Social Page Analyzer Review – Need Better Converting Facebook Ads?

Social Page Analyzer Review


Need an easy way to get new product ideas or product variations for your online business?

Here’s a VERY powerful method ..

Also, this idea is not limited to just digital products, but can be applied to anything including physical products or print-on-demand products for your eCommerce stores.

First, find a post on facebook related to your niche that has a lot of user comments.

This can be one of your facebook ads, a competitors ad, or any other type of facebook post with a lot of comments.

Next, read through the comments looking for information that could spark a new product idea.

For example, if you’re selling a print-on-demand t-shirt with a text slogan on it, try looking at user comments that are suggesting other possible shirt slogans for new designs.

The only problem with this research method is it can take a long time to read through thousands of comments.

Fortunately, You can do it a lot faster using a software called, “Social Page Analyzer”.

In that software, there is a “Word Analyzer Tool” that displays the most common word combinations in thousands of comments in just seconds..

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Social Page Analyzer Review for more details.


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I. Social Page Analyzer Review  – Overview

  • Product: Social Page Analyzer
  • Vendor: Dave Guindon
  • Launch Date: 2018-Jan-29
  • Launch Time:  12:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Social Page Analyzer?

Social Page Analyzer is a new powerful tool for analyzing Facebook fanpages, fanpage posts and post comments with 5 built-in tools for uncovering the secrets behind any successful fanpage in just seconds!

Read more in my Social Page Analyzer Review.

III. What are the great features of Social Page Analyzer?

  • Check fanpage names for Facebook ad interest keywords for your ad campaigns
  • Search thousands of fanpages by keyword or paste in as many facebook page you links want to analyze
  • Get 27 different data metrics for every fanpage
  • Generate VERY detailed page score reports for optimizing your fanpages for high natural organic traffic!
  • Works on both Mac and PC computers
  • Extract emails & websites for fanpages! Contact page owners to build valuable marketing relationships.
  • Generate sophisticated page scores for all pages to get the “REAL” sense of the true page value!
  • Get 1000's of fanpages using sophisticated search features that no other software has!
  • Preview the top posts in a beautiful post layout preview window!
  • Extract 1000's of posts from ANY fanpage in just seconds! Sort by shares, comments, likes, or any other data metric to uncover the content with the best engagement!
  • Reveal powerful information using the cutting-edge “Word Analyzer” tool to instantly uncover all the most common word-combinations across thousands of user comments or page posts!
  • Extract thousands of comments from ANY fanpage post in just seconds!
  • Use built-in blazing fast filters and custom filters to get the data you really need!
  • Uncover product ideas that are hiding inside your competitors user comments!
IV. How does it work?

Imagine knowing the best top converting fanpage posts in just minutes for any given fanpage?

Then, you can model your own marketing based on what is already working!

Not only that, you can even extract thousands of post comments to see exactly what people are saying, and more importantly, how they are interacting with the content!

Plus, with the “Word Analyzer” tool, you can see all the top repeating word combinations across thousands of comment messages or post messages to help identify VERY useful information!

For example, you can instantly see what people “love” or “hate” about a given product, or service. Then you can improve your own products, or find related products that fix those issues people are talking about!

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V. Why should you buy it?

The software was developed by Dave Guindon of Appbreed, known for producing top quality software for years, so we highly recommend grabbing this software. The software has 5 built-in tools to help analyze any fanpage and its contents in GREAT detail! With the new “Social Page Analyzer” software, you can instantly get 27 different data points for thousands of fanpages directly from facebook’s internal database .. in just seconds!

You can not only get thousands of fanpages for any given niche, but you can extract thousands of posts from the extracted fanpages to reveal all the TOP engaging content!

Stop wasting 100’s of hours reading through 10,000 comments and let the Word Analyzer instantly reveal exactly what people are talking about the most!

The software also come with a built-in “Page Score Report” tool that provides an in-depth fanpage report.

This report gives you 5 separate analysis sections along with powerful suggestions to optimize the fanpage for the best user engagement.

Use that tool to optimize your own fanpages to crush the competition and boost your online business engagement in no time flat!

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Social Page Analyzer Review! See you later.