VideoMatic Review – A Revolutionary Next Generation Video Creator

VideoMatic Review

The BEST tool for creating profit generating interactive videos and the most PROFITABLE bonus that will rightly position you as an Expert interactive video creator who sells each video for $200 to $1000!

FACT: ‘People Actually Prefer Watching Video'.

Listen. When it comes to online marketing or activities generally, watching video is at the top of the list for both consumers and professionals. Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, educate the old ones, or just explain how your products and services work, an interactive video is an excellent choice for your digital marketing needs. Most importantly, they are very effective in converting prospects to customers.

Unfortunately, It’s crazy to think how much money MOST NEWBIES, and probably including you, have been leaving on the table by not using interactive videos in their marketing.

Good-News! It's a new beginning. You Can Now Create Mouth Watering INTERACTIVE Videos That EXPLODE Traffic, Leads & Sales IN MINUTES Using a brand-new tool that was launched at 9am est today called VideoMatic.

The emergence of VideoMatic break-through technology is certainly going to raise a new breed of online high earners.

However you need to be among the first set of buyers to pick up VideoMatic today so that you can start profiting before every tom, dick and harry start selling interactive videos as well.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my VideoMatic Review for more details.

VideoMatic Review


Overview – VideoMatic Review

  • Product: VideoMatic
  • Vendor: Victory Akpos
  • Launch Date: 2020-Oct-31
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is VideoMatic?

VideoMatic is the #1 IMMERSIVE Video Creation Software That Will Empower You To Create Gamified, Engaging, Interactive, And Immersive Videos… To Massively Boost Your Own Sales And Make More Profit By Selling On Your Immersive Videos.

Plus VideoMatic Create Highly Immersive Video Ads in any niches in 30 seconds using ready-to-use templates or from scratch for: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

VideoMatic gives you tons of valuable features, more controls and valuable analytics that helps you fine-tune your video marketing strategies and MAXIMIZE your profits.

This is something unique and result-oriented.

VideoMatic is a must-have software for:

  • For Affiliate Marketers… to help them create review or promo videos to presell and make more money!
  • Marketers who can use VideoMatic on all their landing pages, sales pages and VSLs to capture leads and sell more!
  • For eCom Sellers…to create amazing product demos for their ecom products and make money!
  • For Coaches & Info Marketers. Using VideoMatic to create training videos for their customers and help them build a MASSIVE audience FAST
  • And of course for Product Launches: you can create VSLs, walkthrough videos, onboarding videos on VideoMatic with zero technical skills!

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What are the great features of VideoMatic? – VideoMatic Review

Interact with your clients like you’ve never before! Pick a campaign of your choice in sync with your goal. Generate leads and drive up your sales or make one to enhance your branding or support.

You are spoilt for choice at VideoMatic. All you have to do is choose one of our professional templates to get started. You can even be Picasso and try your hand at our intuitive canvas editor to personalise the experience.

Retaining Viewers, Driving Up Your Sales!

Unlike other platforms, VideoMatic gives its users enough reason to stick on until the end. Fast loading videos encourage viewers to fully watch the content and click on the CTAs. Win this race to make your brand stand out & increase your sales!

Fast & Swift Platform For An Immersive Audience Experience With Lead Generation As A Side-Effect

Pick the professional interactive template of your choice. You can also make your own campaign and add videos, media and links to customize it to your requirement. Like, Share & Subscribe will not be the only reaction! Along with brand awareness, increase the actual sales of your products in the easiest way possible.

Real Luxury is Customization

VideoMatic brings with it limitless possibilities! You can customize your interaction layers in the way that you like. The unique look and feel of your video in terms of texts, animations, objects makes your content stand out and increases conversions. There is no limit to your creativity with our cutting edge technology!

Bull’s Eye: Target Better & Bigger

Targeted marketing is easier & cheaper with VideoMatic. Easily insert Facebook tracking Pixel at any stage in your campaign to track your audience's preferences. This increases the understanding of your audience. It also helps you target your product or service based on their behaviour pattern! Knowing your audience can go a long way in increasing your sales exponentially.

Old is New With VideoMatic

Use old videos & give them a fresh twist by adding interactive layers with VideoMatic. There is no need to spend on a new shoot or time on editing hours of footage. They use what you have as it is, and make it effective to generate leads, increase sales, give customer support or brand you the right way!

Use Interval Engagement To Your Advantage

Lock your content & ask your viewers to subscribe, share or view an offer before they can watch the rest of your content. A short interval goes a long way… A countdown is effective not only on new year’s eve but also when it is embedded in your video. It urges your viewers to buy without wasting time!

Demo Video

Funnel Detail – VideoMatic Review

Create Highly Immersive Sales Videos, Promotional Videos, Training Videos, Product Videos, Video Ads and many more in any niches in 30 seconds using ready-to-use templates or from scratch for: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat.

In Just 3 Simple Steps:

Step#1 – Upload your video

Import a video from YouTube, DropBox, desktop or choose from our library of 1000+ free to use high video stock

Step#2 – Edit your video in their powerful and newbie friendly editor

Drag-n-Drop Editor, Add Texts, Optin, Buttons, Images (upload from desktop or choose from our stock), Youzign Integration, GIFs, Shapes, Music and more…

Add Your Analytics To Your Video: Google Analytics And FB Pixels

Set Actions: Play Mode, Download, Skip To Time, Open URL And Un-Pause The Video

Step#3 – Save and Share your project

On top social media platforms for viral traffic, sales & profits

Why should you buy it? – VideoMatic Review

VideoMatic Is A Quality Software That Create Mouth Watering INTERACTIVE Videos That emotionally connect with viewers. Because it's more engaging, It’s more memorable and most importantly it delights the viewers… forcing them to act on the call-to-action available in the video.

This Tool Can Instantly Build Out Unlimited Interactive Videos In Any Niche to Get You Free Traffic, Leads And Sales!! And You Can Leverage Top Social Sites Like Facebook To Drive Huge Amounts Of Free Traffic to these videos with the built in automation feature.

Here's the major reason why you need Interactive Videos right now:

“Interactive Videos” are the hottest trend right now with companies like Netflix have started using these to maximize engagement and sales. Interactive video is a new form of media many top brands are using to engage consumers and reach their digital marketing goals.

While new, this media has already proven to be very effective; 70% of marketers say interactive video engages audiences “very well,” and 68% of marketers believe it will continue to become a more important component of modern marketing mixes.

Stats don't lie!

Interactive Videos Sells!

Fortunately, VideoMatic Turns Any Video Into an Interactive Video that help you get more views, get more traffic and turn them into sales. On complete automation! This is a BIG deal.

VideoMatic lets you create interactive video that sell anything from any of the following kinds of videos – Review Videos, Sales Videos, Walkthrough Videos, Training Videos Etc.

All you need to do is upload the video into VideoMatic through Youtube, Dropbox or from your local computer… and it will turn it into a money-making video by adding the following interactive elements; clickable calls to actions, Opt-in forms to your videos, countdown timers, text overlays, Google Maps on ANY video, Custom polls, quizzes & HTML customization for videos etc.

All, using an easy to use video editor.

To be honest, thank you for reading my VideoMatic Review! See you later.