The Asigo System Review – Amazon Now Hijacking 3rd Party Sellers

The Asigo System Review

The eService Dropshipping Zoom-A-Thon with Jay and Chris

“The Launch” is one of the most important parts of starting a new business.

It drums up a lot of interest, creates a lot of buzz…

Most importantly, it puts your name (or your brand’s name) on the map and generates interest from potential buyers.

It gives you momentum, so a year from now, you’re several times further ahead than if you just ‘started’ (and nobody knew about it).

If you’ve been paying attention – you know now “Dropshipping eServices” is going to be the next huge Mega-Trend following the eCommerce wave – and Chris & Jay are leading the charge.

They are also bona fide “Launch Masters”… and they can put your eStore on the map.

Or – you can choose to go it alone, start quietly – and you’ll still do well, because The Asigo System is that strong.

There’s a good chance you’ve been using eServices for years and never realized. Hundreds of millions of people do, after all.

It’s an industry that’s going to be even bigger than eCom… My friends Chris & Jay saw it coming years ago. They doubled down and put ALL their focus into making sure their business would profit from the inevitable eService explosion. And recent events have made it happen much faster…

If you ever looked at Affiliate Marketing, Amazon, Shopify… or even looked at a stock like Netflix or Domino’s and thought: “I wish I’d got in there at the beginning…” you can’t ever get that moment back.

But you CAN make the most of this one…

To discover exactly ‘what’ eService are – and more importantly, how to dropship them for 90% profit margins (where even Just ONE Sale can mean hundreds of dollars in profit every month…) to a pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers across any niche…

Right now we’re seeing 90% profit margins in this EXPLODING new industry. And that’s with NO product, NO suppliers, NO tech setup, and NO paid advertising.

In fact, you don’t need any special skills or experience at all.

Listen… Dropshipping eServices is the next new Mega-Trend and it’s going to be even bigger than eCom.

Companies like Amazon and Google already made moves to take advantage of this multi-billion dollar industry – and so did they.

That’s why they can show you EXACTLY how to tap into this high-profit, low-competition industry by CLONING an automated “eServices” store.

So click the link somewhere around this video now and discover how YOU can ride the wave of the HOTTEST new mega-trend.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my The Asigo System Review for more details.

The Asigo System Review



  • Product: The Asigo System
  • Vendor: Jay and Chris
  • Launch Date: 2020-Jul-28
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $2997
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is The Asigo System? – The Asigo System Review

The Asigo System Gives You The Opportunity To Be Among ‘The First To Market’ In The Rapidly Exploding eServices Industry.

‘Dropshipping’ Virtual Services They Don’t Have To Fulfill Themselves With Their Very Own Proven eStore They Can Stamp Their Brand On…

  • Option#2: STANDARD PAY4X PAYMENT OF$995 One payment today, and the remaining 3 payments made in 30 day intervals.

This Is Brand New To The I.M. Space, Never Been Seen Or Done Before!

This Marks Day 1 Of The Next Huge Mega-Trend.

This is like mastering Amazon FBA 7 years ago… (it made multi-millionaires)

This is like buying Netflix shares for $1 in 2003… (it’s up +40,000%) only, this carries NONE of the risk, since there’s no inventory to stock, no paid traffic to buy and no red tape to get in your way.

Look, this is making sure you NEVER again think to yourself “if only…”

Here’s the thing… they aren’t letting everyone in.

Because they’ve invested over $1,000,000+ and the past 5+ years quietly developing this behind the scenes… they were going to wait, but recent events made it clear – NOW is the best time, just as eServices are EXPLODING (ahead of schedule).

So by registering for this workshop, you’ll pre-register the opportunity to join them on this.

Registering doesn’t mean you have to invest – only that you’ll be able to, if you choose to. Plus, they’re giving early registrants a little ‘boost’ for their eStores.

Read more in my The Asigo System Reviews.

What are the great features of The Asigo System? – The Asigo System Review

The Asigo System Is Designed To Take Someone From $0 To $100,000 Year With: No Product No Audience No Website No Experience No Paid Traffic No Special Skills

Dropshipping, eCommerce & Amazon FBA Audiences

Love the “Dropshipping eService” component and having your very own branded eStore in an exploding new market.

