WebinarKit 2022 Review – AutoWebinar Software One Time Pricing

WebinarKit 2022 Review

The New Auto-Webinar Platform WebinarKit

Do you already do live webinars for your company?

Or have the high prices of the available services discouraged you from doing so?

In contrast to standard WebinarKit platform, WebinarKit live enables you to do entirely live webinars!

  • Easy compared to other platforms
  • Best available prices
  • With agency options available

Come get all your questions answered and even receive a unique webinar-only package if you've been debating converting to WebinarKit live for your live webinars.

The solution is WebinarKit Live. One benefit is that its prices are significantly lower than those of any rivals. For a fraction of the cost of the competition, you can receive high attendee limit plans with unlimited registrations and up to 1,000 people in the webinar rooms.

And on top of that, you receive completely functional marketing tools that rivals just do not have for this much less money than they charge, compared to their prices.

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WebinarKit 2022 Review


Overview – WebinarKit 2022 Review

  • Product: WebinarKit 2022
  • Vendor: Ryan Phillips
  • Launch Date: 2022-Aug-02
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $77
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is WebinarKit 2022?

Cofounded by former Fortune 500 software engineer Phil Schaffer and seasoned internet marketer Stefan Ciancio, the new program WebinarKit enables business owners to scale via automated and live webinar-like webinar funnels.

Ciancio saw the trend toward online engagement for both selling and collaboration via webinars because he had used them in his own business.

Ciancio had used webinars frequently in his business to attract clients, so he was aware of its potency. He began investigating ways to offer his webinar presentation to more people while working less, but he wanted to scale more quickly. An automated webinar funnel was his answer.

He rapidly learned that the options now available to him to achieve this were either too expensive, out-of-date, or both as he searched for a solution to assist him make this vision a reality.

That's when he and his colleague Phil Schaffer, a former software engineer for a large company, came up with the concept to work together to develop an accessible tool that would allow other business owners to quickly and affordably establish automated webinar funnels.

Then, in an unusual move, Ciancio and Schaffer introduced their automated webinar software at a one-time cost that was less than a two-person dinner for a short period of time.

The reception to WebinarKit has been incredible so far. Over 7,500 companies have migrated from WebinarKit's more expensive, recurring charge rivals.

Regardless of technical proficiency, anybody can utilize the easy-to-use autowebinar funnel builder included with WebinarKit to quickly and easily establish their own autowebinar funnel.

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What are the great features of WebinarKit 2022?

WebinarKit is different. Without any prior knowledge, you can create automated or live-like webinar funnels in a matter of minutes. Your autowebinar funnel will be finished and prepared for visitors and sales if you simply follow the onscreen instructions through each step.

The hosting is handled by WebinarKit, which also offers a variety of cutting-edge, highly effective designs for registration and thank you pages.

In reality, using WebinarKit to create an automated or live-like webinar funnel is a gratifyingly simple and easy process.

On top of this broad outline, WebinarKit has some of the most potent features I've ever seen in a webinar tool of this kind.

Create webinar series, instantwatch videos, and live webinar funnels for autowebinars in a matter of minutes.

  • Templates for high-converting funnel pages
  • With chat, a moderator control room, and an offer display, the webinar watch room has been optimized.
  • Simple, lovely, and easy to read analytics
  • Development of countless autowebinar funnels
  • Commercial rights were granted.
  • A one-time deal with a time constraint

What you will get?

The fact that WebinarKit is so simple to use that you can set up your first webinar funnel in a matter of minutes is perhaps one of my favorite features. Everything you need is available. Although it is quite simple to use and get started with, they do have a ton of useful lessons if you do run into trouble.

In addition, I find the one-time pricing to be absurd. There is no telling when they will end lifetime membership, which is presumably why so many firms have switched over. They HAVE stated that they won't be maintaining this one-time fee indefinitely.

The ability to choose between doing an automated webinar series, a just-in-time webinar, a live webinar-style event, or even a standard video sales letter funnel in which viewers can start watching the presentation immediately without having to wait for the next available “slot” is another perk I adore.

But if the thought of having too many possibilities terrifies you. With WebinarKit, I wouldn't be concerned. The entire objective was to emphasize how simple it is to sign up and setup your webinar funnels. Many testimonies even say they completed it in a matter of minutes using their phone. One individual asserts that they assembled the entire funnel while putting their toddler to sleep.

With the incredibly simple to use templates, you can set it up in a matter of minutes, and you'll have a professional automated webinar funnel that will enable you to gather leads, increase conversions and sales, and broaden the audience that views you as the leading authority in your niche…while actually doing LESS work (you will not have to go live).

Information about the WebinarKit team

The WebinarKit crew is incredible. They are led by former Fortune 500 software engineer Phil Schaffer and seasoned web marketer Stefan Ciancio. They have the ideal mix of sales/webinar expertise and development know-how to advance WebinarKit even further. More than 7,500 companies have switched over so far. A good product will always have a talented team behind it. You can be sure that WebinarKit will continue to advance from its current remarkable condition with Ciancio and Schaffer spearheading the effort.

Online, the bar has increased. Today, webinars are a requirement. However, as you now know, going live constantly isn't really viable or scaleable.

You might choose a different automated webinar provider, but you'd have to pay steep monthly or yearly recurring costs and struggle to understand how their interface works.

But why go to all that trouble when WebinarKit is simpler to use, allows you to build up your funnels quickly, and is available for a one-time, lifetime fee for a short time?

I would strongly advise taking WebinarKit for a test drive before investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. You'll be shocked at how incredible the value is considering the cost, I believe.

Funnel Detail

Upsell#1 — WebinarKit Pro

Gain access to 150 additional graphics, ready-made material for a variety of categories, and professional eBook templates (the best of which are only available in the professional version). (As an aside, purchasing a single design from a stock website may cost you up to $450!) Excellent for heavy users and those who desire more variety and substance.

Upsell#2 — Chat Simulator

Every month, 15 new, premium “limited edition” eBook templates will be uploaded to your Sqribble dashboard. Over time, this will expand your library and set you apart from other users. The cost of a template comes to less than $2! (Much less costly than stock websites.) great for moderate users.

Upsell#3 — WebinarKit Agency

Upsell#4 — WebinarKit Live/ Live Agency

Why should you buy it? – WebinarKit 2022 Review

Are you often broadcasting live webinars to your audience in an effort to increase sales?

It may be time to move to using automated webinars or live webinars if you're getting tired of always having to go live with your organization.

Save your voice by working less and earning more.

I now have the best solution for you if you're on the fence and want to try automated webinars or live webinars without spending a fortune.

For a very short time, you can purchase WebinarKit and create an unlimited number of live, automated, or automated webinar series!

Leave behind all the time-consuming, expensive, and subpar autowebinar funnel builders. For a one-time fee, get the greatest automated and live webinar solution available!

It is simple to understand why so many individuals use WebinarKit Live for their live webinar requirements.

When you consider the pricing, the amount of work done for you that other platforms don't do, the marketing power, and the other factors, it truly is a no-brainer.

I really don't know what else to say if that doesn't convince you to check this out.

They do offer a variety of plan choices. The simplest plans are reasonable, especially if you host live webinars with fewer than 200 participants simultaneously. It will be significantly less expensive than the rivals. The cost savings increase when you ramp up to the 1,000 attendance programs.

Basically, there are no bad choices.

To be honest, thank you for reading my WebinarKit 2022 Review! See you later.