Vlueo Review – Take Your YouTube Advertising To A New Level

Vlueo Review

Finding monetized videos you can profit from just got way easier and faster

On a scale of 1 to 10 … how time-consuming is it to find targeted YouTube videos to place your ads on?

They’ve solved this problem, and have made it easier than ever to run YouTube ads with confidence.

No more mind-boggling, soul-sucking research that can take up months of valuable time.

Meet Vlueo: Vlueo scours the jungles of YouTube and makes research lightning fast.

Effortlessly place ads on the most targeted matches, and track which video is bringing you the most results. Vlueo makes it easy to make data-driven decisions, and maximize ROI.

YouTube ads are an untapped goldmine.

Vlueo makes it easy to filter through hundreds of millions of videos… and narrow down to the best matches likely to drive results.

Easily track which video is giving you the best results with pin-point precision.

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Vlueo Review


Overview – Vlueo Review

  • Product: Vlueo
  • Vendor: Bobby Walker
  • Launch Date: 2019-Nov-29
  • Launch Time: 7:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $29-$197
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Vlueo?

Vlueo is the world’s first software for boosting YouTube advertising ROI with some of the best laser targeting traffic available.

Vlueo finds ultra targeted youtube videos you can use to advertise your own products or services. It also helps you create your google ad and tracks your results so you can keep the winners and ditch the losers.

It’s a must-have tool for social media marketers, online entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, ecommerce store owners, website owners and offline business owners, so get yours today.

This software will take your YouTube advertising to a new level by providing you with some of the best laser targeting traffic you’ve ever come across. The software can be used on Mac, PC and any mobile device, so you can easily use it on any device that has a web browser on it. Make use of this revolutionary software to show your product or service to the billions of users on YouTube and boost your ROI while driving down ad costs.

Laser Targeted Traffic Without Delay

One click of the mouse and you get instant access to thousands of highly relevant videos.

A Straightforward Time Saver

They both know time is money right? Stop spending your time searching for monetized videos on YouTube.

Effortlessly Reach More Customers

VLUEO will reach out to highly targeted sections of the 2nd largest search engine available… YouTube.

Fast-Acting ROI Boost

Your offer is only as good as the people who see it. Targeting the right people for your niche means higher conversions, lower ad costs, and maximum ROI.

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What are the great features of Vlueo?

Easy Google Ad Builder

Prefills your ad with text and image placeholders as well as tracking data to get your ads up fast!

Powerful YouTube Video Search

Quickly find monetized videos with almost a dozen filters. Preview the ads by type and export to csv/xls. Save unlimited lists and more!

YouTube Creators Search

Find youtube creators by keyword and other filters. Get various and relevant pieces of contact info and export unlimited lists and more!

Youtube Video Ads Library

A growing list of youtube adverts with important analytics for viewing.

Keyword Atlas Keywords Software

Get laser targeted keywords from over 20 different sources!

Video Ads Tracking And Analytics

View important statistics and get accurate data with our 1st party tracking cookies solution!

Demo Video

Demo Video


Funnel Detail Vlueo

FRONT END #1 – $197 – Vlueo one time payment option

You get permanent access to Vlueo which includes all updates and upgrades to the platform.

FRONT END #2 – $99 yr. – Vlueo yearly payment option

You get yearly access to Vlueo which includes all updates and upgrades to the platform for as long as you stay subscribed.

FRONT END #3 – $29 mo. – Vlueo monthly payment option

You get monthly access to Vlueo which includes all updates and upgrades to the platform for as long as you stay subscribed.

Why should you buy Vlueo? – Vlueo Review

Video ads are the most profitable ways to generate money online. Now you can easily find YouTube videos that allow advertisement on them. Vlueo is the world’s easiest to use tool for finding relevant YouTube videos that you can advertise on so that your ads can show up when people watch these videos.

By entering a specific keyword, Vlueo will present you with tons of videos that you can place your ads on.

That’s not all…

Vlueo will also track the conversions for each video; this helps to eliminate the use of Google analytics thereby making tracking less complicated for you. By making use of 1st party tracking cookies (unlike Google that uses 3rd party tracking cookies), the tracking results are more accurate and reliable.

This is how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY 60 seconds.

The sheer amount of users, communities, and content makes YouTube an untapped goldmine in the advertising space. But there’s a problem…

It takes an unfathomable amount of time to find the right videos to target for your YouTube ad. Let’s not get started on how confusing it can be to set up Google Analytics tracking!

This is why they developed Vlueo. Vlueo scours the jungles of YouTube and finds the best videos to advertise on……and makes it simple to track which video is bringing you the most results.

Tap into the world’s second-largest search engine today with ease.


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