VideoFunnel Review – Create Powerful Video Funnels 2021

VideoFunnel Review

Create profitable video funnels fast in 3 steps

Video is here to stay, and it's a great fit for all types of businesses. It's also a great way to create trust for potential buyers.

VideoFunnel is the easiest way to create and distribute engaging videos that will bring in more revenue for your business. It works seamlessly across all devices and platforms.

Use these videos to create more sales leads and testimonials. Also, don’t forget to register for an agency license so that you can use Video Funnels without any additional expenses.

Video Funnels can help you make more money in your business as well as help you create a marketing agency that can also work for other businesses.

This is an automated video marketing system that will allow you to create engaging video funnels that get more leads and sales.

Video Funnels are the best way to connect with potential customers. They deliver the same power to both parties as social media does.

By having the ability to interact with your visitors, you can instantly boost your sales while creating a personal touch that will keep them coming back for more.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my VideoFunnel Review for more details.

VideoFunnel Review



  • Product: VideoFunnel
  • Vendor: Jai Sharma
  • Launch Date: 2021-Oct-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is VideoFunnel? – VideoFunnel Review

VideoFUNNEL is a powerful software that enables you to create engaging video marketing campaigns that will get more leads and sales. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

With VideoFunnel, Anyone Can

  • Keeps MORE Customers Coming Back While DRASTICALLY increase business revenue.
  • Create high converting funnels quickly & generates tons of leads and sales for ANY niche.
  • Improve ANY existing funnel FAST
  • Convert 10x More website visitors into Buyers
  • 5x Faster, Easier Lead Generation
  • Makes The Best 1st Impression on Website Visitors
  • Get Video Testimonials in Seconds and Boost Brand Credibility, Authority, & trust that brings more sales for ANY niche
  • Inbox better, Get as much as 90% More Opens and Clicks in Emails

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What are the great features of VideoFunnel? – VideoFunnel Review

Convert Up To 10x More Of Your Website Visitors Into Buyers FASTER Than Ever.

The 1-to-1 video messages make it feel like the experience is customized for them. This ensures that their trust relationship is strengthened and sales are in no time.

Automates The Exponential Growth of Your Business

Your face is on screen, which makes it easier for customers to feel like they're being treated just like they're buying from you. This is also beneficial for boosting leads and attracting more customers.

Improve Your Sales Funnel Really Fast

Get feedback from your customers about their likes and dislikes on your website. Use that data to improve your sales funnel and boost conversions.

Lead Generation Made Easy That Converts Like Gangbusters

Video Funnels is the easiest way to get more qualified leads in ANY NICHE. It lets you create an unbeatable one-to-one customer experience.

Get Up To 90% More Opens and Clicks in Emails

Video emails are great for improving your inboxing and clicks. They can also help you get more done in less time.

Gives a Great First Impression For Your Website Visitors

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the people who are looking to interact with you. With Video Funnels, you can instantly convert them into paying customers.

Keeps Customers Coming Back and Buying More

The Video Funnel is a great way to retain more customers while creating more new ones. It's also beneficial for your bottom line as it helps generate more repeat sales.

Elevated Customer Experiences Made Simple

Let your customers rave about the experience with your products and services with video reviews and use it to help you dominate more of your market.

Video Testimonials That Creates INSTANT Trust & Credibility For Your Brand

Video testimonials are powerful tools that can help create trust in any business. They can make new customers want to do business with you immediately.

Unparalleled Consumer Engagement That Makes Competitors Jealous

Foster an authentic relationship with your customers to inspire brand loyalty, increase confidence and show prospective buyers you care.

Pre-Recorded Videos Lets You Save Time and Maintain You Focus

Asynchronous video communication is a great way to connect with clients and respond in a comfortable manner.

Demo Video – VideoFunnel Review

How does it work? – VideoFunnel Review
  • Step#1 – Decide and Outline The Steps In Your Funnel
  • Step#2 – Record Directly From Inside of Video Funnels and Add To Your Website or Emails (They show you how to do this easily and quickly even if you're not a techie)
  • Step#3 – Convert more leads and turn those leads to sales in every stage of your funnel!
What you will get? – VideoFunnel Review

Record Your Screen Quickly & Easily

This option is ideal for saving time and answering frequently asked questions.

Go Live And Record Video Directly In The App!

No need to download expensive software to capture video. Everything you need to record audio and video is at your fingertips in the Video Funnel.

