Sidekick App – Email Tracking Utility

I. Preface

Want to spend less time on personal email or business? If you want to have an empty inbox (which processes out all emails), and to answer more emails, this app may help you.

Have you ever emailed wondering whether the recipient received the email or not? Did they open your email? You do not see a response because they did not get the email or simply didn’t want it? With the Sidekick email tracking app, those questions will no longer bother you.

II. What is Sidekick App? What exactly does it do?

Sidekick is a Chrome extension that lets you track email activity on your Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Hubspot, or Apple mail accounts. Sidekick brings great gadgets for email users.

Although the email has been said to be out of date with many other information exchange tools, never before have users turned their back on email. Every day there are still applications and utilities for email activities. And one of them is the Sidekick utility.

Sidekick App


Here are some outstanding features of Sidekick that can satisfy you:

  • Receive instant notification when the recipient read the email you sent.
  • Know where the recipient is viewing the email.
  • Shows information about the number of times the recipient opened your email.
  • View detailed information about the recipient name, company name, social profiles.
  • Scheduled to send email in the future.
  • Create emails to send periodically in the future.
  • Shows information about the device the email recipient is using to view.

The usage of Sidekick is very simple. After clicking “Add to Chrome,” the Sidekick will be added to your Chrome. Then, open your mailbox and start sending a new email to someone. Before sending email, remember to click “Track Email with Sidekick.” Now you just have to wait to see when the recipient opened the email.

Sidekick will notify you immediately.

With Sidekick, users can read detailed information about the receiver of the email such as their name, company name, phone number or address. This is especially useful for salespeople, which gave them a more detailed view of their customers.

Another feature that Sidekick offers to its users is the ability to set up future email delivery times. You can customize the time setting, and by that time, Sidekick will help you send an email.

Sidekick email tracking application is a great utility for everyone, especially salespeople, marketing staff, people in the field of social product development because of the nature of the work that they have to send the product advertising via email to customers. Knowing whether a client reads your mail, when and whether they respond to it will help identify potential customers instead of wasting resources on unprofitable customers.

Therefore, Sidekick is definitely for you.

III. Conclusion

With its very simple operation and feature focused on notification when receivers open your email, Sidekick is a minimalist utility that is very effective. More than 500,000 Sidekick users are still tracking their emails for the most efficient way to send and receive emails, so what about you?