Video Campaignor Review – Creates Interactive Video Sales Bots

Video Campaignor Review

The software, tools, and training you need to generate steady income from home

Well, we already know how much local businesses have been struggling since the pandemic. First, they were forced to shut down their brick and mortar stores and learn how to sell their products and services online or go out of business. But now that there is a new problem: how do you get your customers to come back?

As of today, a number of people are starting to acknowledge that shopping online is the safer and more efficient option. Even though your products or services may be available online, if you don’t have enough people who know about them or who trust you enough to buy from your website, the sales from your site won’t be worth it.

For local businesses, the pandemic has been a beast to combat. From the beginning, it was clear that any business attempting to operate the internet would need to adapt to the way social media users would be dealing with them offline.

In order to stay competitive, local businesses are looking for ways to help them with their online presence. Video sales bots are one of the most powerful tools you can use right now to attract visitors, increase sales and improve your reputation!

Start today with your video sales bots and you can ensure sales this week – and make money selling them.

Video sales bots are the new age of selling by automating your offline interaction with customers. Video sales bots are unique because they work around the clock for local businesses selling their products and services for them so they don’t have to!

Video Sales Bots are different from traditional video sites as they have interactive elements that make it that much more engaging. They’re also smarter than your average chat bot with A.I. features such as natural language processing and conversational responses, making them extremely effective in today’s market. With automated video sales bots you can do the business math and save time by eliminating the need of getting on phone calls and text messages all day with potential clients.

Join Todd Gross, Magnus Ilechukwu and Peter Beattie as they are going to show you how Video Campaignor can power your business and help generate steady income from home or anywhere!

Build an army of pre-programmed, ready-to-deploy ‘Video Sales Bots'! Say goodbye to your average home business and hello to Video Campaignor, brand new plug & play platform that equips you with the software and training you need to generate steady income from home in just weeks.

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Video Campaignor Review


Overview – Video Campaignor Review

  • Product: Video Campaignor
  • Vendor: Todd Gross
  • Launch Date: 2022-Sep-19
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Video Campaignor?

VideoCampaignor is a new (first-to-market) software and training platform designed for small businesses. With an easy to use, stunning design and simple management interface, VideoCampaignor provides businesses with highly targeted social media ads, email automation and video sales bots that pay you profits!

With VideoCampaignor, you can become a digital entrepreneur and rent out your services as an online sales assistant or virtual assistant. Just imagine having the time and resources to spend your days doing what you love while creating passive income streams for yourself, or monetizing otherwise unprofitable business skills like blogging, social media management and copywriting!

Discover how to create amazing interactive “video sales bots” by creating amazing videos from any video on the internet. VideoCampaignor is powerful and easy to use, so you can create amazing sales-boosting content quickly and easily without having to learn complicated video creation skills. Get pre-loaded with 50 done-for-you templates in the hottest niches that you can deploy in as little as 5 minutes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s simply a smart plug that gets small businesses what they need, when they need it. Zero complicated tech or selling required. Simply “plug it in” and instantly attract 400 million+ small businesses who want & need this amazing technology right now to your front doorstep.

They’ve set out to create a better business that gives you all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to grow. They are everyday entrepreneurs who have built businesses from start-ups to scaling them up and beyond. They know that by adapting technology without sacrificing security and reliability, they can empower small businesses to get traction with more clients.

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What are the great features of Video Campaignor?

Turn your videos into mini-engagement hubs by adding unlimited interactive elements including Texts, Images, Objects, Cut-outs, and playing Videos inside your video.

Supports any type of video; use any MP4 video link from the internet, including those from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Additionally, you can post video from your gadget.

By including clickable buy buttons, calls to action, and shoppable goods and services to your videos, you may quadruple conversion rates.

Take payments from your videos directly with PayPal and Stripe.

Add deadline and urgency signals to your videos to encourage viewers to take action. You can pick between an evergreen or traditional countdown timer.

By including engaging interactivity and rewards in your videos, you can excite and involve your audience more.

By including interactive tests and polls in your videos, you may get crucial marketing information.

How does it work?

Choose your “video sales bot”

Choose from 50+ done-for-you templates in the trendiest genres to launch your video sales bot in 5 minutes, or create your own version using any video on the internet or on your smartphone! (You may submit videos straight within the app; no external video hosting is required!)

Add interactive elements

No technical, bot-building, or copywriting skills are required to add an unlimited number of interactive components to your video sales bot, bringing it to life in just a few clicks and increasing conversion rates of viewers into leads and sales.

