Text-Connector Review – The Power of SMS for Local Businesses

Text-Connector Review

A simple trick to 10x your local business sales

Did you know that a ton of local business sales happen every week because of text messages?

It’s true. Whether its a dental patient confirming an appointment, a plumber answering a question from a concerned homeowner, or a Personal trainer answering a workout question for their client.

A ton of small conversions happen every week because of something that was said in a text message from a potential customer who has the phone number of the small business owner and feels comfortable texting them.

The Trick is how they get their number. Most of the time, it’s because they got it from a friend or are already a customer.

But some small businesses have gotten smart and realized how powerful it is to connect to their customers daily via text message. So smart in fact that they’ve starting going out of their way to give their potential customers their cell phones to text.

Text-Connector gives you the ability to turn any wordpress website into a local sale conversation machine.

Why does this plugin generate sales fast?

Because it connects a potential customer to a business owner/manager’s phone so that they can get answers now (via text message).

Text-Connector is the easiest way to turn any Local Business’ WordPress website into a direct line to the owner/manager without having to actually call the business (it’s all text message powered).

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Text-Connector Review for more details.

Text-Connector Review


Overview – Text-Connector Review

  • Product: Text-Connector
  • Vendor: Ben Adkins
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jun-15
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Text-Connector? – Text-Connector Review

Text-Connector is a WordPress Plugin that that you can use to instantly up the sales of your local clients this week (as well as use the plugin and method to get new clients).

It enables your local agency customers to put a cool little floating button on their website that shows up on the mobile phones of those searching for them now. When they click the button, it connects them instantly to the business owner/manager’s phone.

Read more in my Text-Connector Reviews.

What are the great features of Text-Connector?

Here's what you'll learn Inside:

Module#1: The Psychology of an “Instant Answer” at your Fingertips

You'll learn the simple psychology that makes this plugin a powerhouse for our local business customers and exactly how to set it up to get maximum results for your customers (and yourself) right out of the gate.

Module#2: How to get Text-Connector Clients this week using a Postcard

You'll learn exactly how they approach businesses from a distance and get them excited about working with our agency. This plugin is the ultimate foot in the door and it's something that every single business needs (but he'll show you exactly how to find and sign up the “low-hanging fruit” starting this wee).

Module#3: How much to charge for a “Text-Connector” Enabled site

You'll learn exactly what to charge your customers to set up and install the plugin on their website and exactly how to train their staff to respond to all incoming messages (this is the key to helping your customers get 5-10x more revenue per month).

Module#4: How to turn a “Text-Connector” sale into a $300/month per client

You're also going to learn the exact strategy that I use to turn a one time “Text-Connector” sale into a full blown monthly recurring revenue program (and the exact process that I use to sell it to his “Text-Connector” clients. THIS IS THE BIG SECRET behind why it's such an important part of his Agency's growth.

Demo Video – Text-Connector Review

How does it work? – Text-Connector Review
  • Step#1: Upload the Plugin to your client's WordPress based Business Website.
  • Step#2: Customize a few settings to match your local business customer's brand.
  • Step#3: Potential Customers click a button to ask a question and start communicating directly with you (or you agency customers) via their cell phone.
  • Step#4: The Business gets a message directly from the Prospective Customer's phone and is able to respond instantly to the message right from their cell phone (and convert an interested party into a paying customer without ever having to speak to them).
Why should you buy it – Text-Connector Review

Are you always looking for dead simple ways to attract more clients and get them results without having to break the bank?

Are you a Digital Marketer who helps local business clients grow by implementing digital marketing services for them?

Do you need an easy foot-in-the-door service that is easy to get clients to sign up for and will almost instantly lead them into higher ticket and monthly services?

Are you looking for something that is proven to work for small businesses?

And Are you ready to get your Customers Real Results fast?

Are you tired of jumping from shiny objects and looking for something that just flat works and is backed by people who really do this for a living?

Even If You’re a Complete Newbie To Local Marketing or Business In General, Text-Connector is perfect for you.

It turns any Local Business Website into a Sales Generating Machine using this Powerful and easy to set up WordPress Plugin.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Text-Connector Review! See you later.