The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review – Honest Review

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review

A step-by-step 30 day plan to landing your first 3 consulting clients

Land 3's consultants are also guaranteed to make at least $10,000 a month using automated sales proposals. This is a guarantee to happen to consultants with no previous experience or knowledge of automated sales methods.

This is a fast way to land a high-fee consulting client. In this training series “The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge”, you will learn how to land 3 high-fee clients in 30 days. You will also be able to earn at least $10,000 a month.

Each week, he will guide you through the steps necessary to set up your business. He will also provide you with copy/paste sales materials.

For the top 1% consultants, they only make money with a few clients. They need to upsell additional services to make money with each new client.

The 3 clients in 30-days Challenge is for the entrepreneur who wants to start their own consulting business. However, it can also be a profitable side income for solopreneurs, doctors and attorneys. If you are new to consulting and starting from scratch, this system will enable you land your first 3 clients, who pay you $3,000/month or more in just 30 days.

If you are just starting out as a freelancer and looking for a way to earn extra money online, this system is perfect for you. This easy-to-read, simple to use system is designed with you in mind.

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The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review



  • Product: The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge
  • Vendor: Luther Landro
  • Launch Date: 2022-Feb-03
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge? – The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review

The 3 clients in 30 days system is the only learn-by-doing method that guarantees three clients in 30 days. Each of them will pay you around $3,000 in just 30 days.

The system is designed to work for people who are already starting out and looking for a way to make money online.

Everything you need to start as a consultant is included in the kit. This includes everything you need to get started, from websites to legal agreements.

You're also getting his '30-day challenge' training series that includes:

  • Time management, goal setting, and motivation training for new consultants are all included in this course. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to become a successful consultant.
  • Day-by-day instructions from the ground zero, all the way through to landing 3 clients in 30 days. This course will teach you how to get started and grow your business.
  • The package includes a copy/paste format that will allow you to send out real proposals and earn real money each week during the challenge.

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What are the great features of The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge? – The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review

If you're a consultant but are not commanding high fees, then you might be a candidate for this position.

You'll be working with a top-tier digital marketing agency that will help you provide the very best possible service to your clients.

Imagine being able to connect with business owners who are ready to pay top dollar for a service that you provide. You'll discover these leads through little-known sources that are ready to work with you.

You'll be able to generate proposals and marketing materials that will help you sell yourself. This will allow you to focus on developing a stronger connection with potential clients.

  • NO servicing clients yourself – You will be working for a top-tier digital marketing agency that will help you build your business. Once you sign up a client, your job is done and you still collect recurring monthly fees.
  • And NO cold calling or direct selling – every contact is a warm lead who needs something. You communicate with them through email using copy paste emails and done-for-you proposals.
  • NO Experience needed – You'll be walking through the exact steps that will help you generate 3 new clients in just 30 days.

How does it work?

1. Partner with one of the biggest, most respected digital marketing agencies on the planet.

A leading digital marketing agency is looking for home-based consultants to help them grow their businesses. They are looking for people with experience in digital marketing and SEO.

ANYBODY can sign up as a white-labeled reseller in minutes. Everything is handled in a fully branded customer dashboard.

2. Use these Google Hacks to find businesses that are desperate for these services

Through these simple Google search hacks, we can connect with thousands of business owners who are looking for digital marketing services.

3. Use their custom sales proposals and search engine audits to sell digital marketing services to your customers

You will be hired after conducting an SEO audit on a potential client’s website. Just enter the client's URL in the provided software.

4. While the agency does all the work, the monthly payments are collected from the account of the client. This method works for both parties

Done-for-you sales proposals are great because they let the marketing agency take a portion of the work that you pay for.

Why should you buy it? – The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Review

Being a local consultant is harder to find than you think, as there are so many services that you need to offer.

Top agencies are always looking for consultants who can provide this service. This way, they can focus on providing the best possible service to their clients and not worry about selling new ones.

You will be able to earn huge money connecting the best digital marketing agency in the world to the business owner.

Having the biggest agencies means that you will never be sold for cheap. Having one of the agencies will allow you to get the highest fees in the industry.

If you are a 6-figure consultant or a 7-figure one, then this will be the right opportunity for you. You will be able to offer a wider variety of services and get better results for your clients.

You will be able to offer new and upsells to existing clients, which will allow you to boost your income by up to 30%.

This consulting system is designed with you in mind. If you are just starting out and looking for a guaranteed way to earn money online, while learning how to become a consultant, this system is for you. Everything you need to get started as a freelance consultant is included in this kit. You will be able to claim professional status from day 1.

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