SociTransformers Review – 3 Steps From Newbie To ‘Digital Agency Guru’

SociTransformers Review

Corona-Proof Your Agency Business

THIS is how to replace any lost digital agency clients who paused or canceled their monthly retainers because of coronavirus.

And, if you’re a complete newbie with ZERO track record, this is how to start your digital agency dreams with a bang…yes, right in the middle of the crisis!

My friend, Ivana, has spent the last 12 years of her life within online marketing, and the last 2 years helping digital agency owners build successful agencies.

She’s had many business owners seek her help when times have been tough.

But she’s NEVER seen things as tough as they are right now because of COVID-19.

It's now certain that we're heading into a devastating economic recession.

Her inbox is getting clogged up with emails from panicked digital consultants.

Because many of their clients have canceled or paused their monthly retainers.

Yet, she found out by accident that a few clever digital consultants have quietly been making HIGHER profits than before the pandemic…

Because they had discovered this one underground niche that is booming BECAUSE of the crisis.

And that’s Life Insurance Agencies.

Because COVID-19 has really opened many peoples’ eyes and forced them to realize how truly vulnerable they and their family are to unseen health attacks….

Which is why people are buying life insurance policies in their droves.

Not only that, even digital marketing newbies were securing high paying clients after discovering this underground niche.

So, Ivana and the other SociTransformers girls put their heads together to create…

SociTransformers – Life Insurance Edition – a collection of ready-to-sell social media graphics that are perfect for any Social Media platform, that generate monthly recurring payments from life insurance agents for handling and automating their social media management.

This is exactly what you need to turnaround your digital agency.

Or kickstart your digital agency dreams, if you’ve lost your job or suffering financially because of the crisis.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my SociTransformers Review for more details.

SociTransformers Review


Overview – SociTransformers Review

  • Product: SociTransformers
  • Vendor: Ivana Bosnjak
  • Launch Date: 2020-Sep-22
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is SociTransformers?

SociTransformers is a collection of ready-to-sell social media graphics that are perfect for any Social Media platform, and generate monthly recurring payments from local insurance agents for handling and automating their social media management.

It's the solution to corona-proofing your agency business – you could come out of this crisis better off than before it started.

All you have to do is download the new “SociTransformers – Life Insurance Edition” pack.

Then, contact life insurance agents who are frantically trying to capitalize on the current boom for life insurance policies, but unable to because they're too busy and don’t know how to create engaging social media graphics…

Now, simply upload all the done-for-you, professional social media graphical posts to your new client’s FB page (and/or other social media profiles, websites etc).

No need to test, not need to design – it’s all done for you.

Read more in my SociTransformers Reviews.

What are the great features of SociTransformers?

Inside SociTransformers, you’ll see how you can easily service Life Insurance Agents, by getting them the exposure they need right now on social media as people panic buy life insurance policies…

Allowing you to help life insurance agents capitalize on the boom (they need your help more than ever).

And there are just 3 steps from newbie to ‘digital agency guru’:

  • Step#1: Access SociTransformers – Life Insurance Edition (add affiliate link) pack to INSTANTLY service life insurance agencies.
  • Step#2: Start approaching life insurance agents with authority and confidence, with the bonus agency graphics and content curated articles that present you as an expert, WITHOUT doing tedious work yourself.
  • Step#3: Post high-quality graphics to your new client’s Facebook Business Page (and other web profiles if they have them). Forget spending countless amounts of dollars and hours trying to figure out how to create professional, proven graphics. It's all done for you here.

This Is The FASTEST Way To Land Local Clients As A Newbie During The Pandemic.

Just give life insurance agents what they crave – social media leads!

Demo Video

Funnel Detail

SociTransformers Life Insurance Agents Edition

This is a collection of ready-to-sell social media graphics that anyone can use to immediately land high ticket insurance agent clients by helping them capitalize on the current COVID-19 Life Insurance boom.

45 DFY life insurance agents social media marketing graphics

Text descriptions to use for each image when posting

Video training on how to set it all up

Bonus#1 – 20 DFY Marketing Graphics for FB Agency Page

Bonus#2 – 20 Content Curated articles

Bonus#3 – Private Mastermind Group

Upgrade#1: SociTransformers Club – $37/month or $77/quarter

  • 30 DFY Monthly Graphics for Life Insurance Agents (ongoing)
  • 30 DFY Monthly Agency Graphics (ongoing)

Bonus – Text descriptions to use for each image when posting

Downsell offer – $7 for 7 Day Trial and then $37/month

Upgrade#2: Prospecting Package – $37

  • 2 FB Videos
  • And 2 Prospecting Videos
  • 2 DFY Prospecting Email/FB Messages
  • ​4 follow up sequence emails

Bonus – Training on how to automate the prospecting process

Downsell offer – Without Bonus

Upgrade#3: DFY Prospecting List – $197 / $97

Instant Access to the emails of 500 insurance agency owners and decision-makers

Bypass the usual irritating gatekeepers, such as receptionists, PA's etc.

Land 75% More Clients

$197 for 500 leads

Downsell offer – $97 for 200 leads

Why should you buy it? – SociTransformers Review

This is brilliant – AND IT WORKS.

Because even though other local businesses are really suffering, there is one underground niche that is experiencing a boom as a DIRECT result of the pandemic.

In fact, there's not enough digital consultants around to help everyone in this niche. Which means an unprecedented opportunity for digital marketing newbies to seize the day, and effortlessly build 6 figure agencies from home, helping this niche survive.

This niche is…Life Insurance Agents.

But, the main problem is… How can newbies, or experienced digital agents who have never serviced life insurance agents, get in on the action?

Because, yes insurance agents know that Social Media platforms are where their prospects are hanging out.

And yes they’re far too busy running their agency and would love someone to help them generate life insurance leads for them.

But if you don’t have any experience in this niche, or no graphic skills, how can you benefit?

Now you can, with SociTransformers – Life Insurance Edition.

  • 100% designed for newbie and experienced digital marketers
  • Perfect for anyone with zero track record
  • Ideal for those with zero experience
  • No need for hard sell

To be honest, thank you for reading my SociTransformers Review! See you later.