Vlogr Review – How to Create HIGHLY Engaging Business Vlogs

Vlogr Review

WHY Vlogging is the FUTURE of Video Marketing

There are lots of case studies that show how vlogging gave exponential growth to business.

But if you think vlogging is just for travelers or kids out there… think again. Actually, vlogging is now the future of video marketing!

Today DISCOVER How You Can Exponentially GROW Your Business By Telling Your Story Through VLOGGING, Even If You're Not Good in Talking in Front of A Camera.

To help you to start vlogging and reachout to more clients and customers, Cham Altatis prepared the following modules and lessons in “Vlogr”.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Vlogr Review for more details.

Vlogr Review


Overview – Vlogr Review

  • Product: Vlogr
  • Vendor: Cham Altatis
  • Launch Date: 2019-Nov-27
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Vlogr?

Vlogr is a comprehensive program on vlogging for business – something no one is talking about in our circles, but is really trendy nowadays. In the training, He did not just talk about theories but demonstrated how to start a vlog for a real local business and his brand new digital business. And to make things even SEXIER, He also added awesome bonuses such as greenscreen vlogging, animated graphics pack for vlogging, as well as characters and backgrounds.

The FUTURE of video marketing is HERE…

Forget about your old video marketing tricks that no longer work.

Your audience want real stories about you and your business that they can personally relate with.

Through this, vlogging, you can have exponential business growth that works for long term.

Inside Vlogr, you can finally learn to start vlogging for your business, even if you think you’re not good in talking in front of a camera.

Read more in my Vlogr Reviews.

What are the great features of Vlogr?

Vlogr is just packed with AMAZING modules and bonuses, that can surely get your started and help you along the way in successfully vlogging for your business.

And through this, you can connect with your audience better and have exponential growth in your business.

You can easily stand out from your competitors, have long-term results, and most of all, finally make your business fun and fulfilling.

Demo Video

Demo Video


What's Inside Vlogr?


Module1 is all about the essentials of vlogging. He talked about what is vlogging really and how to plan for a business vlog. Here, He also added his interview with a local business owner that includes how he coached them to vlog for their business.


This is actually the heart of this program. In this module, he showed how to structure a story for vlogs – this is what Hollywood movies are using for effective story-telling. He also talked about elements of an effective story and on how to deliver them in a vlog.


Although vlogging is not really about creating an award winning video, learning the things of video production and visual story telling can really help in creating vlogs that work. This module is packed with technical topics but he presented them in a fun way (because vlogging should be FUN!)


He thought of making Vlogr even SEXIER so he also added bonuses. Here, he showed how to vlog using greenscreen talking head video (in case that's something you want to do), he added a vlogging animated graphics pack and showed how to add them to your vlogs, and also added animated characters and backgrounds, which can be used as animated B-rolls, or even a full animated vlog.

Why should you buy Vlogr? – Vlogr Review

If you noticed, traditional marketing videos just don’t work anymore.

If 5 years ago you can do away with paid talking head actors or fake spokespersons, they do no longer work today.

People are no longer stupid and they know it when you just hired someone from Fiverr to glorify your products and services.

Today, it’s all about being genuine, honest, and trustworthy.

And you can easily do this by starting your own business vlog.

If you want to get ahead of the game and get results for long term, you should start vlogging.

But what is vlogging anyway and why is it so effective in growing your business?

Well, compared to traditional sales videos that just have a tone of “buy me… buy me” all the time, vlogs are storytelling videos.

And stories are proven to increase sales in business.

Paul Smith, author of a bestselling book Sell with a story, provided various ways on how stories can increase sales.

So all you have to do is learn how to craft interesting stories you can vlog about in your business.

But how to do all these? Is there a comprehensive training out there that shows the step by step processes on how to vlog for business?

Truth is, it’s really hard to find programs about this because there’s almost no one out there talking about it.

That’s why my friend Cham took some time to put together a comprehensive program called Vlogr, a step by step guide on how to vlog for business.

Plus he also added vlogging elements and animations pack, to make your vlogs look more interesting.


To be honest, thank you for reading my Vlogr Review! See you later.