Vidprime Review – Powerful A.I Software Adds Interactive Elements

Vidprime Review

Next-Gen Interactive Video Builder For Low 1-Time PRICE

Video marketing is the #1 medium to generate leads and sales. It is being used as the #1 method to engage audiences and generate traffic.

Video marketing is the #1 priority of any business. It's not just about creating videos, it's also about keeping up with the latest trends and keeping up with the latest technological innovations.

Are Your Videos Not Getting The Results You Desired?

2021 is here and it’s all about video marketing. Everyone is talking about videos more than ever before.

Content marketing is the new norm, and they’re doing it in record numbers. They’re incredibly engaging and easy to understand, and they’re helping lift conversions even more.

It’s no surprise that video marketing is expected to reach the $100 billion mark by 2023. As a result, studies show that videos are becoming more dominant in terms of online content consumption.

Vidprime is an A.I. Based Technology that enables users to turn ordinary videos into highly-engaging works of art.

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Vidprime Review



  • Product: Vidprime
  • Vendor: Uddhab Pramanik
  • Launch Date: 2021-Nov-23
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Vidprime? – Vidprime Review

VidPrime is a video marketing app that uses an extensive set of video elements (CTA buttons, optin forms, etc.), to improve your video marketing efforts.

Due to the increasing popularity of video marketing, it can be hard to create compelling content that stands out from the crowd.

With VidPrime, you don’t need to create a YouTube channel to start making money from it. Instead, it will automatically distribute trending videos from the top platform.

  • Turn any old video into interactive profit-making video. With just a few clicks, viewers can take action with their fingertips.
  • Compel Viewers can easily turn any old video into an Interactive Profit-Beast.
  • Videos with interactive quizzes & polls to boost engagement & convert leads.
  • Magnetize Your Videos to Boost Your Traffic, Sales, and conversions.
  • Viral Videos Blast is a simple and effective way to get more traffic to your website. Just add a few clicks to your video and get instant traffic.
  • Viral Videos To Get Massive Traffic. YouTube Video Giant Magnify Your Videos To 2 Billion+ Viewers In One-Tap.

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What are the great features of Vidprime? – Vidprime Review

Convert Any Video Into Profit Powerhouse

This easy-to-use template will convert any old or new video into a traffic & profit-making project in 3 simple steps. Just add some stunning video elements and watch as your traffic & sales explode.

Blast Your Interactive Videos To Millions Of Hungry Buyers

With this app, you can create and distribute interactive video content on the top 5 social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Flickr) in just one tap.

Embed & Share Your Campaigns Everywhere

Creating interactive videos that are easily embedd on any webpage is never easier. With COPY & PASTE, you can easily create and share videos across various platforms.

Curate High-Quality Trending Videos From YouTube

Video goliath YouTube enables users to create trending videos from any YouTube channel with just a few clicks. Just enter a keyword and get notified when new videos are added.

Schedule Your Campaigns In Advance To Save Your Time

Imagine creating interactive video campaigns that are scheduled months in advance. These campaigns can be easily published and targeted to get free traffic.

Embed Attention-Grabbing Interactive Elements

Call the viewers to action by using powerful interactive elements & tools within the video.

Interactive CTAs:

Drive more people to action with compelling Call-to-Action buttons. These buttons are ideal for video content that is already engaging.

Interactive Quiz/ Polls:

Engage Your audience & collect valuable feedback through fun & Polls. Videos that are liked by their audience will be shared more effectively.

1-Click File Download:

You can also make them feel like they're getting something for free by showing them amazing videos that will make them look like they're getting something for free.

Drag-N-Drop Editor

Their editor is very easy to use, and it will allow you to make more money by converting videos into engaging interactive ones.

Works For All Niches

Regardless of the type of video format that you're targeting, this system will give you the complete domination that will turn any video into a massive success.

Save Time

Creating interactive videos can be challenging, especially if you're not an experienced video creator. With VidPrime, you can create professionally-generated videos in just minutes.

No Need To Hire A Designer Or Unreliable Freelancers

Creating interactive videos can be challenging, especially if you're not an experienced video creator. With VidPrime, you can create professionally-generated videos in just minutes.

No Technical Skills Required

This is an incredibly easy and effective way to get engaged. It works by pointing and clicking a mouse. It’s so fast and addictive that it will keep you coming back for more.

100% Cloud-Based

No need to install anything. Just log in from anywhere, and start creating interactive videos in just a few seconds.

What you will get?

Blast Your Interactive Videos To 2 Billion+ Viewers

With just one tap, you can create interactive video masterpiece that gets 2 Billion+ viewers and tons of free traffic & leads.

