SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review – Mind Boggling Genius Income App

SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review


This is absolute GENIUS. A brand new app most thought IMPOSSIBLE that unlocks access to 52 BILLION viral funnels. Each one being UNIQUE to you and generated in 1 click, complete with hosting and built-in products paying up to $500 a pop.

It's called “SHUFFLER” – remember the name!

And why is SHUFFLER so incredibly powerful?

It's because ALL other “done for you” funnel apps merely copy the SAME funnels to 1,000's of other people, meaning tons of competition and people “stealing” your sales.

Well those days are OVER! All other DFY funnel are now OBSOLETE.

On TOP of instantly “spinning” out UNIQUE funnels that suck in leads and commissions from day 1.

SHUFFLER also builds you a cash-on-demand email list on literal AUTOPILOT even if you do NOTHING more than activate the app.

The end result?

A literal FAIL PROOF “1-2 online income generating PUNCH” like you've never seen.

SHUFFLER is a groundbreaking new cloud-based online income app.

Firstly, the app enables you to “shuffle and choose” from over 52 BILLION unique done-for-you viral funnels. Every funnel you select is auto-hosted and completely ready to run (products and all) with literally 1 click of a button.

Secondly, SHUFFLER guarantees your online success by delivering fresh daily OPT-IN leads into your account on 100% autopilot.

Even if you were to completely “crash and burn” with your SHUFFLER funnels (which is next to impossible), we’ll still be building you a cash-on-demand email list of your very own – making SHUFFLER a bonafide fail proof system.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review for more details.

SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review



  • Product: SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters
  • Vendor: Bryan Winters
  • Launch Date: 2020-Sep-27
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters?

SHUFFLER is the world's 1st app to “spin” brand new squeeze pages and complete DFY funnels in 1 literal click each, giving users over 52 BILLION unique viral funnels to choose from – on top of genuine opt-in email leads delivered on literal AUTOPILOT, to combine for a virtual FAIL PROOF system!

SHUFFLER is an app he has literally dreamed of bringing to the market for years. At long last, something he was starting to think might be impossible, is now a reality. A “holy grail app” that unlocks THE TWO THINGS every aspiring online money-maker needs and wants:

1-click DFY viral list & income generating funnels each of which are UNIQUE to the user, with over 52 BILLION funnels to choose from. (And no, that's not a typo!)

Their patent-ready “shuffle technology” literally spins EXCLUSIVE funnels in mere seconds, 100% ready to profit complete with built-in (swapout-able) Clickbank products that pay out anywhere from $10 on up to $500+ commissions per sale.

Dime-a-dozen “replicating” website and funnel apps, where you are forced to share your funnels with 1,000's of other users, are NOW A THING OF THE PAST.

AND Fresh, targeted OPT-IN email leads delivered daily into SHUFFLER user accounts on literal autopilot – 100% GUARANTEED.

Up to 100+ autopilot leads per day, with no cap.

In other words, a bonified cash-on-demand email list builder that runs on complete cruise control resulting in an unlimited source of 100% free traffic and free sales on autopilot.

Precisely the same source he uses to average $467 every time he hits the “send” button. The bottom line: SHUFFLER is an app that is going to change lives!

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What are the great features of SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters?

  • “Shuffle & choose” from 52 billion viral funnels
  • 30 second setup
  • Unlimited 100% autopilot traffic guaranteed
  • Unlimited 100% autopilot leads guaranteed
  • Same day income potential
  • Free automatic hosting
  • Fully scalable $10k+ per month income potential
  • 100% newbie friendly
  • Live the internet lifestyle
  • 100% new & unique home income system
How does it work?

Step#1 – Purchase

Grab the SHUFFLER app before the price automatically goes up

Step#2 – Shuffle

Log in and click the “Shuffle” button to generate endless 100% UNIQUE funnels in 1 click each

Step#3 – Collect

Activate DAILY guaranteed free leads and free traffic on literal autopilot, while racking up unlimited free commissions of up to $500-a-pop.

Funnel Detail – SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review


This “Daily Traffic Machine” unlocks true autopilot traffic – guaranteed visitors delivered 24-7 into you' SHUFFLER funnels.

The overarching SHUFFLER system sends every 5th visitor into a “traffic pool” (fully disclosed). This backend system automatically rotates this user generated traffic, evenly sending visitors to every SHUFFLER app user in the traffic pool. Expect ultra high conversions on this ultra in-demand upgrade.

OTO#2 – SHUFFLER'S VIRAL FUNNEL PRO – $67 With $37 Downsell

SHUFFLER'S front end app enables you to “shuffle and choose” up to 20 viral funnels.

“Viral Funnel Pro” unlocks unlimited SHUFFLER funnels, giving you access to more funnels than you could ever use in literally a HUNDRED lifetimes (with over 52 BILLION funnels to choose from).


SHUFFLER'S FE app generates Internet marketing and “make money online” related funnels only.

This “7-Figure Niche Activator” upgrade literally unlocks 20+ BILLION additional funnels, specifically in the multi-BILLION dollar self-help and health & fitness niches.

OTO#4 – SHUFFLER'S 5X PASSIVE CASH PLUGIN – $97 With $67 Downsell

This “5X Passive Cash Plugin” virtually guarantees its takers more income with SHUFFLER… They've placed FIVE 6-figure affiliate offers inside all SHUFFLER back offices (which will quickly become thousands of pages).

This system automatically rotates their app you' affiliate links for these 5 offers across all SHUFFLER accounts, to result in literal autopilot traffic and commissions.

OTO#5 – SHUFFLER'S $1,000 COMMISSIONS ROBOT – $197 With $97 Downsell

This final upgrade instantly unlocks backend commission payouts of $1000+ a pop on a built-in auto webinar integrated into all SHUFFLER user apps/websites.

This built-in high ticket webinar upgrades are very popular with their you, and they like to mix things up by offering different webinars across different launch products.

Why should you buy it? – SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review

What’s the #1 problem and drawback to “done-for-you” funnel apps?

Well it’s obviously that you’re paying money for DUPLICATES of the same funnels 1000’s of other people are using meaning you have loads of competition before you even get started.

But at last, from this point forward, you’ll never have to use a duplicate funnel again. And never again will you have to compete with 1,000’s of other people using the same funnels.

This new app is the ONLY software in the world that churns out 100% unique where each and every funnel is (still) 100% done-for-you instantly.

You just click the app’s “Shuffle” button and BOOM, you've got an exclusive viral funnel 100% ready to rock.

Literally 1 click is all it takes to pop off one professional viral funnel after another, with zero work.

It’s quite literally so easy a small child could do it.

Don't like the funnel shown? Just click the button again to instantly “shuffle” a new one.

That’s literally how many uniquely different funnels are at your fingertips, 24-7, with our app.

The entire population of the earth is less than 8 billion people.

And therefore, with over 52 BILLION possible funnels to “shuffle and choose” from any time you need a HOT new funnel each funnel you choose to keep is statistically guaranteed to be uniquely your own…

Ready to turn your affiliate accounts into something to be proud of. This is simply the ultimate software and resource for anybody who wants to make money online.

To be honest, thank you for reading my SHUFFLER by Bryan Winters Review! See you later.