VidScribe AI Review – A High Quality Traffic Generation Source

VidScribe AI Review

The AI Powered Traffic Generating Software

VidScribe AI Review


Stop following the same old techniques to get traffic like paid ads or expensive traffic generating software or hiring an SEO expert that will charge you huge amounts.

Today let me tell you how Vidscribe AI will change your business’s fortunes.

You and every one of your competitors is targeting the same traffic. Over-competing, saturated and bleeding each other.

That’s not the recipe of success. If you want to win, you need a fresh traffic source now. People who haven’t seen 100 offers like yours in this day itself.

You need Vidscribe!

It’s the automated AI based software that will create a local language version of your videos without you having to do anything.

  • You can subtitle your videos in local languages
  • And you can create SRT files in local languages for Facebook and YouTube
  • You can re-dub your videos in local languages
  • Use this software and you can explode your traffic by
  • Getting organic search traffic from around the world
  • Ranking for local language keywords using videos
  • Being able to target keywords that you could not hope to target
  • Bringing in people who are looking for content in their language
  • You can easily get 3x or 4x more visitors from this audience with the app.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my VidScribe AI Review for more details.


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I. Overview

  • Product: VidScribe AI
  • Vendor: Cyril Jeet
  • Launch Date: 2019-Sep-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is VidScribe AI?

VidScribe AI is the powerful AI based software that explodes your free traffic by getting you traffic from places that you’ve never tapped before -people who are looking for content in other languages.

VidScribe AI will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want, not just the text, but also the audio, and creating a 100% fresh video with subtitles or redubbed audio in the language of your choice.

Yes, it will automatically create subtitles in any language, and automatically re-dub the video in any language, getting you access to a worldwide audience the way you’ve never access them before.

Read more in my VidScribe AI Review.

III. What are the great features of VidScribe AI?

Uses a constantly improving, highly trained AI to give you the most accurate machine translations around.

Feed it any YouTube URL or video and VidScribe AI will automatically download the video to transcribe, translate and redub it.

Includes powerful training that shows you how to rank to the top with local languages.

Get natural sounding speech in multiple languages using the same technology behind Amazon’s Alexa.

Matches audio while redubbing in local language using AI tech for best in class synchronicity.

100% editable. Modify anything you want including the transcription, translation or the redub synchronisation.

Get highly accurate videos with best in class transcriptions, translations and redubbing all done for you.

Desktop based app puts everything in your control and generates your videos without any waiting or allocation.

Uploads videos on auto to YouTube, to Facebook & even to Instagram & Snapchat (through Dropbox)

Automatically subtitles your video with high-visibility subtitles in multiple colors. You get an immediate viewership boost in local languages.

Demo Video


IV. Why should you buy it?

Vidscribe AI is packed with features designed to make it easier than ever for you to create a video in a local language to attract more traffic & hence improve the rankings.

VidScribe AI will get you the global audience by automatically translating the video into any language you want and creating a 100% fresh video with subtitles or redubbed audio in the language of your choice.

It’s Tuberank Jeet 4, a part of Tuberank Jeet franchise which have been driving marketers crazy everytime it is launched. And the updated version just went live.

Here’s why you need this –

  • Videos rank high these days on search.
  • Search in other languages has less competition.
  • Redub your videos in the local languages.
  • Create other language versions of your videos with subtitles.

Get VidScribe AI Today & Also Claim Your Video Marketing Training That Shows You How To Drive More Traffic & Sales From Languages

Don’t Leave Your YouTube Success To Chance. Learn from the marketer that specialises in language search and generates tens of thousands of visitors every month from it.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my VidScribe AI Review! See you later.