TikVideoCyborg Review – Automatically Post Videos To TikTok

TikVideoCyborg Review

Your Shortcut To Flood Of Free Buyers Traffic From 800 Million People!

TikTok is super hot and the easier way to get social traffic right now.

This is very important to strike when iron is hot, get in from the very beginning, and start before everyone does.

It is even more so because of the way TikTok works right now.

You see when you join Instagram or Facebook, when you post content you need followers for people to see your content.

Right now on TikTok you do not need to have any followers to have videos seen and distributed on the platform.

Many marketers hit it big because they were first on established platforms when they were young, so enter TikTok now, and profit before your competition does.

You do not want to be late to the party.

TikTok is different from any other platform and you do not need a single follower to blow up on TikTok.

This is crazy.

The TikTok fame happens really fast right now.

For the first time ever, they have automated the entire process, removed the learning curve, and given you a direct shortcut to the flood of free traffic from 800 million of TikTok active users.

TikVideoCyborg allows you to send traffic to any offer or link of your choice for any niche and any industry, there are no restrictions.

You can even use TikTok traffic to grow your Youtube channel and help you rank youtube videos as well.

PLUS you do not need any experience or technical skills because it is super user friendly.

Anybody can use it!

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who took advantage of TikTok as early adopters are growing their traffic faster than ever.

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TikVideoCyborg Review



  • Product: TikVideoCyborg
  • Vendor: Andrew Darius
  • Launch Date: 2020-Jun-02
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is TikVideoCyborg? – TikVideoCyborg Review

TikVideoCyborg is first ever app which can automatically post videos to TikTok from desktop computer! (no other app can do it).

This is full automation for maximum traffic.

On top of that app is creating video for TikTok 100% automatic with just keyword – no video creation or editing.

User enters keyword, app goes to Youtube, finds videos with creative commons license (legal to use), and then makes either regular or stop motion video from Youtube and verticalize it! (one of popular category of TikTok videos are stop motion videos).

Upsell#1 – automatizes it even further. With upsell 1 it can make hundreds of video and then automatically post them to TikTok.

This is very first desktop traffic app which can do it.

Again there is no any othe app which can automatically post videos to TikTok from desktop computer !

This is huge. It will sell like hot cakes on current market.

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What are the great features of TikVideoCyborg? – TikVideoCyborg Review

TikVideoCyborg is the very first app which allows you to take full advantage of the underground TikTok traffic growth “hack” using both ultra popular TikTok challenges and TikTok sound bites.

TikTok challenge is a new type of video meme with a twist. It can be started by individuals or by brands.

TikTok challenges are ultra popular because tons of TikTokers are posting their own versions of the challenge, and then the other 800 million active users can watch what others did with the challenge.

It means that each challenge can have tens or even hundreds of millions of views!

With TikVideoCyborg you can participate in popular existing TikTok challenges by just entering the TikTok challenge hashtag.

You just enter the hashtag and TikVideoCyborg will automatically generate a video for a specific challenge so you can instantly post it.

Tens Or Even Hundreds Millions Of Views Per TikTok Challenge

It means that each challenge can have tens or even hundreds millions of views!

With TikVideoCyborg you can participate in popular existing TikTok challenges by just entering the TikTok challenge hashtag.

You just enter the hashtag and TikVideoCyborg will automatically generate a video for a specific challenge so you can instantly post it.

Unlock TikTok Soundbites — TikTok traffic Growth “Hack”

The other amazing, but little known TikTok traffic growth “hack” are TikTok soundbites. TikTok is the only social media platform, which allows users to see the grid of all other videos using the same sound bite by just one touch on the screen.

This is super popular among TikTokers who love to watch different videos that use the same soundbite. It is a driving force behind traffic bursts for videos with popular soundbites.

To unlock the power of TikTok soundbites for you, TikVideoCyborg can generate videos with an original sound bite or with your own.

You Get 500 Powerful Traffic Boosting Soundbites

And because we want you to become successful and give you an even bigger chance to multiply your traffic from TikTok soundbites, we are including 500 powerful soundbites you can use for your TikTok videos.