Reply To Customers Directly Within The App

You can now Reply to customers directly within the app. Just follow the prompts to respond to them in one place.

Record Your Screen & Camera Together

Creating a personal touch with your tutorials or desktop recordings is a great way to connect with potential customers and clients.

DFY Templates To Help You Create Campaigns Fast

The Video Funnel is a great starter to get started immediately. It features a variety of unique templates that will help you quickly edit and create an engaging campaign.

Search Responses To Find What You Need Quickly

This app lets users search for the most relevant responses to a conversation. It eliminates the need to go through the data and respond to the questions that come up.

Choose To Reply With Video

Video Funnel is a simple way to send video to your prospects and customers. Just upload a video and follow the instructions.

Choose Text Replies

Even if you don't want to use audio or video, they've got you covered. Just type in the exact same text as you normally would, and they'll send the chat to the other party quickly.

Choose Audio Replies

If you want to be on the receiving end of an audio message, but still want to have a personal touch, then Video Funnel is for you.

Create Campaigns Easily

Just a few clicks can get your campaign started, and it's ready to get started with massive engagement and sales.

Upload Videos To The Cloud

All your videos will sit on their secure encrypted server. No hosting is necessary. This way you save money.

Import Animations From Giphy

Import Animated Animations From Giphy! Giphy lets you easily create and import animated campaigns.

Import Videos From Your Favorite Royalty Free Sites

Import videos from your favorite royalty free websites. Drag and drop the video into your video dashboard.

All Analytics of Campaigns At A Glance

Get a birds-eye view of how your campaigns are doing so you know where to zero in for more data.

Embed Video Funnel Everywhere

You can set up Video Funnel anywhere you want. It can be on your site, on forums, or on embed scripts.

Personal Folder Organization

Let's you keep track of all your video responses so you can re-use them to save time in the future.

Get Analytics Based On Device

Discover how people are interacting with you so you can adjust for better success in the future.

User Onboarding Made Easy

Use this option to quickly add workers in just minutes who will help you scale your agency to new heights!

Team Folder Organization

This tool lets you easily add workers in just minutes. It's a great way to scale your agency quickly and easily.

Discover Exit Intent With Your Traffic

Use this onboarding option to quickly add workers to your agency and scale your operation to new heights.

Create Widgets For Your Marketing

Let's you keep track of all your video responses so you can re-use them to save time in the future.

Stunning Intuitive Easy To Use Dashboard

The easiest way to use Video Funnel is through its simple and intuitive dashboard. It eliminates the need for any learning curve.

A True 100% Cloud Based App

That means you won't have to mess with any frustrating installations or deal with any buggy software code. Video Funnel works straight out the box.

Link Your Gmail Account For Reply Management

Since email has become the standard method of communication, you can now link your account to Video Funnel and all your messages will automatically be sent from there.

Works With Every Device

Regardless of your device's platform or preference, Video Funnel will let you enjoy all of the features it has to offer.

Integrate Webhooks Seamlessly

With Video Funnel, you can easily add webhooks to your platform so that you can control all of your tracking and data.

Connect To Multiple Apps Using Zapier

They believe that Video Funnel is the most powerful tool for marketers. However, maybe you've got other apps that will allow you to add more clicks without a single hitch.

Funnel Detail – VideoFunnel Review

Front End – VIDEOFUNNEL – ($47-$67)

Create Campaigns Easily
Upload Videos To The Cloud
Go Live And Record Video Directly In The App!
Import Videos From Your Favorite Royalty Free Sites
Record Your Screen & Camera Together
Record Your Screen Quickly & Easily
Embed Video Funnel Everywhere
Create Widgets For Your Marketing
Reply To Customers Directly Within The App
Discover Exit Intent With Your Traffic
DFY Templates To Help You Create Campaigns Fast
Search Responses To Find What You Need Quickly
Choose Text Replies
Choose Audio Replies
Connect To Multiple Apps Using Zapier
Integrate Webhooks Seamlessly
Add Your Business' Brand
Link Your Gmail Account For Reply Management
Team Folder Organization
Personal Folder Organization
All Analytics of Campaigns At A Glance
User Onboarding Made Easy
Stunning Intuitive Easy To Use Dashboard
Get Analytics Based On Device
Works With Every Device
A True 100% Cloud Based App

OTO1 – VIDEOFUNNEL PRO – ($67-$97)