Affiliate Marking & BizOpp Audiences

Love the simple and high-ticket ‘man in the middle’ recurring arbitrage profits, without the need for a product, a website or any paid advertising.

SEO & Local Audiences

Love the high-ticket ‘Done-For-You’ eService you can instantly offer to new and existing clients PLUS the ability to acquire more clients with this high value foot in the door’ offer.

The Asigo System Combines The Best Parts Of The Most Popular And Best-Selling Business Models – And Removes All The Headaches!

The Asigo eStore Launch Pack Includes:

  • A Complete Branding Suite For Your eService Dropshipping Store
  • And A Launch Announcement Made On 3x 8-Figure Trafffic Websites
  • A Professionally-Made Social Authority Profile

Which in $$ terms means, you’re instantly getting the kind of authority and exposure for your eStore, most people have to pay thousands for.

Demo Video – The Asigo System Review

What are you actually investing in?

You will be enrolling in The Asigo System, partnering with Chris Munch & Jay Cruiz to build your very own “eServices Dropshipping Store” under your very own brand. You get the right to sell one of the most profitable eServices out there, with a pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers across any niche… You get their “Copy & Paste” eStore funnel for dropshipping a $10,513/day eService… and you get to ride the wave of the exploding new Mega-Trend, before the rest of the world catches on – which means more profit, with less challenge and minimal competition.

How does The Asigo System work? – The Asigo System Review

Once your eStore is set up by The Asigo Team, you simply activate the “Aim & Fire” traffic system to bring pre-qualified visitors who are already interested in the eService you’re selling – to your eStore. The automated funnel will lead and nurture them to buying the eService from you, the eService gets delivered to them automatiically and every month. All you have to do is keep bringing in traffic, manage your eStore and keep making sales to stack and scale your recurring monthly profits.

How does The “Aim & Fire” Traffic System work?

The “Aim & Fire” Traffic System is built into your eStore. You first enter your keyword(s) and hit ‘go’ and the “Sales Seeker” automatically seeks out the segment of people who may be most interested in the eService you sell on your eStore (you’ll be shown what type of keywords to use for best results in the training)… the “Engagement Engine” then nurtures those visitors through a proven funnel automatically, until they buy from you.

Is Asigo the perfect business? – The Asigo System Review

The historic eService Dropshipping Zoom-A-Thon will come to a close soon, so if you haven’t stopped by already, take the opportunity and do so now!

This is a one-time-only event, and exciting things always happen when there’s not going to be a repeat… come see for yourself!

Imagine the perfect product… being sold in the perfect market… with near total automation.

That sets the stage for a pretty good business, don’t you think?

Netflix once had an affiliate program, it paid $30 for every person you signed up to a free trial. This is back when it was still shipping out physical DVDs.

Netflix eventually shifted from physical DVDs to digital streaming; it became an eService… it also stopped it’s affiliate program.

But for those who were there in the right place, at the right time… hundreds of thousands of dollars were made – for an offer everybody wanted.

That’s the trouble with affiliate marketing… lots of profit, but… it can all go away if the traffic stops, or the hot offer goes away.

With eCommerce, you can create your own brand, be it a dropshipping store or your own product line – plus your own audience for repeat sales… it comes with it’s own headaches of course… suppliers, shipping, logistics…

That’s what makes eServices (especially Dropshipping eServices) so special… it has all the best parts (high profits, building an asset, recurring revenues etc.) without any the headaches, like suppliers or paid ads.

Stable, Stackable, Scalable $2,079+ Per Week Profits.

That’s The Asigo System in a nutshell.

Today – people are concerned about the economy and business in general, for good reason.

So it may be surprising to realize NOW could be THE PEFECT TIME to start a business… but it is!

As more people turned online to solve their day to day problems during the pandemic… more people adopted new buying habits. New eServices were introduced out of necessity – and more people started buying them!

This is the next new mega-trend, because this became the new normal.

The Asigo System starts you off by deploying a proven eService Dropshipping store, so there’s no ‘tech stuff’ to slow you down… Chris & Jay will actually get it set up for you.

You’ll be able to sell a massively in-demand eService, with an opportunity so huge here, JUST ONE SALE can be worth $12,000/yr to you. The traffic is automated, the eStore is automated – all you have to do is keep running it consistently and watch the sales come through.