Those are specifically chosen and a perfect booster for TikTok short videos.

Imagine the mind blowing amount of traffic you can get when other TikTokers start using your soundbites for their own videos, and when TikTok ranks you on top of them.

Demo Video

How does it work?

Here how best ever TikTok Traffic app works in 3 easy to follow steps.

  • Step#1: Enter hashtag or keyword and click search.
  • Step#2: Choose from top proven and trending copyright free videos.
  • Step#3: Select how you want the app to make a video and click generate.

That’s it.

Those 3 steps is all it takes for you to have an amazing, completely unique video created, properly formatted for TikTok, and ready to generate traffic.

PLUS you get an amazing TikVideoPoster app.

It is the first ever and currently the only desktop app, which allows you to upload video to TikTok right from your desktop computer, regardless if it is PC or Mac, without needing to use the phone or risking having your account banned by using a web app!

When you compound that with the fact that TikTok has very little video content for 800,000 most engaged users on the planet, you have the winner.

Right now getting free buyers traffic from TikTok is the easiest that it will ever be so jump in while it is hot.

Funnel Detail – TikVideoCyborg Review

Front End – TikVideoCyborg – $17

Automated video creation from keyword & posting from desktop.

Upsell#1 – TikVideoCyborg PRO – $47

mass video generation, mass soundbite randomization, and mass scheduling

Upsell#2 – TikVideoCyborg Agency – $67

10X traffic + 10 licenses

Upsell#3 – TikVideoCyborg Deluxe – $17

Unlocks Automatic Video Generation Also For Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LikenIn, Medium and Reddit.

Upsell#4 – 1 page commissions App – $17

DFY Affiliate Pages for top 35 products to promote on TikTok

Upsell#5 – 1 Page Commissions Editor – $17/y-$27/y

Funnel builder to which users can 1-click import all pages from 1 Page Commissions

Upsell#6 – 1 Page Commissions Editor PRO – $67

Additional features & Double number of templates

Why should you buy TikVideoCyborg? – TikVideoCyborg Review

Did you know that you can sell sponsored posts directly to online and offline businesses for $200 a pop, and you just need 10k followers to do that?

How easy is it to get 10k followers?

Nobody can foresee exactly how fast your TikTok account may grow, but with the current ultra low saturation, growing TikTok account is easier than it will ever be, and much faster than on established social media giants right now.

For example, a regular middle-aged man named Chris Gorge, who was initially apprehensive about TikTok posted in comment: “Within about a month I had almost 50,000 followers and over a millions views.”

So if he wanted, he could charge $200 per post just after one month.

Sales and promotions are the lifeblood of every business, so businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all need to have buyers traffic to sell their products and services, or to promote their brands.

With the economy crumbling and businesses moving online at the fastest pace than ever, now there is the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in a very long time, to start earning and growing an online income with services which can bring buyers to businesses or grow their brands.

Because businesses always need more sales and brand exposure, the amount of posts is endless, but you do need to have the cutting edge tool to enable you to do that and stand out from the crown.

The best part is that with a TikTok sponsored posting business you have a freedom to work from home or from wherever you want.

The Internet is always open for business, so you can work when you want and with whom you want.

Did you know that being on TikTok now is like being on Facebook back in 2007, just before it got massively popular, or on Instagram in 2011, just before it took off, or on youtube in 2012, when going viral was so easy?

On top of that, thanks to TikTok algorithm, unlike Instagram or Facebook, you do not need to have a single follower to get your content viewed, so everybody can grow on it.

Imagine the massive growth you could have gotten from the flood of traffic with minimal competition if you had taken advantage of those traditional platforms when they were still young.

While those traditional giant social networks are still great, they are extremely competitive, which is why you have been having hard time to get results on these platforms.

It is that insane competition that tilted the scales against you.

This is why we are bringing to the market exclusive and never seen before traffic solutions, which is giving you one-in-the-lifetime opportunity to take full advantage of TikTok before it saturates.

Welcome to TikVideoCyborg

To be honest, thank you for reading my TikVideoCyborg Review! See you later.