The ways of making money online in 2019

I. Introduction

Making money online (MMO) is now encouraged by many financial experts. These forms not only help you increase your knowledge but also provide a sustainable, long-term and unlimited source of income. How much your revenue depends entirely on your ability? But one thing is for sure is the capacity to make money online is possible, not a scam like people often think.

II. Here are five best ways you should try to do:

  • Make Money with YouTube

The form of monetization on YouTube is becoming the best choice for young people. There are thousands of people who make a few hundred thousand dollars from their videos.

Firstly, you visit, create your video channel to become a YouTube Partner, and your video will display ads at the bottom or the right corner of the screen. When someone clicks on the Youtube ad, you will receive Google commissions.

The advantage of YouTube is a large number of visitors, so your video will have many views if you know the best SEO optimization. However, the limitation is that video production is not as easy as writing on the website.

If you cannot create videos yourself, then you can collaborate with somebody else.

  • Drop Shipping

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It is a business model in which retailers (you) do not keep your inventory. When receiving the order, you will ship it to a wholesaler/agent you collaborate. They are responsible for shipping the product with your contact information on the package to the customers. With the Drop-shipping business model, you only need to create your website or a booth on eBay, Amazon, etc.

  • Affiliate Marketing

In this form, you do not have to create a product, just pick good products from other companies and promote them. With every sale is done from your link; you can get the commission up to 50%, 80%, even 100%.

That is one of the ways that a lot of internet marketer preferred because of its ability to bring sustainable income. Some popular affiliate networks you can refer are,, and

From my experience, I hope you can understand more about how to earn money online so that you can make decision. Thank you for your reading!

  • Google AdSense

You build your website in the favorite topics such as guides, tips, news, or even forums, then register with Google AdSense to get the ad code and place it on the website. Your task now is to increase the number of visitors by using online marketing tools. When someone visits your site and clicks on your ad, you will earn money with CPC (Cost per Click) is available from $0.05 to $5 depending on the field and market.

  • Product Launching

That is a method in the field of making money with affiliate marketing. Product Launch is an affiliate marketing campaign for the new products, and you have to prepare everything so that when someone buys that product through your affiliate link, then you will receive a commission.
You can create a landing page or a review article with an affiliate link. Customers will find it on the TOP Google, read, then click on the affiliate link to purchase so that you have the commission. Besides, you can combine with other marketing tools get income on the launch date.