Speaq Review – Automated Video Creation, Delivery & Payments

Speaq Review

The World’s First AI Video Creation Platform!

If it takes you more than a few minutes to make a marketing video. And really think about how long it took you to make your last video…

You’re losing all sorts of traffic and sales.

Every video you put out, lives on the web forever and converts people into customers (like in the 3 steps above).

So doesn’t it make sense that if you could put our MORE videos FASTER than ever, you’d have more of these ‘video assets’ working FOR YOU?

Imagine a library of hundreds of videos working for you every day.

Now most marketers are simply LIMITED by how much time it takes to create a video, so the above scenario has never been possible.

Until today.

What if you could:

  • Create dynamic, proven-to-convert videos in MINUTES for ANY project?
  • Drive more traffic & conversions from video WITHOUT any technical skills?
  • AVOID the hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars it costs to hire video creators?
  • AND easily earn recurring profits from clients WITHOUT doing any work yourself?

Meet Speaq.

Speaq combines cutting-edge A.I. and animated video creation tech in one cloud-based solution.

Simply log in to let Speaq create your videos for you.

  • Make FULLY-CUSTOM videos by answering a few short questions
  • Choose automated options to have the software create your video FOR you with ZERO customization needed on your end
  • OR just enter ANY web link – from a blog post, article, eCom listing or ANY online link… and let Speaq instantly create a video based on that content

Speaq takes video creation to new speeds by removing:

  • Buying multiple video tools (often with monthly fees)
  • Spending HOURS learning how to use each one.
  • Tediously filling in multiple text fields
  • Uploading images and background music
  • Double checking that your content fits and doesn’t overlap anywhere.
  • Spending MORE time on painful edits and revisions

…by simply having a guided Conversation!

Answer Speaq’s simple questions, and have a fully DFY custom marketing video by the end of the chat!

What are you waiting for?

If Elon Musk was to create video platform… Speaq would be it.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Speaq Review for more details.

Speaq Review


Overview – Speaq Review

  • Product: Speaq
  • Vendor: Brad Stephens
  • Launch Date: 2019-Oct-28
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Speaq?

Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively creating amazing marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats.

  • Effortlessly drive more traffic, leads & sales with stunning marketing videos DFY in minutes WITHOUT templates.
  • Speaq Commercial is the world's first self-service model for clients & video marketing… where YOU get paid as they make their own videos! Just hand them your link! Even works on ALL mobile devices.
  • Turn ANY website link into a video in seconds – convert ANY web link into a top-converting video just by pasting the URL into the software
  • Have custom marketing videos created FOR you simply by chatting with the built-in A.I. bot… ZERO tech skills or experience needed!
  • Use included FULL agency rights to hand your special Speaq link to ANYONE! Speaq will handle the rest. Automated video creation, delivery, and even receive payments… Everything.
  • FINALLY, you don’t need videos or traffic to get paid! SIMPLY Share ONE link to start creating and selling videos with Speaq.

Read more in my Speaq Review.

What are the great features of Speaq? – Speaq Review

Sell Videos on Autopilot

Let your AI Speaq bot do the hard work for you by chatting with you, designing and producing your videos AND closing the sale. Hands-free!

Always Available On Mobile

A more convenient way to get videos done on the move for you and your clients! Speaq is always online.

Increases ROI Immediately

No more designer fees, outsourcing fees, animation fees, software monthly fees, revisions, waiting times and more.

Save on ALL fronts with this brand new CHEAPER way of creating videos.

You Don’t Need Any Videos to Get Paid!

You don’t need any video marketing experience to get paid! And You simply share the Speaq link with your clients, and Speaq will handle payments AND fulfillment for you!

Save Time & Money

Cancel your monthly subscriptions to outdated and expensive video platforms that require painful editing steps!

No Technical Skills Needed

Speaq guides you and client to a video that’s PERFECT and personalized for your business, no technical skills, editing or coding required.

100% Cloud Based

No bulky downloads and updates required!

Funnel Detail Speaq?

Front End

The front end will be offering both personal and commercial licenses (the commercial being the no-brainer). It gives you the opportunity to create videos for yourself AND for clients.

  • Improved Video Creation

Speaq guides you to create your own videos from an automated conversation! Based on your answers, he’ll deliver a custom marketing video by the end of the short chat! Not only does it create AMAZING videos, it’s a completely guided experience with no technical skills or training videos needed!

The Speaq bot also has a feature where during the conversation, it can ask for you (or your client) to paste in ANY link (such as an eCom product page, Facebook page etc) and it’ll create a video as simply as that.

  • The HUGE Opportunity

Speaq doesn't just create videos from conversations, he automates video marketing as a whole system.

You gets your own unique link. You can share this link anywhere and anyone who clicks it will be able to have your own conversation with Speaq to create your own video based on your answers.

Speaq will then create your unique video, deliver it to them AND collect payments on you's behalf.

That's why they're offering full commercial rights on the FE.

Automated video creation, delivery and payments –> by sharing one link with a client!

Open Link → Conversation with Speaq → Collect Payment → File is Delivered.

Full automation on the front end!


The first upgrade is the pro license. You can upgrade to unlimited videos, hosting, renders, agency rights and more. And you also are able to upgrade to be able to share your bot link an unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB pages, Groups, YouTube etc).

You also get your own client management dashboard, front-of-the-queue rendering (VIP faster rendering) as well as training and templates for finding, pitching and closing clients!


The second upgrade is an expansion package. This upgrade will give you extra video designs, longer video designs (if You want to create videos up to 1 minute instead of shorter videos), extra video formats (such as FB cover video designs) and anytime new video designs are released, you will have them automatically added to your accounts.


The third upgrade is a resellers package. You will not only be able to create Speaq videos for yourself and sell videos directly to clients – with this upgrade you’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

They’re including a customer management dashboard for managing your users, they’re including the full sales page HTML as well as you ability for them to integrate your own payment processor so you have control over your sales.

OTO4 – 3 Extra Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now they’re opening them up to you to sell under your own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so they’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. And this will make it easier for you to begin selling the next day if you wanted to.

Demo Video Speaq

Demo Video


Why should you buy Speaq?

Speaq is the latest advancement of AI technology FINALLY being merged with video or MARKETERS.

Speaq creates marketing videos from simple conversations.

Pump out videos FASTER & EASIER than before, allowing you to build an army of traffic-sucking videos to live on the web forever!

Not just that, share your ‘ONE link’ anywhere! Anyone who clicks that link will be able to have THEIR OWN conversation with Speaq.

He’ll guide them to their very own unique marketing video, deliver it to them AND get you paid inside the very same conversation.

…without you being involved at all!

Now you have a way to not only build an army of personal videos to pull in customers 24/7, you ALSO have a way to set up an AUTOMATED video agency by sharing one link!

If you’re someone who’s tired of getting low traffic and video views, this is PERFECT.

Speaq’s AI guidance takes it all off your hands.


To be honest, thank you for reading my Speaq Review! See you later.