VirtualReel Review – Metaverse-Ready 3D Video Creation App 2022

VirtualReel Review

Create a video for yourself to promote your own brand and look professional

Facebook shifted to Meta and Microsoft rolled out the MS Mesh platform. Not only that, but Fortnite is also holding Metaverse meet-ups and concerts.

According to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, around 88% of online users globally are willing to pay up to $700 a year just to consume Metaverse media.

Until today, it was mostly the big brands that were cashing in on the low-cost space of Metaverse and Web 3.0. With VirtualReel, anyone can become a pioneer in creating content for Metaverse and Web 3.0.

Unfortunately, the demand for Metaverse and Web 3.0 services is not hot right now. That’s a total of $240 million in sales in just three months, which means that it could be worth a trillion dollars in 2022 alone.

Time is of the essence when creating content for virtual reality. With VirtualReel, you can get started right away.

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VirtualReel Review



  • Product: VirtualReel
  • Vendor: Abhi Dwivedi
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jan-25
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is VirtualReel? – VirtualReel Review

Your brand needs to be in the future of advertising. Virtual Reality is inevitable and it’s time for you to get into the game with this super simple app that does more than just turn your photos and videos, into stunning 3D VR video!

Metaverse is a new version of the Internet that is taking over the world. It’s called Web3.0 or simply Metaverse. In order to be the first to dominate the metaverse, businesses are heavily investing in creating apps.

VirtualReel is a powerful 3D virtual reality video content creator that lets anyone create Metaverse-ready videos. Without any technical expertise or equipment, just a few minutes, you can start creating Metaverse-ready videos with VirtualReel.

Unlike other 3D video creators, VirtualReel doesn't require special equipment or expertise in 3D technology. Instead, it lets users create animated Metaverse videos with text, image, and 3D characters.

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What are the great features of VirtualReel? – VirtualReel Review

With VirtualReel, you’re now able to:

  • In just 60 seconds, you can create interactive 3D Virtual Reality videos.
  • Turn anyone's photo or video into a Metaverse asset with a high conversion rate.
  • Copy and paste any blog or article to turn it into a full-fledged 3D video.
  • Make a spinning video out of your VR videos.
  • Transform your old videos and photographs into Metaverse-ready media
  • Inside your VR videos, provide interactive hotspots and clickable CTA buttons.
  • You can use the Character Library, which has 3D animated characters in 20 different niches.
  • Choose from more than 500 ready-to-use 3D VR video backdrops.
  • Choose from a library of over 1000 copyright-free VR video clips.
  • Choose from ten distinct accents for fast voice-overs.
  • Customize product viewers to your liking with your own logos, brand colors, and more.
  • Integrate your virtual reality videos with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and other platforms.
  • Make up to 250 hours of VR video in any subject.
  • Choose from 10 different accents for fast voice-overs.
  • Use the built-in media library to access millions of songs, fonts, photos, and videos.
  • In only a few clicks, you may connect up to 100 YouTube channels.
  • Customize your virtual reality video by adding your own logo and watermark.

What is VirtualReel for?

For Video Marketers/YouTubers

Create and sell 360 product demos for products in any industry. With this software, businesses can easily convert their website visitors into paying customers.

For Affiliate Marketers

Engage your customers in more engaging ways with interactive video marketing materials. This app is fully-featured and can produce video ads, presentations, and more.

For Local/Agency Marketers

With VirtualReel, you can easily sell VR videos to local businesses and agencies. It's a great way to promote your products and services.

For Local & Online Business Owners

With VirtualReel, you can easily convert leads into real customers by creating and delivering VR videos that are customized according to your brand.

How does it work?

All you need to do is follow an easy 3 step process:

  • Step#1: To make a 3D video, upload or paste any video, photo, or article.
  • Step#2: Completely design your 3D video with avatars, text, music, buttons, and other elements.
  • Step#3 – That's all there is to it. VirtualReel converts it into a 3D VR video that you can post on your website, share on YouTube or Facebook, or save as an offline file.

What you will get?

Even if it’s been shot using a mobile device or downloaded online, all you need is a photo or video. With Metaverse, you can instantly convert it into various forms of video content.

VirtualReel is the first app that lets users create interactive virtual reality video content by converting their photos and videos.

Getting started in virtual reality is as simple as just downloading VirtualReel. It lets users quickly create and sell virtual reality videos.

Unlike other 3D camera apps, VirtualReel does not require special hardware or expertise to produce stunning, full-fledged animated Metaverse videos.

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VirtualReel Review

Why should you buy it? – VirtualReel Review

2022 is the year of the Metaverse. Facebook, Microsoft, Disney, and many more are all looking to be ready for the Metaverse. Only a few agencies are currently offering this service.

This live call will teach you how to get ready for the EASIEST way possible. No technical background required. Just want to get started without having to do any technical background? This call will walk you through the process of creating and selling 3D Metaverse videos.

The demand for Metaverse assets is real, and it's happening right now. This call will walk you through all the steps needed to get started.

VirtualReel is a technology that lets users create full-blown animated Metaverse videos with text, audio, and visual effects.

Turn any of your photos, videos, or even a blog post into a Metaverse-ready video creation app. VirtualReel is a powerful 3D virtual reality video content creator that allows you to create these Metaverse-ready videos just by uploading or pasting any picture, video, or even your blog post. All of these can be converted into interactive 3D VR videos on Google Cardboard and all other VR devices.

This app lets you create incredibly engaging VR videos without having to learn how to use a complicated program or format. Whether you're looking to make your own immersive experience or creating epic 3D virtual reality ads for your ecommerce store, this is the tool for you.

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