Videlify Review – Turn Others Videos & Sites Into Free Buyer Traffic

Videlify Review

Hijack other sites and videos for FREE buyer traffic

Hey, what if you could click your mouse 4 times and legally start hijacking OTHERs sites and videos for free targeted traffic to any link?

Which site would you want to siphon traffic from?

Perhaps sites like NewYork Times, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal. Just imagine how much traffic you could be getting if this was possible.

Looking for a way to quickly start sending traffic to your affiliate links or funnel? (Or any other kind of link)

This is without a doubt the EASIEST way to do it.

In a nutshell, We “hijack” OTHER people’s videos & websites to send free buyer traffic to our offers.

And it’s completely legal and ethical because we do it in a unique way.

It’s all possible thanks to Videlify.

Videlify allows you to hijack other websites and videos for free buyer traffic to any link of your choice.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Videlify Review for more details.

Videlify Review


Overview – Videlify Review

  • Product: Videlify
  • Vendor: Rick Ng
  • Launch Date: 2021-Aug-08
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Videlify?

Videlify is ground-breaking software which allows you to legally hijack any video and put your In-stream video ads on it without spending a dime.

​What Are In-stream Video ads?

  • You can see YouTube uses it for their platform.
  • You select a video and they force you to watch an in-stream video ad before you can watch the main video.
  • When you click the link inside the video, you get directed to the advertiser's link.
  • ​Here they build Videlify to help you have full control in running your in-stream ads:
  • Without having fear of getting your ad account suspended because with Videlify you have full control on your ads.
  • Without spending a dime.
  • And Without waiting for ad approval from anyone.

Videlify allows you:

  • Hijack authority from any site and put your hijacked video campaign on it to be able to build trust and get more traffic+sales.
  • You can directly promote different kinds of offers you want from your video ads. Easily add interactive elements (CTA, Button, Clickable Link/Text, Optin Form, etc) on your video ads to get longer viewer attention and better engagement.
  • Automatically schedule bulk campaigns to 21 social media platforms throughout a year.
  • They have an in-built trending article searcher which will help you get the most trending articles on the internet.
  • All campaigns are hosted on their blazing server – No hosting, No Domain, No Video Creation, No WordPress Websites, Newbie-friendly.

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What are the great features of Videlify?

  • Legally hijack any video and website and put your affiliate link on it without spending a dime.
  • Completely legal and ethical to do
  • Easily add interactive elements (CTA, Button, Clickable Link/Text,Optin Form,etc) on your hijacked videos to get longer viewer attention and better engagement
  • Auto-post to top social platforms in 1 click for FREE traffic
  • No hidden fees or extra tools needed whatsoever
  • An in-built trending article searcher which will help you get the most trending articles on the internet.
  • Free commercial license included
  • All campaigns are hosted on their blazing server – No hosting, No Domain, No Video Creation, No WordPress Websites, Newbie-friendly.
  • VIP Bonus For Fast-Action Taker: Lifetime VideoHosting, Lifetime Drive, Lifetime Autoresponder, Lifetime Website Build
Demo Video

How does it work? – Videlify Review

Step#1 – Login

Login To Videlify Cloud-Based App.

Step#2 – Link

Enter Any Video Link To The App.

Step#3 – Hijack

Activate Videlify Campaign and add your free video ads to a hijacked video.

Step#4 – Share Or Embed

Share Or Embed Your Campaign To Anywhere You want Using Their Bulk Social Schedule App.

Videlify Real Users Review

Videlify Review

What you will get?

Create Video Advertisements With Ease

It’s just like a YouTube ad, but it won’t cost you a dime. Simply enter your link, and the ad you want to display appears on any video you want without any cost.

Use Others Videos & Websites For Free Traffic

Not only will Videlify allow you to edit others videos, it also lets you edit websites as well. You can add in your links and other elements. After that, you can enjoy the traffic & authority!

Quickly Find Trending Articles

You can find hot content without breaking a sweat thanks to the trending article finder built inside of Videlify. You can place your link on there, and enjoy the traffic and authority…

Get Traffic From Multiple Platforms

You can put your links on videos from major platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and more… As long as there’s a link to the video, you can put a clickable link/call to action/buy button on it with Videlify.

Enjoy Traffic From 21 Untapped Sources

Videlify hooks up with 21 of the hottest, untapped traffic sources and leverages them for a surge of effortless FREE visitors.

Fully Edit To Your Liking

You can add in so many different elements – everything from countdown timers, call to actions, optin forms, text, images, logos, and even more.

Funnel Detail – Videlify Review

FE: Videlify Regular ($17)

  • Hijack Any Website and Put Hijacked Video Campaign On It
  • Hijack Any Video and Add In-stream Video Ads
  • In-depth Training + Premium Support
  • Blast It To 21 Social Media Platforms Simultaneously (or Use Schedule Feature)
  • Hot Bonuses: Lifetime Drive Platform, Lifetime Website Builder, Lifetime Autoresponder
  • No Hosting+Domain Required
  • Commercial License Included

OTO1: Videlify Pro – $37

  • Integrate Unlimited social accounts For Bulk Social Schedule
  • Create Unlimited Videos and Add Unlimited In-stream Video Ads + Interactive Elements
  • Add Custom HTML/Google Map To In-stream Video Ads

OTO2: Videlify Advanced ($47)

  • Detailed Analytic Dashboard.
  • Curate Trending Articles From The Internet
  • Access To 1M HD Stock Video
  • Add Hotspots/Quiz/Poll To In-stream Video Ads
  • Detailed Analytic Dashboard.

OTO3: Videlify DFY Toolkit ($47)

Part#1: The ground-breaking software collection that allows you to create stunning social images, animated videos, video ads for your social accounts.

Part#2: You will get some stunning DFY graphics that you can use:

  • 800 royalty free graphics
  • 100 High-Converting DFY Videos
  • Collection of info-graphics and editable banners
  • 200 customisable logos
  • DFY Thumbnails

OTO4: Videlify Agency ($97)

Allow users to manage videos for their clients

​On top of that, they allow users to create 100-500 accounts for their clients.

​You can also get our DFY Agency Includes… – Professional Agency Website – Fiverr Sales Kit – DFY Email Templates – DFY Social Marketing Suite – DFY Video Sales Letter – DFY Client Contract Template – Business Card Template – Exclusive Client Landing Training

OTO5: Videlify Club – $19 One Time

4 Ground-Breaking Apps + Weekly Internal Training + Brand New Software

OTO6: Videlify Reseller ($67 – Unlimited Licenses)

Resell Videlify Accounts and Keep 100% Profit.

Why should you buy it? – Videlify Review

Haven’t you struggled for long enough?

Haven’t you bought enough products by now?

This is your chance to put an end to the nasty cycle of struggling.

If you’ve been looking for a silver bullet, something that will finally help you succeed, this is it.

And I’m confident in saying that, because of how well Videlify has worked for us.

It won’t let you down either.

You can count on Videlify to deliver you results time and time again.

It Really IS That Easy Simply rinse and repeat those steps whenever you want more traffic.

Are you getting excited yet?

Imagine how much traffic you could be sending to your links without a doubt, this is life-changing stuff.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Videlify Review! See you later.