Smart Content Profits Review – WP Hosting With Curation And Syndication

Smart Content Profits Review

Profitable Content Sites As Simple As 1-2-3

You probably feel like you got so many emails about opportunity that you just want to shut them down. Or maybe, after wasting a lot of money, you think that everything is a scam.

My friend Richard is a successful entrepreneur, and despite being successful, he still purchases apps and opportunities. He said that he enjoys doing it, but he also never knows when he will get the chance to make more money.

You were struggling just like Richard was. You finally started seeing some success after building content websites.

This method works great for certain types of websites, but it’s also prone to failure due to scalability. When you hit this plateau, it’s hard to get back up and running again.

You only have so much time to write. If you pay people for articles, it takes a bit of time to pay off.

Richard wanted to do as little as possible, so he built a whole network of content sites that turned his world around.

Richard’s app completely builds his site, and after it gets started, it starts stealing content from other places and posting it in a certain way, which is totally ethical and legal.

Richard wants to help people who are struggling right now. So he’s gonna make his app available for the first time.

Smart Content Profits is an online tool that gives you complete control over your website, letting you create unlimited websites with just 3 key pieces of information. It includes everything you need to build a website, including domain name, site title, keyphrase, and content.

In other words, it’s possible to make money online just like Richard did. He did it by helping people make money through his Smart Content Profits app.

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Smart Content Profits Review



  • Product: Smart Content Profits
  • Vendor: Paul OKeeffe
  • Launch Date: 2021-Oct-11
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Smart Content Profits? – Smart Content Profits Review

Smart Content Profits is an amazing app that lets you create WordPress websites on autopilot. It works by adding a domain name and letting it do the rest. It also includes a lifetime of WordPress hosting.

Not only will the site build itself but it will also add content as well.

Site Builder is a tool that lets you create a website in minutes by searching for the content that you want and then adding or schedule the posts. It does so by taking advantage of their huge database.

  • It has multiple features including:
  • Build your site and populate via a csv file
  • Full content database
  • Add in RSS feeds
  • Lifetime hosting included
  • Manage the site direct from the dashboard

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What are the great features of Smart Content Profits?

Easy to use system that lets you quickly build WordPress websites. It lets you add a domain name and build a website in minutes. It also includes a built-in WordPress blog that is fully hosted.

You have full access to the blog's creation software. It's blog is auto linked to that software so that it will create and populate the blog with its predefined content.

It will syndicate content from various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more. It can also add custom content to its calendar.

You can now monetize all your blog posts and articles. This is great for people who are building blogs about health.

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Funnel Detail

Frontend – Smart Content Profits – $27

This app is a unique app that will allow users to create content sites in minutes. It is a complete app that will allow users to create websites in minutes.

  • Step#1 – Add in your domain. The system creates the account on their super fast server’s. Installs WordPress and everything you need on there.
  • Step#2 – Search for content that is related to your niche. Hit post or schedule and your site is built all done within minutes.
  • Step#3 – Add in RSS feeds for more content and set the auto post going so the system will build your site while you sleep.

This is the easiest system you will ever find for building your sites on auto pilot.

Upgrade#1 – Smart Content Profits Level Up [$67]

With this upgrade, you can create even more sites with 10 different domains. It allows you to do so in just minutes. You can also set up auto post.

The system will automatically add content to your site, including text, images, and videos. It will also create a list of all your content and automatically update it with new content.

Upgrade#2 – Smart Content Profits Instant Ads [$67]

This feature lets you keep track of all the posts on auto pilot. It also allows you to advertise on every single post.

And it was split testing those ads to see which works best. This is easy and takes your system even further and makes it a money making machine.

Upgrade#3 – Smart Content Profits Pixal Upgrade [$147]

You have upgraded your Pixal software and added some new features that will make it more powerful and fun to use. These new features will be added in the next upgrade.

  • New premium template
  • New rich media banners
  • Video banners
  • Overlay video banners
  • Full embeds
  • And much more
Why should you buy it? – Smart Content Profits Review

Smart Content Profits is a unique method of building a high-profit content site empire. It eliminates the need for manual work and requires no coding experience to get started.

Each article gets formatted to get shared out to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, so you can get valuable linkbacks. It also hosts the sites for you on the same high-speed webhost.

If you are serious about building an empire of self-updating content sites, then you need to pay attention to this immediately. It is very hard to build a profitable content site in today's world.

Imagine being able to provide just 3 pieces of information, and then just walk away. Because your site has been built to be constantly updated with new content that’s legal and stolen!

Smart Content Profits lets you create a website from anywhere, with no setup required. Just enter the domain name, title, and keyphrase of your choice.

Each article gets formatted and formatted to get shared out to your social media platforms and websites, so you can get valuable linkbacks and viral traffic.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Smart Content Profits Review! See you later.