Split Test Monkey v3 Review – How to Increase Conversions 2022

Split Test Monkey v3 Review

Quick Way To Get More Sales

Split testing has been boosted! Split Test Monkey's third version (V3) automates your A/B testing so you can increase conversions while setting it and forgetting it.

The closest thing to free money in marketing is split testing; boost conversions to generate more revenue from the same visitors, then repeat.

Start testing today and stop wasting traffic, losing subscribers, and losing sales.

Yes, Split Test Monkey v3 is now part of the WP Toolkit Suite of products and they will be turning it in to a monthly recurring membership after this launch.

This is the final opportunity for new members to secure a one-time Split Test Monkey license.

Every internet marketer, writer, list builder, and seller of digital products should regularly conduct split tests.

However, few few actually do because, you know, it's too complex.

Now you can split test just about any online asset or page you have, from optin forms and landing sites to sales pages and order forms. Split Test Monkey v3 makes it simple to do this.

And everything is managed through a single, easy-to-use dashboard!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Split Test Monkey v3 Review for more details.

Split Test Monkey v3 Review


Overview – Split Test Monkey v3 Review

  • Product: Split Test Monkey v3
  • Vendor: IM Wealth Builders
  • Launch Date: 2022-Jul-05
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Split Test Monkey v3?

Split Test Monkey v3 is a straightforward web application that makes it simple for you to set up split tests with only a few mouse clicks.

It even interacts with solutions for delivering bonuses, such as Commission Gorilla, so you can determine right away whether your bonuses are increasing sales.

You must start acting in the same manner as the top super affiliates on the internet if you want to join their ranks. Therefore, you must also begin using Split Test Monkey.

Your list will expand more quickly than ever, even if your traffic numbers remain the same. You might be able to double the number of people who subscribe to your list each week. Your conversion rates could increase by a factor of three or four. Perhaps you can increase your conversion rates by five, six, or even seven times!

It is entirely feasible. A lead page with a 3 percent conversion rate that performs poorly can quickly increase to 20 percent. Your list size and income will increase as well when YOUR numbers increase.

Testing may be something you've heard of but haven't actually done since it seems difficult. Or perhaps you gave up after giving it a shot. excessively nerdy number crunching You might not have even known how to analyze the findings.

Read more in my Split Test Monkey v3 Reviews.

What are the great features of Split Test Monkey v3?

Numerous split tests:

There is no restriction on how many tests you can write or how many domains you can use to run them on.

Numerous Visitors:

There is no cap on the quantity of visitors or clicks you receive, in contrast to other businesses that aim to “nickel and dime” you.

Testing using Set & Forget:

This feature, which lets you run tests entirely automatically and have the program choose the winner, is my favorite (hassle free optimizations).

Integrated Reporting

Utilize the built-in reporting to quickly make better decisions, understand your clients, and increase your bottom line profitability.

No Installation Needed:

Split Test Monkey requires no installation or complicated configuration; simply log in and begin testing right away.

No Monthly Charges:

With the exclusive Early Adopter access, you won't ever have to pay a monthly fee, and the program comes with free updates for life. This is huge right now.

But the quality of this is really just getting started.

Split url testing and dynamic snippet testing are the two sorts of tests you may run, making it incredibly adaptable for whatever you want to test.

Demo Video

What you will get?

Ever notice how certain affiliates outsell everyone else in their niche by a factor of 10 or 20?

Every affiliate contest is won by them. They generate more money from one email blast than some folks do in a whole month. All throughout the world, vendors are pleading with these affiliates to advertise their goods.

So what sets these top affiliates apart from the competition?

Consider these three elements (the last one may surprise you).

#1: Super Affiliates Build Relationships

Super affiliates don't just create massive social media networks, well-read blogs, and large email lists. Additionally, they strive daily to develop connections with these people.

Their audience is involved. They pose inquiries. They also exchange knowledge in order to position themselves as experts in the field.

#2: Super Affiliates Add Value

To put it another way, super affiliates entice customers to make purchases through their affiliate connections. These could include extra reports, software, movies, membership site access, and more.

In most cases, affiliates bring no value. The ones that do frequently sell whatever they are offering with the same stale bonus. Top affiliates ALWAYS provide value. Additionally, they frequently generate new perks after each significant promotion.

final outcome They're increasing conversions and dominating affiliate competitions!

#3: Super Affiliates Don't Guess About What Works

Have you ever noticed how the super affiliates appear to have a really successful system? Every component of their sales apparatus appears to be refined and optimized.

What's this? It IS. It has been refined and improved.

Even the statistical calculations and data crunching are handled by Split Test Monkey v3 so you don't have to. The program will proclaim your winner depending on the criteria you set up, so you don't even need to analyze the results.

So quit speculating on how to outperform the opposition. Instead, ascertain what is SURE to work. Find out what helps you to earn more money. Learn what makes your prospects add items to their carts.

Who is Split Test Monkey v3 for?

Agency Owners:

Run and manage numerous testing campaigns to help your clients earn free money by increasing conversions and sales with the existing traffic they already have.

Builders of email lists:

By testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons, you can increase your subscriber rates and expand your list more quickly.

Product Suppliers:

Increase sales conversions and profit margins all hands free by evaluating pricing, calls to action, headlines, upsell and sales pages, and bullet points.

Partners in marketing

Increase the number of clicks and size of commission checks on items you advertise. Test your bonus, review, and affiliate promotion pages, among other pages.

Marketers on social media:

By testing calls to action, share button placement/styles, and more, you can easily increase your following and traffic.

Advertisers & Media Buyers:

By testing your ad wording and creatives, landing pages, tripwires, and other elements, you can quickly lower your advertising expenditures and boost your ROI.

Store/Ecommerce Owners:

By experimenting with price points, shipping costs, product images, and even checkout page styles/templates, you may grow your brand and dramatically increase your bottom line revenues.


By experimenting with post and page layouts, font sizes, styles, post photos, banner advertisements, opt-in forms, and much more, you can increase the stickiness of your website and audience engagement.

Publishers and authors:

Increase sales by split-testing media and advertising campaigns, book titles, chapter and blurb material, pricing, and even reader-accessible formats.

Why should you buy it? – Split Test Monkey v3 Review

Are you sick of unsuccessful conversions?

Do you ever wish you could build your list more quickly, increase your sales easily, and increase your earnings all without having to worry about paying for or finding additional free or paid traffic?

Good news: you will soon have your chance.

To devote more time and money into the activities that are putting the most money in your pocket, you must ascertain what is working. In order to change or discard the items that aren't working, you must first identify what isn't.

You'll have affiliates who go crazy marketing anything you offer if you're a product vendor with a high-converting sales letter. This is a terrific strategy to quickly grow your business!

The most enjoyable way to increase your income is guaranteed to be with Split Test Monkey v3!

Split Test Monkey v3 makes it simpler than ever for you to split test your sales letters in order to improve conversions, increase sales, motivate affiliates to promote, and increase your financial gain.

The best part is that Split Test Monkey makes obtaining these advantages simpler than ever. And to get started, you don't need a PhD in statistics!

This is because Split Test Monkey handles all the data analysis, tracking, and labor-intensive work for you. As you can see, many split testing programs require you to pull out a calculator before you can begin.

Before you can conduct even a single test, you must enter a number of formulas and perform calculations!

Disregard Split Test Monkey.

Split Test Monkey will perform all the work while you reap the rewards if you simply configure the program to auto-optimize.

Simply simply, there has never been a simpler or quicker way to begin increasing your income. Nothing needs to be downloaded. Nothing needs to be installed. You don't have to do any number crunching.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Split Test Monkey v3 Review! See you later.