Breathe New Life To Old/Boring Videos

VidPrime is a video platform that enables anyone to transform their old or boring video into a traffic-sapping machine in minutes.

Schedule Your Campaigns In Advance To Save Your Time

No need to wake up in the middle of the night for your campaigns. Now you can schedule all your campaigns in advance and let them get free traffic, leads, sales & profits for you… Hands-free.

Curate Trending Videos From YouTube With A Keyword

You don’t know how to create videos? With YouTube Hot, you can easily create and distribute trending videos across the platform.

Add CTAs (Call-To-Action Buttons) Inside Your Videos

This tutorial will teach you how to add call-to-action buttons to your videos. It will increase your viewers' CTRs by 300%.

Add Interactive Quizzes & Polls Right Inside Videos

Engage your audience with engaging quizzes and polls that collect vital feedback and hot buyer leads for you.

Add 1-Click File Downloads In Your Videos

Want to give your viewers gifts that will build authority? Just add a 1-click download element to your videos and allow them to download their files while watching them.

How does it work? – Vidprime Review

Step#1 – UPLOAD

Upload any video you want to use or curate trending videos from YouTube with just a keyword.

Step#2 – INSERT

Insert interactive elements to your videos at any time interval you want.

Step#3 – BLAST

Blast your videos to a platform with 2billion+ users

Funnel Detail

Vidprime Review

Who is Vidprime for?

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete newbie or an experienced marketer, VidPrime gives you a chance to make pro-level profits.

Affiliate Marketers

With interactive videos, you can easily crush the competition and increase your affiliate sales. Place your affiliate link in videos with interactive CTAs, so you can easily earn commissions from them.

Ecom Store Owners

Interactive Videos are becoming more prevalent in today's world. With interactive video marketing tools, you can easily turn visitors into buyers.

Product Launchers

Use interactive videos to boost sales and build trust on social media platforms. It will also distribute trending videos from the platform of your choice.

List Builders

Creating interactive video content for your landing pages can increase your conversions by up to 80%. With this tool, you can create interactive videos that will increase conversions and trust.

Freelancers/Small Biz Owners

With interactive videos, you can increase your brand value and attract more clients. It will automatically distribute videos from the top platform.

Marketing Agencies

Get more people to watch your interactive marketing videos by increasing your monthly revenue. This method works by automatically distributing trending videos from the platform where they're being watched.

Offline Businesses

Use interactive videos to dominate social media platforms and drive new customers to your business. It will automatically distribute videos from top platforms.


With interactive videos, you can easily distribute trending videos to all your social media platforms.

Why should you buy it? – Vidprime Review

They are 3X More Effective than normal videos because:

Increased Viewers Retention – Interactive videos are a great way to attract and retain viewers. They can be created with little effort and are 100% effective.

Drive Traffic & Increase Brand Exposure – Drive organic traffic and increase brand exposure through video sharing within your network.

Sell More Products Or Services – Direct marketing your products or services through CTAs inside videos can help boost your sales and profits.

Generate More Leads – You can generate more leads by asking them to take action inside the video. This is a simple and effective way to generate more leads.

You Can Just Create Your own Interactive Videos Without Creating Your own. This is an easy & effective way to get started.

With VidPrime, you can add interactive elements to your videos to drive more leads, sales & profits for yourself.

  • You can also use old school videos with a bit of magic. Just embed your elements and watch the magic happen.
  • When people interact with your video, it will not only help them take action but also create more leads and traffic for you.
  • Generate Free Traffic: Creating interactive elements in your videos will help people to share and earn free traffic.
  • Skyrocket Engagement: By integrating interactive elements into your videos, you can motivate viewers to stay around longer and watch more of them.
  • Boost Conversions: Interactive elements like CTAs and quizzes are proven to boost sales & traffic conversions.
  • Increase Your CTR: Creating a call to action button in your video will increase your clicks and heights that were previously impossible.
  • Know Your Audience: Use these tools to collect valuable feedback from viewers & learn more about them. You can also insert them directly into your videos.
  • One-Time Fee: No more wasting money on recurring expenses. With VidPrime, all you need to do is pay a one-time fee.
  • Pays For Itself: With VidPrime, you can easily boost your traffic, engagement, and CTR without spending a single cent.
  • There’s No Better & Easier Way To Skyrocket Your Video Marketing Results Than VidPrime.
  • Would you rather spend thousands of dollars on creating generic videos that won't convert? Or would you rather have the time and energy to create something that's totally different?

To be honest, thank you for reading my Vidprime Review! See you later.