Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review – Very Easy and Newbie Friendly

Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review

This Perfect “no selling” copy-paste system FORCES Biz Owners To Pay Multiple 297 BUX

Are You Ready To Send Out A Few Emails And Bank $297+?

Video Magic Formula 2.0 Is The EASIEST Local Method For Making Money Quickly You’ve Seen.

This method is simple, they’ve got a ‘done for you’ system for getting clients fast, and it only takes a few minutes to actually do this service and bank $297 over and over again.

Video Magic Formula 2.0 is a completely ‘done for you’ system that gives you everything to make money from local businesses by offering a unique and highly in-demand local video service.

When you get Video Magic Formula 2.0, you’ll have everything you need to bank $297 to $497+ over and over again without any hard work or cold calling.

This isn’t complicated and you don’t need to have experience with videos or anything else related to local business to do this.

They’re going to give you EVERYTHING you need to start making money RIGHT OUT OF THE GATES.

Don’t forget, this isn’t complicated and doesn’t require any special skills…

All you have to do is use the included software tools to find local leads for FREE…

Then you simply send out the emails they give you and close the deals over email…

After that you use the included ‘Done For You’ tools and resources to fulfill the service and get PAID!!

​Don’t worry.

They make this super easy, so you don’t need to do anything complicated at any part of this process.

You never have to make cold calls.

And you never have to spend money to get leads or fulfill the service.

Just follow the simple steps, send out the emails, fulfill the service in 7 minutes or less, get paid $297+ and then move on to the next one.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review for more details.

Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review



  • Product: Video Magic Formula 2.0
  • Vendor: Vick Carty
  • Launch Date: 2020-May-22
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Video Magic Formula 2.0? – Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review

Video Magic Formula 2.0 is as easy as simply using the included software tools to find leads for FREE, then you send out the emails they give you to close the deal… and then after that, you follow the simple training and use the ‘done for you’ tools and resources they give you to quickly fulfill the service…


You don’t have to spend money out of your pocket to get leads or fulfill the service (We give you everything you need)

And you don’t need to have a website of any kind to do this

You’ll never have to make awkward cold calls or bug people into becoming clients

You don’t have to struggle with paid or anything complicated

This is one of the FASTEST and EASIEST methods for making money we’ve every released…

You can do this from anywhere – All you need is a basic laptop, tablet, or Chrome book and access to the internet

  • 100% Free Traffic Included
  • Copy & Paste Easy
  • Quick 7 Minute Set Up
  • No Investment Or Costs For This To Work
  • No Experience Or Tech Skills Needed
  • Work From Anywhere In The World
  • Very Easy and Newbie Friendly

Read more in my Video Magic Formula 2.0 Reviews.

What are the great features of Video Magic Formula 2.0?

Inside Video Magic Formula 2.0 You Get EVERYTHING You Need To Make $297+ Over And Over Again With Just Minutes Of Work And No Cold Calling… EVER

2 Push-Button Lead Generation Software

You get 2 easy-to-use Lead-Getting Software tools. These software tools are powerful and simple… Just fire them up for ALL the FREE local leads you need.

Step-By-Step Video Magic Formula 2.0 Training

This step-by-step video training takes you by hand and shows you this method works and what to do to make money right out of the gates. Just follow the training and use the included tools to make money fast.

‘Done For You' Client-Getting Email Templates

The emails they use with this system are PROVEN to get clients fast. Just send these emails out to the leads and close deals FAST without any cold-calling required. These emails are battle-tested and proven to get clients and you can use these emails from anywhere in the world for FAST results.

‘Done For You' – Fulfillment Bundle

Inside this bundle they give you everything you need to fulfill the service you’re offering. There are NO technical skills needed to fulfill this service, and it takes just a few minutes when you use the included ‘done for you’ tools and resources.

World Class Support

Everything inside Video Magic Formula 2.0 is newbie-friendly, but they want to ensure you make money fast. That’s why we’re also including World Class Support if you get stuck or have any questions along the way.

How does it work?
  • Step#1 – Use The Lead-Finding Software That’s Included To Find HOT Leads For FREE (They’re Including 2 Different Software Tools For MAXIMUM Leads)
  • Step#2 – Send Out Their PROVEN Emails To Land Paying Clients Without Any Cold Calling Needed… EVER!
  • Step#3 – Use The Included ‘Done For You’ Bundle To Fulfill The Service In 7 Minutes Or Less And Get PAID $297 To $497+
Demo Video

Why Video Magic Formula 2.0 is so AMAZING?

What You’ll LOVE About This System Is That You’re Doing Something For Businesses That They REALLY NEED…

But… It’s Something They Don’t Want To Do For Themselves

And When You Offer This Simple, But Super Powerful System To Local Businesses, They’ll Think You’re An Absolute GENIUS.

Here’s why this is so AMAZING:

  • This services forces Biz Owners to pay You every month
  • And This is an evergreen service
  • This is a great “Foot in Door” strategy
  • and you get paid FAST over and over again.
  • PLUS with the included software, You find the ideal paying client in 2 clicks.

Best Part: For a very limited time you get access to this completely Done for You software package for price of a coffee meal.

Act fast before the price rises to 10X

PLUS if you act now, then You also get access to their launch special bonuses worth 776 dollars for No Extra Cost at all.

This is a super powerful limited edition bonus pack… act fast before you miss out.

Pick this whole package with my hot bonuses.

And In Return For Helping Them Out, They Will GLADLY Give You $297… This Is A Win/Win Because Because Desperately Need And Want This Service And Many Businesses That They Work With Will Come Back For MORE..

Why should you buy Video Magic Formula 2.0? – Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review

Here’s Why You Should Be Extremely Excited About Getting Your Hands On This ‘Done For You’ System…

  • You Don’t Have To Spend Money On Paid Ads
  • This Is A Brand New Service That You’ve Never Thought Of Before, But Local Businesses Desperately Need And Want This (It’s Unique And Effective)
  • There’s No Cold-Calling Or In-Person Meetings Needed
  • You Don’t Need To Bring Any Prior Experience To The Table – They’ll Give You EVerything You Need And Show You How To Use It
  • Local Businesses Need This Desperately And Will Gladly Pay $297 To $497+ (And Many Of Them Will Come Back For Repeat Business)
  • You Can Do This From Anywhere In The World – All You Need Is Our System And An Internet Connection

To be honest, thank you for reading my Video Magic Formula 2.0 Review! See you later.