Super Backdrop Review – Best Unique Green Screen Backdrops Library

Super Backdrop Review

The world’s largest library of greenscreen backdrop

Have you been looking for good video backdrops for your videos? There are so many different types of video backdrops out there that will make you look good in any environment? They can be used in a well-designed kitchen, a pool-side studio, or in a beautiful office.

Yet, all the while, you're standing in front of your monitor with bright lights pointing at you. The team behind Super Backdrop is currently offering a bundle deal where you can get all of the features for a discounted price.

Super Backdrop is a new library that has thousands of video backdrops that can be used in any scenario. These are all available in various categories and can be used in various video projects.

Super Backdrop features a variety of high-quality video and static backdrops that will impress even the most experienced videographers. It also comes with HD actresses and actors that are sure to make any video shoot look stunning.

Forget about struggling with your green screen project. Super Backdrop is ready for you to take on projects that you couldn't handle before with ease. Each backdrop is professionally produced and of extremely high quality. Stop searching for the perfect greenscreen, they got you covered!

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Super Backdrop Review



  • Product: Super Backdrop
  • Vendor: Nelson Long
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jan-11
  • Launch Time: 09:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Super Backdrop? – Super Backdrop Review

Super Backdrop is the world’s largest library of greenscreen backdrop. It has tens of thousands of unique and specially produced backdrops that can be used in various video and graphic projects.

Each of these backdrops comes with its own unique variants, so they can be used as backdrop for transporting people. The library also features versatile visuals and HD actresses and actors that can be used with various super backdrops.

This library is created out of the highest quality production, and then released to be used freely in your video and graphics work, presentation, or any other green screen project you can imagine. Besides being a high resolution video backdrops they each come with different variants such as out of focus, black and white and etc .

Super Backdrop was created for professional photographers, videographers and graphic designers who want to make high quality unique green screen photos or videos. Each backdrop is with different variants, as out of focus (bokeh), black and white and etc to give you diverse choices when making your project. All backgrounds can also be used in other applications such as video compositing, film making, graphic design and more. Build your own story using our high definition video quality backdrops! Scroll down to see how they create backdrops!

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What are the great features of Super Backdrop? – Super Backdrop Review

The Super Backdrop library has thousands of ready-to-use green screen backdrops that are ideal for creating video scenes in various applications.

These Super Backdrops are in standard video and image formats, so they can be used in most of your favorite video editing software.

Not only are these backdrops great for video editing, they come with a suite of high-quality actresses and actors that you can use along with them.

The versatility of these visuals makes them great for creating unique scenes. They can also be used with various backgrounds and can be mixed and matched seamlessly.

Imagine being able to use these visuals to create an amazing office scene by dropping a female entrepreneur onto a backdrop.

This scenario is exactly what the Super Backdrop library has to offer. With a few clicks, you can create a brand new office scene using these versatile visuals.

Super Backdrop is an excellent tool for creating unlimited scenarios. You can also add various visuals to the backdrop and create a unique shopping scene. Just select a man and add some visuals to the backdrop.

Funnel Detail

OTO#1: Supercharge Upgrade: Selling for $47

With full commercial rights included, the supercharged upgrades gives you twice more unique backdrops.

Features List:

  • Another 25,000+ unique static and video backdrops are also included.
  • With over 5,000 unique variants, these are sure to make any shoot memorable.
  • Each comes with 4 unique variants and 2 variants.
  • Plus, another 10,000+ pixel perfect visuals!

OTO#2: Studio Ninja Combo: Selling for $67 One Time

Studio Ninja combo is a powerful video studio that will allow you to transform ordinary videos into stunning TV-like output. Aside from the main library, this also includes an upgrade that features twice as many assets!

Features List:

The cloud-based library includes everything you need to start creating and sharing virtual worlds. It gives you 24/7 access and includes an upgrade library that features twice as many assets.

OTO#3: Flexible Images Club Combo: Selling for $67

The flexible images featured in the Flexible Images Club are professionally cut and ready to use for almost any project. They can be used in almost any project without any special skills or limitations.

This deal also includes the flexible images club and the OTO library. It lets them get both the library and the club together for a great combo deal.

Features List:

  • Thousands of flexible images in a searchable cloud based library.
  • These images are professionally cut and ready to blend in with any project.
  • Access to the full OTO library library and the flexible images club.

OTO#4: SuperPowerPPT Club – Selling for $17 Monthly recurring or $197 one time payment.

This library features thousands of predefined animation slides and templates for various types of presentation. You can also create video clips and slides for various purposes.

Aside from video clips, this library also includes predefined slides and templates for various other purposes. You can create various types of presentations and promotional materials using PowerPoint.

Features List:

  • Ever growing with new assets being added daily, this library is a must-have for anyone wanting to create video clips.
  • There are thousands of template options for creating video clips, presentations, slides, and more. This library is fully loaded with over 10,000 unique animations and templates.
  • Multipurpose: You can create videos for various purposes, such as sales pitch, political campaign, promotional materials, and more.

OTO#5: PowerSlide Combo – Selling for $97 one time payment

With thousands of animated slides, Power Slide is a great tool for anyone who wants to create stunning videos and presentations. With the Power Slide combo deal, you will get access to both the Power Slide library and the Power Slide Platinum.

Features List:

The Powerslide library is a massive cloud-based library that features thousands of animated slides. With this tool, you can easily create video clips, presentations, and slideshows.

Why should you buy it? – Super Backdrop Review

These are the thousands of ready-made green screen backdrops that are in their library. They're great for creating video scenes, graphic work, and presentations.

Super Backdrop is a massive library of ready-made green screen backdrops. These are great for creating video scenes, graphic work, and presentations.

Each of the backdrops comes with a unique and original version, which makes them the best choice for creating video scenes and memorable presentations.

Not only do they come with a variety of visuals, they also include high-quality actresses and actors that you can use along with the backdrops.

Super Backdrop's versatile visuals can be used without backgrounds, letting filmmakers easily key in their actors' background and create unlimited creative scenes.

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