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Smartscene Review

Create Dribbble-Style Illustration Scenes, Slick Sketch Scenes & Spiced Photo Scenes

The new SCENE DESIGN revolution: the problem.

Illustrator Scene designs including Isometrics, flat illustrations and other hand-drawn scenes are in vogue right now… they are the next best thing everyone want on their websites, sales pages, videos, etc

And when you look at the stunning look of these designs, it is rather obvious the huge positive impact they have on engagement and click-through rates wherever used.

The problem is, you need to find expert designers who know their way around illustrations to create these sort of designs. And they don’t come cheap. A designer we found on Dribble quoted $5,000 minimum budget before we can get any audience. And another designer said we had to wait for 2 months before they’d be free to take on our project.

So if you are not a designer that works with Graphics Drawing Tablet or you are not a master of Adobe Illustrator, then the only shot you have at using such slick illustrations is to always create a fat budget and hire people who do. This will definitely dig a deep hole in anyone’s pocket over time.

And lets not forget those time-sensitive moments when you are writing an email or a blog post and just needed a quick slick flat design for the header image, or you are working on a bonus page and you need to throw in some slick explanatory flat design alongside your bonus descriptions, features descriptions, etc.

You obviously don’t have hours to contact or wait for designers, and you don’t want to be paying $1,000’s for such either.

So when you want some high quality slick illustrations, flat designs, hand-drawn scene designs and sketch scenes, and you want them now, the solution is next to none in our industry – until Smartscene!

Smartscene is The Most Advanced Scene Illustrator Software to Date!

A 3 in 1 app suite for creating really stunning scene designs. That's 3 different type scene designs: Illustrator, Photo, and Sketch that can be created from ONE dashboard.

Scenes created with these apps can be used on websites, explainer videos, social media, graphics ads, video ads, product covers, doodle videos, in digital products, cloud and desktop apps, Kindle covers, T-shirts, for distinctive branding purposes, etc.

Everything you need – Easy to edit – Create Stunning Scenes – One Low Price.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Smartscene Review for more details.

Smartscene Review



  • Product: Smartscene
  • Vendor: Todd Gross
  • Launch Date: 2020-Aug-26
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Smartscene? – Smartscene Review

Smartscene is a 3 in 1 apps suite for creating really stunning scene designs. You can access 3 different Smartscene apps from a single dashboard that create 3 kinds of scenes.

Smartscene offers everything a graphics designer could want under one roof – and make it super simple to manipulate, edit, and create stunning scenes to be used in virtually every design project imaginable.

Scenes created with these apps can be used on websites, explainer videos, social media, graphics ads, video ads, product covers, doodle videos, in digital products, cloud and desktop apps, Kindle covers, T-shirts, for distinctive branding purposes, etc

Each of the 3 Smartscene apps contains 100’s of templates that you can already choose from and customize to create a unique scene design that perfectly matches their projects.

In total, there are currently over 1,200 ready-made Smartscene templates available at the FE level. That is a whopping pool of stunning scene template choices for a ridiculously cheap discounted one-time payment.

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What are the great features of Smartscene? – Smartscene Review

Until now, scene creation has been a huge hassle, with clunky moving parts and formatting headaches at every turn. The Smartscene Team wanted to make sure you’d NEVER struggle like that again.

The variety on this app is off the charts… it’s basically three apps in one!

With Smartscene you’ll receive:

  • ILLUSTRATOR, SKETCH, and PHOTO design apps!
  • Hundreds of thousands of pre-loaded content such as images and DFY templates!
  • UNLIMITED cloud storage!
  • Top quality customer support

And perhaps the most important: COMMERCIAL RIGHTS included (So you can sell your creations to your clients!)

Yes! With all the features, integrations & assets you can charge top dollar for services that take you just minutes to deliver.

This lucrative market has massive demand and the demand curve is only going to go up…

Smartscene helps you become a great designer right out of the gate without any prior design skills… so now all this is possible.

Is Smartscene really the game-changer?

Smartscene provides 3 different scene design apps in one dashboard that anyone can use to create unique high quality slick flat illustration scene designs, sketch scene designs and then the normal realistic photo scene designs.

With over 1,200 different scene templates you can fire up Smartscene, go to the Smartscene app for the kind of scene you want to create, browse through the templates to choose one that matches your use, customize it, adjust colors and download.

You can pretty much do these in less than 60 seconds.

So when it comes to a fast reliable high quality solution to creating stunning flat scene designs, sketch scene designs and even spiced photo scene designs, Smartscene is a game-changer.

