The 2X Challenge Review – Can $100 Really DOUBLE Your Revenue?

The 2X Challenge Review

Would you DOUBLE your sales revenue for $100?

You know what makes me really mad…

When so many so-called “gurus” or “experts” focus solely on top-of-funnel strategies.

I’m talking about traffic and lead generation.

Yeah… we get it… we ALL want more traffic and leads.

But… What good is that traffic and leads if you are churning 30% of those customers every month?

What good is a customer if you are only generating 1/5 of the revenue you COULD be making?

What good is a customer if they are unhappy and searching for your competitor to switch to?

That’s why this 2X Challenge is going to flat-out ROCK!

The guys over at PayKickstart, who work with 1,200+ businesses and have processed over 200M in revenue, have analyzed those businesses that flop against the ones who THRIVE – and have designed the challenge in a way that walks you through how to implement only the MOST impactful strategies that will move the needle.

Just from talking to so many Entrepreneurs I can almost guarantee that many of you are suffering from “the leaky bucket” where revenue or potential revenue is slipping through your hands.

Let’s get you in the best possible position to SCALE, with the most up-to-date software and automation in 2020.

Trust me – it is well worth the small investment and will probably be your biggest ROI for the year.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my The 2X Challenge Review for more details.

The 2X Challenge Review



  • Product: The 2X Challenge
  • Vendor: Mark Thompson
  • Launch Date: 2020-Apr-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $100
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is The 2X Challenge?

The 2X Challenge is a 30-day intensive, designed to DOUBLING your revenue.

While you have undoubtedly seen course after course, that talks about driving more traffic and more leads – this program is a little different.

It focuses on the CURRENT traffic and customers that you already have.

  • How to maximize the customer lifetime value.
  • And How to minimize churn and cancellations.
  • How to deliver outstanding customer success.
  • And How to position your existing product/service, so customers
  • pay you more – staying with you longer.
  • …and to be honest, this is only scratching the surface!

Here is what I LOVE about how the 2X Challenge was designed…

The program requires only 1 hour of work each day – for 30 days – thats it! I know…I know, less Netflix and social media for an entire month.

But seriously – the impact on your business will be DRAMATIC.

Read more in my The 2X Challenge Reviews.

What are the great features of The 2X Challenge? – The 2X Challenge Review

It’s everything you need to be successful

The Intense Mentorship Training

Each day for 30 days you will learn a new strategy/concept that will generate “quick wins” – collectively generating a major revenue boost.

The Coaching

Regular live coaching calls will allow you the ability to ask for feedback and get your questions answered.

The Workbook

Each day’s training includes a worksheet/checklist that you complete. Don’t worry, there are videos not only showing you how to complete each worksheet but how to actually implement the strategy being taught.

The Software/Automation

You’re going to be receiving access to software/tools to help automate and handle much of the heavy lifting when it comes to implementation. Some days it will be as simple as enabling a feature.

The Accountability

The private Facebook group gives you access to hundreds of other online business owners, going through the same challenge at the exact same time. This means everyone is working to help each other reach the goal – the goal of 2X revenue!

Funnel Detail?

UPSELL – Traffic & Lead Generation Masterclass Bundle

They've created two brand-new masterclass programs that are the perfect complement for 2X Challenge members.

While the 2X Challenge is designed to position your online business in the best possible position to maximize your existing customer base – minimizing churn, maximizing ARPU/LTV – these two programs will help to put your foot on the gas!


Their flagship billing and affiliate management platform is woven in to everything that they teach in the challenge.

PayKickstart will help to automate many of the strategies that they teach during the 30 days – significantly increasing the odds of members not only completing the program, but seeing exponential growth in your business.

How does it work?

The challenge will go something like this…

  • STEP#1: Each day, you will watch a “strategy” video, teaching you a concept to learn and understand.
  • STEP#2: Then you will print off the worksheet and fill it out. Don’t worry there is a video walking you through how to complete it properly.
  • STEP#3: Then implement what was taught. Again, there will be a video showing you how to implement the strategy in your own business.
  • STEP#4: Tell everyone in our private Facebook group that you completed the day. It’s all about accountability and following through. They encourage you to ask questions along the way to help overcome any hurdles or challenges you face.
  • STEP#5: Rinse and repeat for 30 days. The goal is 2X more revenue in your business.

How’s that compared to sitting in a hot lecture hall listening to a teacher ramble on about a topic you could care less about because you’re “required” to take the class.

If it sounds good to you, go and join the 2X Challenge!

Why should you buy The 2X Challenge? – The 2X Challenge Review

For those of you who attended a college or university, let me ask you a quick question…

How much of what you learned are you applying to your existing online business?

75%? 40%? 10% …or less?

It’s crazy that we spend 4 years (or more) and tens or thousands of dollars on a formal education with virtually nothing to show for it.

That is why I am so EXCITED for the start of the 2X Challenge!

Literally, a 30-day intensive where you can apply real world strategies into your business that has REAL results.

Learn. Implement. See Results.


To be honest, thank you for reading my The 2X Challenge Review! See you later.