Web Vitals Profits Review – Core Web Vitals Profits Made Easier

Web Vitals Profits Review

Help struggling businesses while being compensated?

As you might already know, Google has announced a change to search rankings that will incorporate Core Web Vitals as a major ranking signal.

Google is about to roll out a new update that will impact ALL website rankings. It’s due to a new critical ranking factor that’s about to take effect. Most local businesses are not prepared so they will experience ranking issues…

Let me explain – they all know about ranking factors such as mobile optimization, site speed, and HTTPS.

But this is a completely new set of ranking factors, called Core Web Vitals.

Some businesses will DIE unless they solve this critical issue, as many rely on Google for traffic…

And this is where you can come in, and offer them a solution. That solution is Web Vitals Profits. With Web Vitals Profits in your aresonal of marketing tools, you can instantly identify businesses in dire need of Core Web Vitals optimization in any niche, in any location, within seconds.

It’s all possible thanks to Web Vitals Profits. Web Vitals Profits is currently the market’s first system that you could use to start offering Core Web Vitals optimisation as a service and bank big.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Web Vitals Profits Review for more details.

Web Vitals Profits Review



  • Product: Web Vitals Profits
  • Vendor: Mo Taqi
  • Launch Date: 2020-Aug-24
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Web Vitals Profits?

Web Vials Profits is a web based app that allows you to instantly find business owners in need of Core Web Vitals optimization.

Web Vitals Profits is a breakthrough software and training system that allows you to offer a unique and one of the most important services of 2020 to local businesses that is Core Web Vitals optimisation.

So what are Core Web Vitals?

You see, Google recently announced a new set of ranking factors that any business MUST have if they want to keep their rank.

So businesses must optimize their website to Google’s new standards.

However, most don’t know about it.

This is where you can come in and help them, while getting compensated.

This software finds you leads in any industry, location, and gives you DFY email outreach templates as well.

Which means, there’s nothing you can mess up.

Sound like a good deal to you?

Read more in my Web Vitals Profits Reviews.

What are the great features of Web Vitals Profits?

They've Giving You EVERYTHING You Need To Start Providing CWV Optimization:

Web Vitals Profits App

With Web Vitals Profits, you can find hundreds of businesses who need your help with Core Web Vitals optimization.

Enter a keyword and location, and you’re done!

DFY Client Outreach Emails

They'll give you proven to convert email templates, you so can start closing clients right out of the gates with no extra hassle.

Simply send it to the leads you’ve gotten from the software and close deals.

Fulfillment Training & Guide

They'll show you every step involved in providing the CWV optimization service to your clients, in this over the shoulder, step-by-step training.

There’s nothing left out, and they show you EVERYTHING you need to know so you can start getting paid by your clients.

Starter Pack

They'll give you a starter pack that includes premium materials like logos, fliers, business cards, all based around core web vitals.

These are perfect for helping establish yourself as a trustworthy consultant, so business owners are willing to move forward with you.

Quick Start Guide

Inside this guide that you’ll find in the members area of Web Vitals Profits, you’ll uncover the ins and out outs of the software and how to make the most out of it…

Allowing you to make this into a real business, that can bring you a real income.

They went all out on the quality of this one.

And The Value Doesn’t Stop There… During The Launch Period Only, You’ll Also Get:

DFY Proposal Template

You’ll get access to our done for you proposal template, which you can send to clients after they’ve shown interest in you providing core web vitals optimization.

Pricing Guide For CWV Optimization

They'll show you the best prices to charge that business owners are happy to pay you for, so you can close as many clients while getting paid a fair price.

Step By Step Checklist

Organization is key, and that’s why we’re including a checklist to show you everything you need to do in one place to start getting paid with Web Vitals Profits.

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

FE – Web Vitals Profits ($27)

Web Vitals Profits is the market’s first system that allows you to offer to your clients a totally unique and a very important service that is Core Web Vitals optimisation.

Using the software, you can instantly spot businesses that need help with web vitals optimisation, generate professional reports for you while the training equips you with all the information so they could fulfill the service fast, efficiently and with ease.

Moreover, there are a ton of resources included to help you get started right away so this is a complete package on the front end.

OTO1 – Web Vitals Profits Pro ($47)

The Pro version of Web Vitals Profits Pro would allow you to cash on the current Core Web Vitals that are different from the Core Web Vitals that Google would be rolling out an update for in near future. So this is a natural and logical upgrade that would be taken up by you blindly. You would be able to quickly check existing vitals like mobile friendliness, safe browsing, HTTPS usage etc of local businesses then help you get these fixed while getting paid handsomely.

This is a perfect upgrade for those who want to take your Core Web Vitals service to the next level.

OTO2 – Web Vitals Profits Deluxe ($37)

The Deluxe version of Web Vitals Profits unlocks a highly effective and a highly personalised client-closing dynamic landing page that can be customised to your liking and that are proven to get the attention of clients and make you contact you instead of the other way around.

The landing page comes ready with a client-winning DFY video for even more conversions. This upgrade is perfect for those who want to automate the client-closing process and want to be ahead in the competition.

OTO3 – Instant Agency Pack ($27)

You get access to a huge pack of done for you and most importantly ready-to-use premium graphics pack that will not only help you create a unique brand for themselves but also help you be up and running with your new core web vitals optimisation services as soon as the very same day.

This pack includes sets of premium flyers, logos, business cards, brochures and 30 days worth of social media marketing posts.

Why should you buy it? – Web Vitals Profits Review

Listen… there’s this little known local service that has unheard of conversion rates.

So why does it convert so well

Because local businesses need this service, or their business is at risk of dying.

Either they hand over you the cash to fix this problem, or their business may not survive.

And I know it might sound dramatic, but this is 100% serious.

Want to start helping out struggling business owners amid COVID-19, while getting compensated?

With Web Vitals Profits, they’re giving you the power to instantly find businesses who need your help with CWV optimization.

Simply enter a keyword and location, and they’ll show you highly targeted business leads with web vitals audit done on them already, in just a few minutes.

They’ll be the easiest leads you’ve ever closed… Really. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Because many businesses rely on Google for their customer base, and if they lose that, they lose everything.

You can come in and help them with this software.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Web Vitals Profits Review! See you later.