VidPresent Review – Create Highly Persuasive Video Presentations 2022

VidPresent Review

Futuristic Groundbreaking Video Presentation Tool

Video + Presentation is a Killer combo that can Explode Sales! According to a study conducted by SalesForce, 48% of sales leads are more persuasive after being presented with visual aids.

On the other hand, video can also increase conversions by up to 80%. In fact, it can help users make a purchase decision after watching a video. So, why are so many people not using video presentations yet?

Despite having access to tons of video softwares, people often complain that it is hard to create videos. The reason why people are always looking for an easy-to-use tool that combines the power of video and presentation is because it can help them create both.

VidPresent Is A Groundbreaking App Creates ‘Video Presentations’ that Attract, Inform, Educate and Persuade Audiences to buy your products and services online. Minimal investment of time and money, require nothing to start and work like the power of video marketing but with a big difference – these ‘video presentations’ aren’t just ordinary webinars but are crafted in impressive 10 minutes cinematically style videos.

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VidPresent Review



  • Product: VidPresent
  • Vendor: Harshal Jadhav
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jan-28
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27-$47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is VidPresent? – VidPresent Review

With VidPresent, you can easily create professional video presentations for sales and traffic generation. It features a variety of video templates that are designed to work seamlessly across various platforms.

Plus, these video templates are loaded with tons of engagement booster elements like images, GIFs, and emojis. VidPresent is a revolutionary app that enables businesses to create video presentations that attract and inform potential customers.

You can easily create and sell video presentations with minimal risk. With millions of assets available, users can easily generate and sell engaging videos with 100% profits.

This app comes with commercial rights and tons of DFY Local Niche campaigns to make it easy to create and sell video presentations.

The Top Converting Video Presentation App In The Entire Marketplace That Creates Sales And Traffic Generation Video Presentations Together With You! Vidpresent Is the Only Video Creation App That Allows You Create Endless Video Presentations, Info-graphics, Presentation Videos, Webinars, Interactive Sales Funnels and Advanced Marketing Material For Your Products And Services.

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What are the great features of VidPresent? – VidPresent Review

VidPresent is the must-have app for social media marketers, business owners and ecommerce merchants who are looking for ways to acquire new customers. VidPresent offers them an affordable and easy way to create highly persuasive video presentations that attract, inform and educate viewers prior to sales or opt-ins.

  • Create eye catching video presentations in just a few clicks with their free video presentation builder.
  • 50 High Quality Templates to choose from, so you always have a great design ready to use.
  • Human Face is the easiest way to record a video. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be able to record a video in no time.
  • This product is very easy to use, no learning curve whatsoever.
  • Learn how to get visual clues in the slides to record a video in no time.
  • Easy to Master and highly Intuitive, this product is without any training necessary.

Demo Video

What you will get?

VidPresent Review

How does it work?

Step#1: Choose a Video Presentation Template

With over 30 video presentation templates, you can create engaging videos that will get more engagement.

Step#2: Add Slides along with Multimedia elements such as Images, emojis, Text, etc.

This feature can also be used to add other Presentation Elements to each slide. It does so by taking advantage of the millions of image resources that are available in the app. You can also add various presentation elements to each slide, such as Images, Text, and emojis.

Step#3: Practice, Record and Share!

Follow these simple steps to get started: Record all your presentations and share the final video on social media.

Funnel Detail

Pro & Pro-Lite ($67-$47)

The Pro Edition of VidPresent includes unlimited video presentations, unlimited PPT presentations, and unlimited sales.

Plus it includes various features such as HD Rendering, Face Filters, and MultiLingual Video Presentations. It also comes with various value-added bonuses such as StopMotionSuite Pro, Video Splitter, and Video Effects.

OTO2 – Agency Advanced & Agency-Lite ($97-$47)

Most advanced version of VidPresent that comes with agency technology is ready to start selling immediately.

This pack includes everything you need to start an agency. Some of the key features included are DFY Agency Website, DFY FB Ads Suite, DFY Google Ads, and DFY Legal Contract Format.

With this pack, you can easily start an agency and manage their team members. It includes a variety of tools that will allow them to run their agency successfully.

OTO3 – WhiteLabel Reseller 200 & 500 Licenses ($147-$197)

This is a great opportunity for individuals who are ready to start a new software business. They can easily sell their existing app and get their own domain name.

Everything they need to start their new software business, from promotional material to complete product support.

Plus, A Fully Fledged Dashboard To Manager All Customers.

OTO4 – VideoGameSuite Pro ($67)

VideoGameSuite is a tool that enables users to easily sell Irresistible Video Lead Games. This tool will allow you to get rid of these games for good.

This is a full pack of six video games, which includes a slot machine, a wheel game, a three-card game, and a memory game.

It features a fully-fledged video cloud platform, unlimited bandwidth, and a variety of predefined options.

VidPresent Bundle ($297)

With this bundle, you will get all the features of Front-End Pro, Agency, and Reseller in one great price. It's a must-have tool for anyone wanting to produce professional video presentations.

This Full Bundle Pack is ideal for anyone who wants to save their video presentations on the cloud. Other features included in this bundle include: DFY Video Presentation's multi-language video editor, HD video library, and Snap Filters.

Why should you buy it? – VidPresent Review

In 2022, Video is becoming more prevalent in businesses. As a result, it's important to create videos that stand-out from the crowd.

Creating a compelling video presentation that will catch the attention of potential customers and sales leads is an essential step to get started.

Despite the effectiveness of video marketing, many businesses still struggle to get the desired engagement from their videos. The secret to increasing sales and engagement is by using a real human face in their videos.

People are naturally drawn to faces. Having a real human face in your video will help draw people in and create real human connections.

Having a real human face in your video will also help build trust and transparency in your business. Creating a compelling and engaging video should be the first step to establishing a connection with potential customers.

With VidPresent, you can combine both video and presentation creation in one app. It's a Cloud based video app that will allow you to create highly persuasive and engaging videos in seconds.

Presenting ideas visually makes them more persuasive and engaging, so we created the first ever video presentation creation app. VidPresent is the easiest way to create custom video presentations based on your product or service. It comes with an impressive library of gorgeous templates that you can customize for any audience.

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