Vidicious Review – The World’s First AI Video Animations Creator

Vidicious Review

Powerful, highly engaging video animations in JUST 3 simple steps with RDR Technology

I have a cool case study for you today. I want to show you a case study on how you can charge as much as $100 to $500 per animation with a simple gig on upwork and fiverr.

Sales and promotions are the lifeblood of every business, so businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all need to have effective videos to sell their products and services.

Vidicious can help you cash in on the fact that most. With the economy crumbling and businesses moving online at the fastest pace than ever, now there is the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in a very long time, to start earning and growing an online income with video animations services.

Because businesses always need more attention commanding videos, the amount of work is endless, but you do need to have the cutting edge tool to enable you to do that and stand out from other freelancers.

Vidicious might be just a foot-in-the-door tool that you need for businesses to choose you instead of your competition.

The best part is that with a video animations business you have freedom to work from home or from wherever you want.

The Internet is always open for business, so you can work when you want and with whom you want.

Vidicious comes with everything you need to get started in creating eye-catching, jaw dropping, attention getting video animations in seconds.

And you can even sell these video animations to your clients and start profiting hundreds of dollars.

No experience or technical skills necessary. And there are no restrictions. Or you can use them to attract and engage leads and sales.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Vidicious Review for more details.

Vidicious Review


Overview – Vidicious Review

  • Product: Vidicious
  • Vendor: Andrew Darius
  • Launch Date: 2020-Sep-08
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27-$37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Vidicious?

Vidicious is designed to be an all-in-one platform that empowers your business with the tools you need to create the animation video of your dreams without any technical or design skills.

Vidictious creates attention commanding, studio-grade intros, deluxe logo sting animations, incredible outros, in just a few clicks.

You can stop paying for expensive software & unreliable freelancers. It makes stunning eye-catching animations with the easiest fully automated RDR video animation technology!

While 8 out of 10 people purchased a piece of software or an app after watching a video, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Competition for viewers on facebook and other social media is even more fierce.

It’s clear that by instantly capturing a visitor’s attention, people can get more traffic to your website, get more leads, make more sales, and boost your affiliate commissions. That means that to be effective, the user’s video needs both to get attention fast and to stand out from the crowd.

Stunning video animations are eye catching and STOP people in their tracks.

This is why Intros, Outros, and Logo Stings are the newest and the hottest craze in the world where people’s attention span is lower than that of a goldfish.

Read more in my Vidicious Reviews.

What are the great features of Vidicious?

Vidicious is a revolutionary RDR technology powered video app that creates fascinating intros, deluxe logo animations, and incredible outros in minutes!

You can create them for yourself or for clients. (Creating intros, logo stings and outros is a HUGE seller on Fiverr!)

Every professional online video starts with a fascinating intro or logo sting, and ends with an amazing outro.

Now, you too can create incredible intros, logo stings and outros that take any video into a pro status.

How does it work?

Vidicious is as easy as it gets, yet a very powerful desktop app that anyone can use.

Listen – regardless if you want stunning intros, converting outros, factinating logo stings animations, or engagement boosting social animations, Vidicious can do it for you.

Vidicious Is The Only Software With RDR Video Animation Technology On The Market. Here’s How Easy It Is To Create Your Next Video Animation:

  • Step#1: Choose animation Select from 50 pro templates.
  • Step#2: Customize Add logo, audio, and colors depending on a template.
  • Step#3: Generate! Export video to your computer.

That’s it – those 3 steps will have you creating your next eye catching video animation, in just about a few clicks.

Why should you buy it? – Vidicious Review

Instantly capturing a visitor's attention is a key factor to get traffic to your site, get leads, and make sales.

On the other hand, all it takes for your visitor to turn away from your video forever is a bad first impression.

Competition for viewers on Facebook and other social media is even more fierce. While 8 out of 10 people purchased a piece of software or an app after watching a video, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

What if I told you that with RDR Technology anyone can do stunning 3D animations just like the ones saw in a few clicks.

It is possible because almost everything is done-for-you already with the new revolutionary software Vidicious doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Now, generally, video animations like these cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get created, and take hours and hours of video editing… Not to mention the multiple back-and-forths, and all the time wasted in the process of getting the video right with the hired video animator.

PLUS, ordinarly you would need highly specialized video animation software that could cost you hundreds of dollars.

A single cool video animation can easily cost you $150 to $250… or MORE!

You know how powerful these video animations are AND you’re ready to learn how I can help you save money and create your own video animations in just seconds.

In fact, I’ll even teach you how you can profit from selling these video animations!

Here’s Why Vidicious Is Right For Your Business…

The Only App On The Market With Video Animation RDR Technology Which Produces Stunning Studio-Quality Video Animation

  • Easy Customization Including Custom Audio
  • Deluxe Designer Templates Library
  • Commercial License Option
  • No Watermark
  • Unlimited Renders
  • World Class Customer Service
  • Unlimited Usage Rights

To be honest, thank you for reading my Vidicious Review! See you later.