Even if all you did was make ONE sale every month… the stable, stackable, scalable nature of this business means you will only keep growing. And growing fast.

You’ll building a business to last… for as long as people are people and business is business.

Why should you buy it?

5 Reasons To Invest In The Asigo System Now


If the recent crisis proved anything, it’s how the unexpected can happen at any time.

People stay stuck in jobs that don't fulfill them, but instead steal time away from their families, stopping them living the life they want – and becoming the kind of person they want.

They do it for safety, for security… but it’s only as safe and secure as the business you work for and that's completely outside your control.

The Asigo System is your own proven business, under your control.

And The risk factors are minimal; no inventory, no suppliers, no shipping, no physical goods.

The security factors are high; stackable, scalable profits on high-ticket, high-demand eServices that can pay you every month, for sales you only had to make once.

You can create security, wealth and a brighter future for everyone you care about.


You’re partnering with a rapidly-growing, highly trusted 8-figure brand that’s defining the industry. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the true innovators of this exploding Mega-Trend.

As they discover new advantages, you’ll get them too. They’ll handle all the backroom efforts, so you can stay focused on growing your profits and getting paid.


As more people than ever are shifting online, traffic and online sales are booming and the baseline has risen. Things are simply going to change.

Just as eCommerce is slowing down, eServices are picking up. The Asigo System gives you everything you need to deploy your very own eServices Dropshipping store… and finally be among the first to profit and gain a real foothold in something huge.


They aren’t short term thinkers here. By putting your own brand on an 8-figure eService and selling it through your eStore, you build an asset.

That asset doesn’t just let you stack & scale your monthly recurring profits, which you can do with even just 1-2 sales per month… it lets you build something you can sell for 2-5x your annual profits when the time comes… and we're even going to show you how!


You’re covered by our money-back guarantee for 60 days following your investment. Rest assured – or even ask around – our reputation is the best in the industry.

If you just stick to your 3-Task Daily Asigo Routine for those 60 days… and all that happens is you make ONE sale per month… it's enough to return on your investment many times over.

You can hit 5 figure profits from those two sales alone.

With over 50,000,000+ potential buyers for your eService and 90% profit margins… plus a proven funnel and the best training available anywhere… all that's left for you to do is show up and ‘follow the plan'.

Then if on Day 59, Hour 23, Minute 59 you decide it’s not for you… you get your full investment refunded AND you can keep access to the training.


One of the best things about our community is how they share our knowledge.

Right now they have two innovators of what’s going to be the next huge Mega-Trend. First they had Affiliate Marketing, then they had eCommerce… and they’re still excellent business models! (if you follow smart and honest people)

But now they have eServices… and even better, Chris & Jay have innovated the “Dropshipping eServices” model – and are going to share it with you today.

It’s dropshipping an eService currently generating $10,513/day, however, in Chris’ words “we haven’t even scratched the surface”.

There’s a fresh pool of over 50,000,000+ potential buyers with literally $10,000’s to spend with you, as you dropship eServices to them.

Just ONE sale can be worth 5-figures to you each year. Really, each year?

Yes – because it’s built around RECURRING revenue, so you keep getting paid for a sale your ‘eStore’ only has to make ONCE.

This is the secret to true, stable and sustainable growth.

Chris & Jay weren’t going to reveal this for quite some time… but with recent global events taking place – it has actually ACCELERATED the explosion of eServices as an industry… which makes NOW the perfect time to start.

The “Dropshipping eServices” model Chris & Jay founded/created revolves around a single automated “copy & paste” eStore…

You can target any niche or industry you like…

There are over 50,000,000+ potential buyers with thousands to spend…

They will KEEP on spending, so even making JUST 10 SALES this year can easily give you a 6-figure run rate… in profits.

The aim is to hit $2,079+ per week and scale from there.

Your eStore is quick to deploy and requires ZERO TECHNICAL ABILITY.

And the first partners to join Chris & Jay in The Asigo System will ALSO get a ‘Launch Pack’ where they will launch your eStore for you.

This includes a complete branding suite, a feature on some on the biggest name websites and an additional a strong authority profile… all done or you by the guys and their team.

To be honest, thank you for reading my The Asigo System Review! See you later.