UNLIMITED – Import Videos from Royalty-free Video Sites – Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash for your Campaigns
UNLIMITED – Upload Videos to Cloud: Automatically & Create Campaigns
UNLIMITED – Go Live on Camera & Record
UNLIMITED – Import Animated GIFs from Giphy
UNLIMITED – Record Screen + Camera
UNLIMITED – Screencast your Computer & Record
UNLIMITED – Embed Video Widget
UNLIMITED – Embed Replies / Responses on your Websites
UNLIMITED – Manage & Export Leads and Responses
Overlay Text on Videos
Dynamic Video Customizations
Ask Questions & Get Answers
Interactive Call to Actions – Text, Video & Audio
Add Unlimited Buttons
Book Appointments with Calendars – Calendly Integrations
Custom Thumbnails
Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager,
In-Depth & Insightful Analytics
Text and Image Logo Watermarks with Positions
Impression Click-Through Rate
Exact Watch Time
Average Stick Time Length
Unique Impression & Unique Impression CTR
Email Subscriptions
Button & Link Clicks
Call to Action Points
Disengagement Rate
Traffic Source Types
Video Shares
Viewers Country Location
Device & Browsers
CREATE Unlimited Teams
Teams and Client Management
Add Sub-Users To Your Account
10 Member Accounts Per Team
Create & Manage Client Projects
Add Clients Access Account

OTO2 – VIDEOMAN – ($67-$97)

20 GB Storage Space
Video Hosting, Streaming & Management
Upload/Publish Videos
Add up to 20,000 Videos
Create Playlists
Create Projects
Embed Video on any website
Embeddable Playlists on any website
SEO Friendly Embed Codes
Domain Embed Restriction
Video Hotkeys
Keyword Shortcuts
Password Protection
Visibility & Privacy controls
Customize Video Thumbnails
Private link sharing
Related Videos
Custom End Screens
Customize Colors & Components
Player Customization
Video Schema Implementations
Add your own branding
Resumable Video Uploads
Visitor Analytics
Bring your Own Videos
Video Player Enhancements
Teams and Client Management
User Profile & Channel
Import Videos from Google Drive
And Import Videos In 1 Click from External Source
Import Video from One Drive
And Import Videos from Dropbox
Import Videos from Instagram
Import Videos from BOX
Cloud Videos Support
Full AWS S3 Support
Drag and Drop Videos, Images & Audio to Timeline
Video Editing with Timelines
Trim Videos
Join Videos
Clip Timestamps
and much more
Video Recordings and Live
Record Video, Audio with Screenshare
Record Video
Record Audio and Video
Record Screen Share
Record Audio
Record Your Screen & Camera Together
Direct Upload to VideoMan Cloud
PIP Mode Recording
Millions of Stock Media Assets
Live Transcoding after Recording
Millions of Premium HQ Stock Images – Create Perfect Thumbnail For Your Video
Millions of Premium HQ Stock Videos – Find Perfect Video Footages For Your Video
100s of Appealing Background Music – Find Perfect Background Music For Your Video
30 Different Languages
189 Text to Human-Sounding Voices
Thumbnail Creator – Image Editor

OTO3 – AGENCY – ($399-$499)

Use up to 2000 G.B.
Create and manage up to 300 Clients
Done.For.You Professional Agency Websites
Create Invoices
Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts for your Agency
Done.For.You Custom Premium Agency Logos Pack
Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates of Agency
High Converting PowerPoint Sales Proposals
Stunning Google Business Banners
Telemarketing Scripts
Highly Optimized Email Sequence
Highly Professional Sales Video

Why should you buy it? – VideoFunnel Review

Creating a personal touch in your funnels is the key to cultivating a connection with your prospects. This is why creating engaging videos is so important to building a successful marketing campaign.

Trust is key to building credibility and authority. This is what people look for in a business person.

Just 5 clients a month is a huge business for you. Once you see how this can help your business grow, they’ll be lining up with cards in hand!

This app will help you get more leads, improve your sales, and retain more customers while landing in the inbox.

If I did, I would have to write another 3-4 pages to tell you all about how Video Funnel can help you create a six figure business.

Video Funnels is an easy to use tool that lets you add video to your store. Imagine how interactive it would be if your web visitors could click a button and buy an item right now.

Video Funnels is a great tool that will help you attract more customers and build a strong brand for yourself. It does so by delivering highly-effective and engaging video tutorials that will teach you how to effectively use it.

Ecom sellers will see a massive boost in sales when they add in all of this! This will happen in the next couple of years and beyond.

To be honest, thank you for reading my VideoFunnel Review! See you later.