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RewardLeads Review


The top level of successful business in almost any niche in the ‘real world’ were using loyalty to destroy the competition and get more sales and customers. One that brought new customers to them. One that prevented others competing with them. And One that kept their customers loyal. ​Supermarkets use rewards to keep you buying. Hotels to boost your status and give you a better room than the competition. Airlines to give you upper-class upgrades.

​This is your chance to have your own automated list building, marketing and sales team. Working round the clock to bring you more profits. ​They call this system RewardLeads. A true digital rewards scheme combined with advanced automation and artificial intelligence.

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I. RewardLeads Review  – Overview

  • Product: RewardLeads
  • Vendor:  Steve Benn
  • Launch Date: 2017-Nov-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $197
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is RewardLeads?

RewardLeads is an automated loyalty program that helps you:

  • Build an email list
  • Increase email engagement
  • Get more sales
  • Slash advertising costs

RewardLeads is a mid-ticket SaaS that is your own virtual army of sales people getting you more customers, more sales per customer, more subscribers and cheaper Facebook Ads.

RewardLeads is a digital Loyalty program for product vendors, events, affiliates and ecom stores. It automatically rewards your buyers with loyalty points and automated incentives ensuring that they:

Buy more products – Purchases = points and rewards. A huge advantage over your competitors. RewardLeads will even follow up when your buyers forget to get that upgrade, without you lifting a finger

Get new customers – Potential buyers will join your program just to earn points but you also get viral growth from buyers because they get points torecommend others. PLUS they get points from purchases made by those recommended buyers – meaning you get buyer leads!

Automate Sales – With their Facebook technology you can build custom audiences of buyer behaviour. Meaning you can recapture buyers who have stopped purchasing, remove refunders and target low, mid or high ticket buyers only. They even have automated email followup to remind people that they are close to the next incentive level!

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III. What are the great features of RewardLeads?

  • It doesn't matter if it’s a digital product, an event, coaching, service, a physical eCom product or even an affiliate offer. RewardLeads works in any niche that sells online.
  • You get new customers because friends are incentivised to send you real buyers
  • They desire the increased status that comes with threshold rewards, and they love spending points on the things THEY want. You get new subscribers because everyone loves free, and loyalty points fire peoples imagination.
  • Thanks to automated triggers buyers are incentivised to get that upgraded product, to buy a new product from you rather than a competitor. Buyers spend more and more with you.
  • You get better email engagement because of automatic segmentation and your Loyalty Store offers and emails
  • Your Ad costs plummet as you automatically build hyper-targeted Facebook lists based on buyer behaviour
IV. How does it work?

Getting started with RewardLeads is incredibly easy. All you have to do is:

  • Connect RewardLeads To Your Favourite Payment Programs
  • Link Up To Facebook And Your Email Autoresponders
  • Create Your Rewards Store And Automation

Demo Video


V. Why should you buy it?

The fact is – that’s great value.

  • For product creator who sells products, we are exploding repeat purchases and upgrade purchase without them lifting a finger
  • And For the marketer who wants to build a list, we’re getting them insanely cheap subscribers who are very like to buy.
  • For the entrepreneur who uses Facebook advertising, we are slashing the cost of their advertising with their laser-focused custom audiences

Think about it:

One extra product sale a week at just $37 means RewardLeads gets you into profit.

Just 1 new subscriber a day and RewardLeads is giving you better quality and cheaper leads than FB or solo ads!

Imagine it takes 20 clicks per day to get you sale from online ads. RewardLeads only has to reduce your ad cost by 13% for you to be in profit each day. With their take on custom audiences do you not only get a ‘seasoned’ pixel faster, but you also get more conversions.

You pay just $197 for our Charter package. That’s one-off, not monthly.

This offer is purely to generate great case studies, buzz and feedback which is why time is short to get your copy.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my RewardLeads Review! See you later.