Funnel Detail – Smartscene Review

Fe: Smartscene Commercial

  • Create flat illustration scene designs
  • 3 scene design apps in one dashboard
  • Create photo scene designs
  • Create sketch scene designs
  • 1000+ done-for-you easy-to-customize scene design templates
  • Download designs in png, svg, jpeg, and gif file formats
  • Over 8 million free HD photos via integrations
  • 12,000+ built-in custom customizable sketch and illustration graphics elements and shapes
  • 100’s of emoji graphics and social characters
  • Over 2 million curated icons via integrations
  • Retrieve Youzign and DesignoPro2 designs inside Smartscene and use them in your scenes
  • Youzign and DesignoPro2 integration
  • Upload own images and use in scene designs
  • Upload own svg files and further customize them in the app
  • Smart Resize feature automatically applies preset canvas sizes for over 40 platforms and design purposes
  • Import images from the web by just entering the image url
  • Stay organized and arrange your designs in folders, create, edit, delete, and manage unlimited folders
  • Including all the popular social media platforms, designs for videos, popular banner sizes, coupon, blog headers, email headers, Kindle cover, infographics, T-shirts, and more
  • Save time choosing a matching template
  • Instant dashboard design preview
  • No need to load up your work before re-downloading
  • Instant download from dashboard
  • Easily find designs and templates with choice words in them; smooth, fast, drag and drop user-friendly interface
  • Fast alphabet-based design and template search
  • Cloud platform, nothing to install
  • No prior design experience or technical skill needed
  • Designs are safely stored in the cloud
  • Use on any device from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited access to templates
  • Download anytime or continue editing later
  • Unlimited design storage
  • Create unlimited designs
  • Full step-by-step video training
  • Save as many designs as you can create in our cloud servers
  • Create and sell scene designs for profit
  • Commercial license included


One-time payment of $67

Smartscene Club + Smartscene Premium Assets + Smartscene DFY Tribe

Club: 200 Smartscene templates and assets created and delivered every month

DFY Tribe: Done-for-you scene designs – take a screenshot of any scene and send it to us and we will custom create all assets, design the scene and load into your Smartscene account as part of your monthly Club templates.

Premium Assets: Extra 1,000 premium Smartscene assets, including backgrounds, shapes, elements and more, delivered immediately after signup.

One-time payment of $47

Downsell – Smartscene Club + DFY Tribe

Everything Above MINUS 1,000 Smartscene Premium Assets.


One-time payment of $67 – Smartscene Toolkit

  • Smartscene agency website template
  • Full training video on how to customize and use the website template
  • Full training video on how to create your unique scene design portfolio
  • Fiverr business kit
  • Full branding kit
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Multipurpose scene design sales video
  • Professionally designed lead magnet
  • Business card
  • Ads kit
  • Social media campaign kit
  • Promotional email series
  • Step-by-step client outreach strategy
  • Pricing strategy and guide

Downsell – Smartscene Toolkit – One-time payment of $47

Everything above MINUS Professionally Designed Lead Magnet & Email Series.

OTO#3 – Smartscene Agency License (sub/team accounts)

5 agency licenses

One-time payment of $67

10 agency licenses

One-time payment of $97

20 agency licenses

One-time payment of $167

Why should you buy it? – Smartscene Review

Photoshop… The awesome software that has made many of people want to throw their computers through the window.

Not to mention a few ‘choice words’ that moms would be ashamed to hear.

Photoshop (and Illustrator) are some amazing apps that can bring graphics to life.

But the learning curve? Sheesh… might as well spend 4 years in college trying to get a graphics degree!

But, there’s an easier way to create outstanding graphics, illustrations, and sketches WITHOUT having any learning curve whatsoever.

With SmartScene, ANYONE and I do mean anyone can create stunning graphics in no time.

Just choose from the 1000+ templates included, make your edits, and you’ve got a graphic that Micheangelo would be proud of.

Not to mention one that you can sell for a nice lump sum too!

Even if you’re a complete beginner, SmartScene can help you pump out amazing designs in an instant.

You only need to:

  • Select the template you want to use
  • Make any changes and edits
  • Download and sell for a profit!

SmartScene is so simple to use that even a 10 year old could create awesome graphics right out the gate.

But the best part is that SmartScene lets anyone start their own graphics design agency without the need to spend months learning to become a bonafide designer.

When you go to the site above, you’ll see the brand new 3 in 1 design app in action known as SmartScene.

SmartScene gives you access to 1000+ templates (and more) so you can create amazing stunning looking designs straight out the gate regardless of your skills.

Beginners and newbies included.

You could literally pop into SmartScene, take a template, craft it so it’s unique, and then upload to sites like Envato, Envato Elements, iPhoto, Shutterstock, and more.

When someone sees one of your creations and downloads it, you get paid!

This my friend is one of the best ways to start earning passive income in 2020 and beyond.

And SmartScene makes it easy to create the graphics you need to do so.

But that’s the only way SmartScene can get you paid like the bank.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Smartscene Review! See you later.