ShopiRater Review – Grow Any Ecom Store On Autopilot

ShopiRater Review

Hello friend!

Grow any ecom or aff. store 100x faster as of today

It’s safe to say ecom stores are the biggest opportunity in the next 5 years online… & a ‘once-a-year’ app is launching soon called ‘ShopiRater’ that can authentically grow any ecom or affiliate store FOR you.

You can set up ‘set & forget’ campaigns that pull in real reviews & warm traffic, deliver true brand engagement… & comes w/ a fre.e $997 valued eCom training course about building a real brand fast, but lasts for the long haul.

In a hurry? See how it works & register for a fre.e ecom training webinar now.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my ShopiRater Review for more details.


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I. ShopiRater Review – Overview

  • Product: ShopiRater
  • Vendor: Ben Murray
  • Niche: General
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-10
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is ShopiRater?

It’s a cloud app that helps you grow WooCommerce (WordPress) or Shopify store ‘handsfree’ by being the first to run automated incentivized review campaigns that pull in tons of authentic reviews fast… as well as get perpetual, cost fre.e traffic to your stores w/ automated viral email campaigns. In fact, it’s already helped take ‘dead’ stores that couldn’t get any sales to $1200 per month!

You can use this to get reviews and auto-grow just about any type of store including a video services store, info products, affiliate stores, or Shopify physical product stores.

Plus, it comes w/ a $997 valued, never released course on building a store & brand that thrives longterm and makes real passive income.

During the video you’ll learn things like:

  • What the biggest opportunity to make money online is in the next 5 years
  • What types of ecommerce or affiliate stores actual work today
  • How to make your store unique & stand out, even if you don’t have any original products
  • Where to find products to start selling
  • What niches you should choose for your store for success
  • The difference between stores that get crushed by competition within a few months… & those that prosper long term
  • and WAY more… 100% free.

It’s created by a 7 figure marketing expert, so there’s tons of juicy value.

Read more in my ShopiRater Review.

III. What are the great features of ShopiRater?

  • Target review campaigns globally (for all products) by category, or by individual products
  • 100% customize the look & feel of your reviews widget
  • Import/export existing reviews in 1-click
  • Review & traffic campaigns run on 100% autopilot, but are 100% customizable
  • Add FAQs, ratings systems to each review, & more just like Amazon does.
  • Integrate Shopify’s simple STMP system or your own for great email delivery
  • & far more.

IV. How does it work?

The app, ‘ShopiRater’ (that comes w/ a $997 valued training ecom course, too) is going to help you stop jumping from tool-to-tool and start building a real brand and store online.

It does this by focusing on & automating the two most important factors when trying to rapidly grow a store: lots of authentic reviews and cost fre.e traffic you can count on.

Creating your own store, especially physical products stores, are maybe the biggest opportunity right now to start a lasting business that generates passive income longterm & this can help full automate the growth of that…

(plus teach you how to get started w/ the training)

The app works by:

  • Step#1. Set Up Your Review & Traffic Campaign

Choose which categories or specific products you want to target in your store… & compose the email that buyers of those products will receive after they purchase asking for a review.

  • Step#2. Then Create Your Download Pages & ‘Incentive Pages’ 

To create your incentive & download pages use ShopiRater’s DFY templates, Drag/drop builder, or connect a 3rd party builder

AND be promoted w/ an EXTRA incentive to refer the product to friends via email using a widget right on the page for fre.e. traffic.

  • Step#3. Customize the review widget for massive social proof

You can fully customize how the reviews show up on your store… & add social proof elements like ability for users to upload videos or images of them using your product, or a ‘verified buyer’ tag for massive conversions.

  • Step#4. Hit ‘Go’ & watch your store grow on autopilot.

You will get tons of authentic reviews and get the social proof to make your store convert… & the fre.e. warmed up traffic on total autopilot.

V. Why should you buy it?

It works for Shopify, but also WooCommerce too (which was bought by WordPress) so you can now get real social proof and leads for your video services on your store handsfree! In my ShopiRater Review, I highly recommend you should try it!

A store, whether it’s selling video services or ecom goods, isn’t going to convert if there isn’t tons of real reviews nor is it going to sell if there isn’t cost effective traffic coming to it (which ShopiRater gives).

Plus, it comes w/ $997 valued store training on how to launch your own store and have it succeed in the long run from scratch.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, so thank you for reading my ShopiRater Review! See you later