VidMagnet Review – World’s First Interactive Drag’n’Drop Video Builder

VidMagnet Review

Increase your sales by 10X using this new video technology

Have you been struggling to generate sales and commissions?

VidMagnet is a brand new tool that allows you legally turn any popular YouTube video into a gigantic profit machine just hit the market.

Not you can easily siphon traffic from any popular viral video online and direct them to your affiliate links and generate insane amounts of sales and commissions.

Heck! You can even sale tons of ecom products right on top of any video using the interactive technology that comes with VidMagnet.

No need for:

  • Building a sales page
  • Creating your own videos
  • Paying for Facebook or Google ads
  • Creating a website
  • Email marketing

Simply find a viral video online and plug in your links and you’re on your way to massive traffic and sales.

You don’t need a bigger list or customer base, you need a better conversion machine and VidMagnet provides that for you.

If you’re not using interactive video technology today, you’re definitely leaving money on the table.

VidMagnet allows you turn any video into an interactive sales machine. No need for a sales page, landing page, or website…your video does all the heavy lifting for you.

You can generate more affiliate commissions by using viral YouTube videos in and convert the organic traffic to commissions. You can sell ecom physical products and so much more.

Vidmagnet being a video software, and most importantly an interactive Video technology solves a major problem around viewers retention time and engagement.

Users can also generate leads and build a list, get feedback through polls and quizzes.

Vidmagnet gives users an opportunity to create videos, where their audiences can get to participate in the viewing experience.

Unlike the normal traditional video tthey see everyday on YouTube, Instagram, titok, and many blogs/websites etc. Where viewers get to watch a video without getting to participate or interact with this video.

Vidmagnet allows you to achieve this by adding any of these interactive elements/features on any youtube video, or videos from files, Dropbox, and embedding the video on any WordPress website or other places.

This technology encourages the viewer to engage directly with it for a more exciting experience, by answering poll questions, dropping feedbacks and answers at the spot, taking actions like download pdfs/files at the spot and even talking buying action or getting to optin the email list at the very instance of watching this video.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my VidMagnet Review for more details.

VidMagnet Review



  • Product: VidMagnet
  • Vendor: Ugoo Carson
  • Launch Date: 2021-Sep-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is VidMagnet? – VidMagnet Review

VidMagnet Is The Biggest Video Technology for Massive Commissions & Sales. VidMagnet easily allows anyone (Newbie and Expert) to siphon massive free traffic from any video on YouTube and turn them to massive sales, commissions and leads.

VidMagnet adds interactive elements to your videos that turns your videos into gigantic sales pulling machines in 60 seconds.

This is the best way to add more revenue to your pocket. VidMagnet allows you to legally use any highly watched video on Vimeo and YouTube and add interactive elements right on top of these videos so you can instantly siphon these free video traffic to your offers.

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What are the great features of VidMagnet?

VidMagnet is fully hosted on the cloud and comes loaded with CUTTING EDGE features:

  • CREATE Interactive Videos & Stores In Minutes
  • Choose From Beautiful… Video Skins, Auto-Play Videos, Custom Thumbnails, Create Sticky Videos and a lot more
  • Add CLICKABLE… Optin Forms, CTAs, Buy Buttons, Images & Objects, Watermarks, Text & Buttons, Countdown Timers, Social Share, Quizzes & Surveys, Videos, Maps & Calendars and a lot more…
  • ENGAGE & CLOSE Prospects Right Inside The Interactive Video
  • EMBED Your Videos Anywhere — Sales Page, Blogging Platforms, Site Builders, E-commerce Stores
  • GENERATE LEADS By Letting Visitors Unlock Rewards & Incentives
  • SELL Merchandise With eCommerce Using UNLIMITED Interactive Hotspots
  • FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE Leverage The Enormous Demand For Interactive Videos From Every Business. Name Your Price & You Shall Receive!
Demo Video

How does it work?

VidMAGNET is a Plug & Play system that allows you to create Interactive Videos, Interactive Affiliate Promos and interactive eCom Stores in minutes.

Now you can legally use any viral video on YouTube or Vimeo to drive traffic and sales to your affiliate link, sales page or com store.

And creating an Interactive Video with VidMagnet is really easy:

  • Step#1 – Choose Video: Simply choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video…or upload your own
  • Step#2 – Customize: Drtag-n-drop to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor
  • Step#3 – 1-Click Embed & Send: Embed Anywhere – website, blogs, social media, emails or share the links directly

Rabid buyers from Real Estate, Hospitality, Airbnb, Education, Automobile and Architecture industry and hundreds of other niches will be soon lining up for your services.

Perfect for creating Video Sales Letters (VSL), Video Overlay, Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages and a lot more…

With customers feeling anxious about stepping out, businesses today have no choice – but to start selling using videos of their products and services.

You can use it to increase your affiliate sales, com store sales and overall make more money online.

Why should you buy it? – VidMagnet Review

Do you want to 3x or 4x your videos results?

Are your videos generating the sales you desire?

Are your audiences watching your entire video content or just skimming through?

Well, if you’re struggling to get your videos work then I got some great news for you.

VidMagnet makes your videos interactive and engaging thereby increasing user engagement, retention and conversion. A brand new tool that allows you skyrocket your video result just hit the market.

VidMagnet keeps them engaged and glued until they get to the call to action. No longer will your audience leave within the first 10 seconds of your videos.

You can now add interactive optin-forms, buttons, quizes, ecom products, text or any other “CLICKABLE” element to any Youtube or Vimeo video!

Build a hyper engaged email list, drive more sales and ethically steal your competitors audience to stay ahead of the game!

Instantly turn ANY video (even the ones you don't own) in to a lead and sales getting machine with this next-gen interactive video technology!

To be honest, thank you for reading my VidMagnet Review! See you later.