY in 1-Click.
  • Show Any Kind of Ads Inside Your Stories.
  • Monetize your Stories with Affiliate Offers
  • Create Stories from Posts & Pages.
  • Add Call to Action Buttons & Links Inside Stories.
  • Add Your Story Anywhere on your Site.
  • Add HTML Content to your Stories.
  • Create Your Own or Choose from Button Styles.
  • Automatically add View Story buttons
  • Web Stories – view your stories in the browser
  • Add Video Content Inside Your Stories
  • Install the Plugin & Use on Unlimited Sites
  • Create Unlimited Stories from Your Site
  • Slide Animations for Your Stories.
  • Automatic Transitions for Stories.
  • Custom Story Creator for your Stories.
  • Automatic Timed Browsing of Stories.
  • Create Social or News Style Stories.
  • Build Your Stories from Any Content.

To be honest, thank you for reading my WP Story Machine Review! See you later.