Rent out & get paid (or use it in your own biz)

Using their copy & paste emails that bring in clients, you may rent out your video sales bot to one of the 400 million+ businesses that urgently want this technology—or use it yourself! (It even allows you to collect payments!)

What you will get?

Attract 400 million+ small businesses

In order to lessen their dependency on human employees, businesses are heavily investing in automation and artificial intelligence. Now is your time to enter the market while demand is high and there is little competition.

Leverage the selling power of video

Profit from the $214 billion megatrend that is currently sweeping the globe without ever appearing on camera or making videos yourself (unless you want to)!

The full“$50k agency roadmap”

Technical expertise or lengthy learning curves are not necessary. The “sales bots” have already been programmed by the power trio of peter, todd, and magnus, and the selling is entirely done for you. All you have to do to make quick money is to follow the training.

Deploy your first bot on day 1

Learning curves? There aren't any. complicated setups? a relic from the past. confusing instructions? Nope. There are more than 50 copy-and-paste templates so that anyone with any level of expertise may start making money right now.

No selling or sales skills

Never again will you blag your way through a sales, zoom, or “strategy session.” You may turn qualified small business owners into long-term customers that pay $1k/month by using done-for-you sales email templates.

Use any video on the internet 

This robust point-and-click program turns any online video from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and Groove into spectacular interactive “video sales bots.” Select one, add the link, and press “go.”

Blow customers away with your “skills” 

Add an infinite number of interactive components, such as clickable buttons, optin forms, countdown timers, gamification, quizzes and polls, skippable video segments, and more, to your customers' “sales bots” with ease. (Use the pre-built app's drag-and-drop function!)

Grow your revenue to $10k, $50k, or even $200k months

There is no reason this can't work for you if a mom and schoolteacher from Ohio can make over $200,000 from home by assisting small businesses in embracing the new “automation economy.”

Give small businesses big power 

Now that “ai-powered virtual salesmen” are being used by large companies like Walmart and Amazon, you can give this capability to small businesses who require it (without having to be a super crazy computer genius)!

Unlock time, location, and income freedom 

From any location in the world, you can make this business work for you. You can work for as little or as much money as you want. Work however much or how little you desire. You now have the option to decide.

Funnel Detail – Video Campaignor Review

Front End – $47 One Time – VideoCampaignor Commercial

Create and sell up to 50 campaigns for you or your clients.

50 Done For You Video Sales Bots in the hottest niches.

​The $50k Roadmap Training.

​Copy & Paste Client Getting Emails.

OTO#1 – $67 One Time – VideoCampaignor Conversions Supercharger

Unlock additional campaign types like Popover Video, Popup Video, Tab Video, Sticky Video,& Tracking Pixels!

OTO#2 – $197 One Time – VideoCampaignor Unlimited

You get access to create unlimited interactive videos & unlimited video campaigns! Unlock Unlimited Capabilities!

OTO#3 – $47 One Time – VideoCampaignor Deal Page Hero

Create comprehensive video landing pages with payment choices, free hosting, and other features that you can use to promote specials and special offers to your audience.

OTO#4 – $27 One Time – VideoCampaignor Page Hijacker

You may legally take over practically any live website on the internet and use it to broadcast your videos. Outstanding for affiliate marketing.

Why should you buy it? – Video Campaignor Review

There's no need to worry if you believe your face is better suited for radio or simply can't stomach the idea of being on camera. Finally, since video sales bots handle the selling for you so you don't have to, you don't need to appear on camera to make money with videos.

You can either build animated video sales bots from scratch using their robust timeline editor and interactive elements to create videos with text, images, stock video footage, animations, and more, or you can use their done-for-you templates made with AI generated actors who will appear on camera on your behalf. Or, if you choose, you can appear on camera. There are no longer any justifications,

Video Campaignor is the most advanced and powerful video automation software on the market today. Why? Because it allows you to do more with video then you can ever imagine, creating Video Sales Bots that actually generate income for YOU! No other automation platform compares with what Video Campaignor can do and this is why it's so exciting!

Video Campaignor enables you to create Video Sales Bots that use human actors to sell your product or service. They believe the future of video marketing is in AI generated and human mixed prerecorded personas, not pre-set templates. Instead of creating videos with our tools, you get real people and real outcomes from them. With over 50 ready made video personas, you'll be able to start creating more videos in less time, with higher impact and at lower cost.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Video Campaignor Review! See you later.