Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review – Honest Review

Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review


Here’s the “million dollar question”:

“What do you like best about [insert product/service]?”

For example…

What do you like best about this blue BMW?
“I love the fact that it goes from 0 to….”

Your client is laser-focused on the right things… The good parts of your product. This leads to more effective closes… Happy clients… and more money in your pocket!

Your clients can feel you care about what they like…

And they know the positive reasons behind why they bought your product/service.

Ever since adding this to my sales pitches and saying it after giving the details of my offer, my in-person close rate has greatly improved.

Clients aren’t worrying and overthinking after they hear an offer.

If they want my product, they know exactly why… and they buy it!

That’s just one of the many tips I got from John Di Lemme.

Who’s John?

John is a results focused business coach that has generated over 100 Million Dollars for his clients.

He’s been going at it for 17+ years. Recently, he put together all his best business knowledge, closing & marketing wisdom into one package, called the “Success Library”.

It has a literal TON of actionable content and tips packed inside it… with 11 teachings, and a boatload of bonuses.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review for more details.


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I. Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review  – Overview

  • Product: Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library
  • Vendor: John Di Lemme
  • Launch Date: 2019-Mar-01
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price : $177
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library?

The Ultimate Closing & Marketing Success Library is jam-packed with his Top Motivational Marketing Teachings and Reports that will catapult results no matter the business, profession, or career path.

Read more in my Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review.

III. What are the great features of Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library?

This method works…

  • Even with absolutely ZERO ad spend or ad testing needed
  • And Even if you don’t currently have a business or a profitable offer
  • Even if right now, you have absolutely zero idea on what product to create

This will seem “too simple”. But, it does one thing right: IT WORKS.

It’s a special mindset that he learnt from John Di Lemme.

Having this one mindset has skyrocketed his profits, and even more importantly…

Has created MASSIVE long-term loyalty in his customers… meaning instead of buying 1-3 times from him and disappearing, he now has customers that have been coming back for 8 months, or more!

And Has greatly increased his “customer lifetime value”… And not only through re-orders. After ordering, customers are encouraged to try out the more expensive packages/services (which they never bought before implementing this key mindset principle)

Has generated RAVING reviews and turned his customers into *fans*. Instead of leaving 2-4 word or sentence reviews like they do on most Fiverr gigs… They often leave a whole *paragraph* proclaiming how great the service was

And Has turned past clients into unpaid-SALESMEN of the service. Customers often mention how someone else referred them… Or even that his gigs are posted & praised in *private* Facebook groups made up of business owners.

And produced a load of other “side benefits” like developing a reputation for being reliable, and dedicated to customer happiness.

It’s a real game changer.

Demo Video


IV. Why should you buy it?

(The “Success Library” is filled with hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of highly profitable business tips, principles, and the boring-old (yet highly EFFECTIVE) fundamentals)

If the below statements apply to you, you should stay FAR AWAY from the Success Library:

  • You keep chasing “the one solution” to all your problems… going from one course to another… from one guru to another… always looking for a shiny object that will take away the WORK that’s needed to succeed
  • You’re not ready to put the work in, and actually APPLY the lessons you learn… but instead you expect to “magically” get the benefits without actually making them happen
  • You believe the world, the government, or anybody except yourself OWE you anything… They’re the reason you aren’t succeeding… If only other people acted differently, you’d be successful
  • You blame the President for your problems… and “if only” someone else was elected your business/life would be successful
  • You avoid taking action like the plague… instead digging yourself into books (for years)… podcasts… Youtube… forever chasing, forever wondering why you're not succeeding…

If any of these apply to you the Success Library will NOT work for you.

But if you’re a hard working guy or gal who’d love to hear some time-tested business principles that simply WORK if you put them into action… and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty then check out the Success Library below.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Ultimate Closing And Marketing Success Library Review! See you later.