Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review – Honest Review

Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review

Dive into this billion dollar market with these DFY Passive Profits PLR reports

Want to skip the tiring process of making your own valuable, income-producing content to bring you in passive profits?

I mean, sure, you could do all the intensive, drudge work of creating your own content, profit reports or populating your own niche blog with your personal writings.

But you know, wouldn’t it be great if not only something was already done-for-you, BUT included an incredible “secret sauce” to make it even easier to profit from it?

Well then, you’re in luck today because my veteran marketing colleagues, Barb Ling and Dennis Becker (they have more than 46 years of experience between them!), released (and remember, the page is very mobile-friendly old-school – no flashy graphics, no “slick” design – you’ll simply get what Dennis and Barb are known for – quality products that stand on their own): Viral PLR: Passive Profits Bundle.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review for more details.

Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review


Overview – Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review

  • Product: Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition
  • Vendor: Barb Ling
  • Launch Date: 2021-Apr-28
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $9
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition?

Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition show you How To Instantly Acquire Expert Content, Even Rich Membership Site Content, and Use It to Brand Yourself as an Authority… Starting Today!

Clocking in at an astonishing 30K+ words, you’ll have handed over to you on a silver platter the SOURCE to an entire, 115+ page book (30K words) that demystifies passive profits and teaches people:

  • How to Set Goals and Build a Roadmap to Success
  • How to turn your Dreams into Reality
  • Passive Affiliate marketing Techniques
  • How to NEVER experience burn-out
  • Passive Kindle Publishing Techniques

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What are the great features of Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition?

So, all together you’re receiving over 30,000 words of premium self-help content, in the form of 19+ articles that can be used as blog posts, podcast episodes, converted to YouTube videos, mixed and matched into eBooks, or anything else you want. You also get a rebranding license to add your own affiliate links to the report, so that you can give away or sell as is and earn affiliate commissions. Or you can use rebranding software to create your own rebrandable content.

Most premium PLR content of this caliber would sell for at between 1 and 4 cents per word if the only rights you were to receive were regular PLR rights. That would place the total value at $300.00 to $1,200.00!

Value: $300 to $1,200! With the included rebranding rights, the value would be far more, but you’ll pay nowhere near that amount if you purchase today.

Funnel Detail

Front End: “Passive Profits Viral PLR” – $8.95

30,000+ words premium PLR including rebranding rights to entire contents. Individual articles (chapters) can be extracted, modified, mixed or matched, etc.

10 Rebrandable IM Strategy Primers with PLR – $37.5

10 separate reports, including rebranding rights for each one through their web based software no purchase necessry for this offer to be useful) that makes creating the viral PDFs extremely quick and simple.

Entry to Join the DAB E=squared Club – $37.5

Members will receive discounted access to dozens of premium PLR products, at prices never before seen.

Full year of rebrandable reports – $47.5

Minimum 16 rebrandable reports, including 7 instantly and more through the end of 2021 (possibly beyond).

Easy Viral PDF Brander (software) – $47.5

Makes creation of viral PDFs from user content extremely quick and easy.

Daily Seminar Transcripts, PLR/Rebrand Rights – Dimesale $77.7

Additional 800,000 words IM/MMO content with full PLR AND rebranding rights included

Why should you buy it – Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review

Money likes speed, and time *ismoney, so this immensely huge amount of content can be made profitable in less than 10 minutes

The enhancements are pretty cool as well:

A full year of 16 or more unique and valuable rebranding licenses, including 7 instantly and more through the end of 2021

Not 1, not 2 but 10 (!) Rebrandable Internet Marketing Reports (and PLR)

Software that lets you rebrand YOUR Passive Profits product you make (if you decide to), as well as any of your own content that you wish to make viral

800K words of content (PLR and rebranding rights included!)

To be honest, thank you for reading my Viral PLR Powerful Passive Profits Edition Review! See you later.