SociHub Review – The Most Powerful Social Media Accounts

SociHub Review

If you are tired of spending too much time to manage many social media accounts at the same time, please read this SociHub review because I will give you the best solution in your business on social media.

That is a software which can help you upload your content, image or even video on 6 leading social networks instantly with just one click. So what is its name?

Yes. It is Soci Hub.

Let’s learn everything about this product right now!


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I. SociHub Review – Product Summary

  • Vendor: Chris Jenkins et al
  • Product Name: SociHub
  • Launch Date: January 20th, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Niche: Software


II. What is SociHub?

It is a brand new web-based Social Media SaaS platform that allows you to take control of 6 top Social Media platforms all in one place including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube all in one easy to use dashboard.

III. What are The Key Features of SociHub?

You can manage all the posts and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube easily and automatically upload the new posts, images and videos by using the scheduler feature which is integrated with API. Especially, you can choose the posting time with SociHub schedule poster, meaning it can be one hour, one day, one week, one month or even one year for each post.

Furthermore, you can use many accounts for each network with SociHub. This will help you a lot in managing your pages and groups.

Next, you can post an article or image on 6 social platforms at the same time within one simple click. It helps you save much time and effort; when you manage many pages or group on all the top social media platforms, posting the status become quite hard because you will have to access to each by each network and creating the content on there. Oh! It is very terrible.

Besides, you can track the conversion of each post, meaning that you can see the numbers of likes, comments in your posts. This will help you know which post is engaging to your fans/followers.

Not only for you, you can manage all your customers’ social media accounts inside SociHub and from then, you can set up as well as build their social media campaigns for them. This is ideal for those who are running the internet marketing services like video marketing and social marketing.

Finally, SociHub also comes with the content curation engine, which lets you pull in the current posts that are both relevant and popular.

IV. SociHub Review – How Does It Work?

Step 1: Login your SociHub account

Step 2: Select post type and social media which you want your post to be uploaded on there.

Step 3: Write your content and then click on the button “SUBMIT”

It is simple, right?

And if you want to schedule each your post, please follow the steps below:

  • Write the message with text, insert the URL link or image URL and video URL with the title and description.
  • Choose the posting time
  • Choose the accounts which you want to post on there.

If reading makes you difficult to understand the steps done with SociHub, please walk through the demo video below!


V. Which Plans Does SociHub Have?

SociHub First Upsell – $47 Value: You will get SociHub content engine which allows you to use the built in content curation software.

SociHub Second Upsell – $97 Value: You will get for lifetime access to Pixal Graphics Software bundle including: Pixal SaaS Platform, Pixal Pro Version, Pixal Template Club and Pixal Resellers Package and License.

VI. SociHub Review – My Advice

Honestly, I have lots of the accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. I had to hire some people to help me manage my 4 fan pages on Facebook and one group on Twitter because the number of my fans and followers on 2 these social networks is very big.

But because I was too busy so I could not update the content for them regularly and I hated to do the things over and over again. So you do, right?

Fortunately, I knew SociHub through a banner displayed in my news feed one month ago. I clicked on that banner and went to the official page. On there, I read all the features which this software could do for my business and WOW, this was the only thing which I needed at that time.

I just got access my SociHub account and then connect my social media accounts to SociHub. As a result, all my pages and groups were updated the content immediately with one click.

I remembered I bought this software with $37 because it was in the special discount and it was one-time payment. I said GOOGBYE to the workers whom I hired to manage my pages and groups so I saved a big sum of money.

I love SociHub so much and make sure that you will love it because of these great features. Try it today to reduce your business burden.

Click on the button below to make a payment right now!

Finally, I want to send my thanks to you because you take your golden time to read my foolish SociHub review but totally honest and if any question asked, please leave me in the comment below or contact me through this page. See you later!