TXTVideo 2.0 Review – A Cutting-Edge Video Making Tool

TXTVideo 2.0 Review

The Biggest Blockbuster Video Launch Of 2020

If you’re tired of video making tools that get you zero engagement and zero sales – that’s about to change.

This world-first software taps right into human emotions and intrigue – grabbing attention like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This groundbreaking new video maker combines technology and psychology and turns them into a money-making machine.

Videos made with this software have viral potential like nothing else out there.

We’re seeing results like:

  • 470,000 shares – from ONE video!
  • 61 MILLION views – from ONE video!

And marketers are slaying their Facebook campaigns with results as low as $0.01 CPA on their ad spend. Unreal.

Even if you’re a complete newbie, you can launch these profit-making videos in less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee.

There’s a lot more stories where these came from. Best of all, you can get these kinds of results with NO previous video marketing experience and NO tech know-how.

TxtVideo 2.0 is a world-first. There’s nothing else like it out there! Sure, you could spend ages trying to make videos that look like these, but you’ll need a ton of time and some pretty expensive software to do it.

This tool lets you create intriguing, story-based conversations that are exactly like watching a text message unfold in real time. They tap into the curiosity factor that’s hard-wired into all of us as humans – meaning they stop the scroll and demand attention from your audience.

You can create the entire story, the characters, control the speed of the conversation, and add emojis, images, video, and GIFs to make it look exactly like watching a text chat on someone’s phone.

Best of all, you can make and launch these in minutes so that you start getting results FAST.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my TXTVideo 2.0 Review for more details.

TXTVideo 2.0 Review



  • Product: TXTVideo 2.0
  • Vendor: Jamie Ohler
  • Launch Date: 2020-Oct-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is TXTVideo 2.0? – TXTVideo 2.0 Review

TxtVideo 2.0 is a cutting-edge video making tool that gives you access to this viral marketing potential. This is still considered to be the New 1st to Market fun and unique way to create TEXT/SMS conversation style videos that are engaging, viral in nature, and are taking the marketing space by storm and they are 1st To Market for you to profit and bring you an amazing video software that you will LOVE!

The Brand New TXTVideo 2.0 that was built from scratch with cutting edge technology, new designs, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, different devices, and so many brand new features you will be flipping out over to get your hands on this amazing video creation tool.

It’s a video release from an EXTREMELY successful IM brand that has paid over 3 million dollars to its affiliates.

TxtVideo has spent YEARS in development by a full-time team and has hundreds of thousands of dollars slowed into it in development costs alone. It’s tried, tested and used daily by over 800 regular users without any problems. When you see it in action, it’s easy to see that this quality of product really is a cut above the rest.

Read more in my TXTVideo 2.0 Reviews.

What are the great features of TXTVideo 2.0?

TXTVideo 2.0 is the most highly anticipated video making software of the year. It’s a world first, and it has the potential to get you some incredible results from your marketing – no matter what industry you’re in, and even if you’ve never made a video before!

Brought to you by the creative masterminds at DropMock, TxtVideo 2.0 cracks the elusive code that will skyrocket your online traffic, engagement, and sales.

Even if you’re a total newbie, you can create and launch a unique video that starts getting traction – in a matter of minutes.

Best of all, this software won’t cost you a fortune to buy. And it won’t take weeks of your life trying to make videos that are “just right”.

The secret to your success with TxtVideo 2.0? It’s a blend of storytelling, science, and technology packed into one powerful, cutting-edge video tool. It’s a powerful combination that has the ability.

How is this possible?

So when someone watches your TxtVideo creations it’s like getting an “over the shoulder” glimpse into someone else’s secret text conversations – only without the guilt!

The success of TxtVideo 2.0 lies deep within the human brain. These videos get results because of our innate curiosity, and an unshakeable need to find out “what happens next” – the same scientific drivers that have made real text messages and chat so addictive and popular.

It’s powerful, attention-grabbing stuff.

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

Front End Personal – Opening day starts at $35.00, after launch price at $65.00

Front End Commercial – Opening day starts at $37.00, after launch price at $67.00

  • Lifetime access to software
  • With new five niche specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • Access to two skins (Facebook and iPhone/iMessage)
  • Ability to add image and gif

With three bubble backgrounds that can be used instantly and make the conversation more lively and engaging

Profile customization – person’s image, signal strength, Wifi strength, Battery Life, Clock & Mobile Provider

  • Ability to add emoji
  • Conversation speed selector
  • Create up to 60 seconds of video
  • Font size selector
  • Dynamic typing and message deletion and replacement
  • MP4 video download
  • Super fast rendering times

Preview – Check your work before you render (create a video). Save time & headaches of having to redo work after you render

Full support by dedicated and praised support team

Access to exclusive FB group

OTO#1 – Monthly Plan – $27.00mo, after launch price at $37.00mo

OTO#1 – Yearly Plan – $197..00 year after launch $297.00 year

  • Unlock more and more pre made specific scripts that can be used instantly
  • Access brand new niche scripts delivered monthly
  • Unlock more bubble backgrounds instantly
  • Ability to create – 180 seconds video
  • Access brand new bubble backgrounds delivered monthly
  • Can add unlimited gifs
  • Can add unlimited images
  • Ability to add video to the conversation
  • Can add unlimited emojis
  • MP4 and GIF video download
  • Ability to add Voice Messages
  • With the possibility of adding new skins per quarter
  • Monthly TXTVideo Creation Contest
  • Ability to have group conversation

OTO2 – EXCLUSIVE!!! Custom Personalized Video Backgrounds – This is HOT!!! Price at $97.00

I can not emphasize to you how unbelievably AMAZING this is! I will bo sending out samples in the next day or so.

Trust me, EVERYONE is going to want to create one of these… Yes, that includes YOU! Hold onto your hats kids, this is REMARKABLE!

OTO3 – Business Toolkit: and Extensive Bootcamp Training – Price at $67.00

  • Three day session on how to Monetize with TxtVideo
  • Certified TXTVideo Expert Document Signed
  • TxtVideo Assications FREE downloadable PDF


  • Additional seven niches script (Pizza, Chiropractor, Roofer, Dentist, Apparel, Lawyer, Real Estate)
  • Email scripts
  • Additional five bubble backgrounds
  • Instagram ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Invoice
  • Proposal letters
  • Phone Scripts
  • Pricing Sheets
  • Day by day – Step by Step Success outline
  • Social Media Post
  • Professional DFY webinar (training and PDF download)
Why should you buy it? – TXTVideo 2.0 Review

Prepare to be amazed as your engagement, traffic, and sales go through the roof. And these videos are so fast to make, you can launch them on your lunch break.

This incredible video software harnesses the combination of technology and psychology to help you create attention-grabbing videos like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

In the battle for online attention – you need TxtVideo 2.0 to help you cut through the noise and get you the results that will help you grow your business – FAST.

They’re so simple, and so effective – you’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

Viral video marketing is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even in your emails.

You’ve seen the major players online tapping into viral marketing to generate leads, boost brand awareness and explode their sales – sometimes they don’t even use paid ads to get results.

That’s because it works!

TxtVideo 2.0 is a cutting-edge video making tool that gives you access to this viral marketing potential. Even if you’ve never made videos before. And it works no matter what kind of industry you’re in.

And you’re probably wondering how you can get these results for your own business. If other people can – why not you?

Simply put, there is no other app on the market that does what TxtVideo does… at any price!

To be honest, thank you for reading my TXTVideo 2.0 Review! See you later.