Repeat Payments Review – An Orphan Traffic Income System

Repeat Payments Review


Want to know why you keep failing, over and over, with Internet Marketing?

One Word: Traffic

In order for IM to be profitable, it requires traffic. And LOTS of it. And that’s a huge problem.

Because that traffic costs a LOT of money…and when it’s free, it’s generally worthless…

So no matter how amazing a method or product you have…

You’re still earning nothing… because you’re by yourself, without access to free BUYER traffic.

Got no connections, no traffic, no online income?


There’s virtually an endless number of these orphaned hubs out there!

And for every minute you’re NOT using this software to cash in on that precious free buyer traffic, you are leaving MASSIVE amounts of money on the table.

This Orphan Traffic Income System Sends ALL Of That Into Your Lap. It's called Repeat Payments.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Repeat Payments Review for more details.

Repeat Payments Review



  • Product: Repeat Payments
  • Vendor: Tom E
  • Launch Date: 2019-Nov-20
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $19
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

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What is Repeat Payments?

Repeat Payments is a software that first finds orphaned online real estate, then sends the targeted traffic from them into pre-built subscription-funnels, generating monthly commissions (repeat payments) for its you. This system works very powerfully, and has been proven to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars the past year, both by Jamie and his students. Jamie has been doing this for over 12 months, as have tons of his beta testers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits so far.

RepeatPayments first finds you endless floods of FREE buyer traffic, then monetizes that traffic to make you huge monthly paychecks… month after month… and year after year.

When you pick up RepeatPayments, you not only get their groundbreaking software; you get His PERSONAL step by step training to making it spit out money like an ATM machine on crack so that you can start duplicating the $12,000 a month he personally makes from it.

And unlike most vendors out there, you won’t get cheated out of the “ninja tricks” that makes me that $12,000 a month.

He gives you his word; EVERYTHING HE KNOWS about how to use RepeatPayments will be yours. Seriously, after cracking open this course and software, if you do NOT make money, and fast, it’s really your own damn fault.

Read more in my Repeat Payments Reviews.

What are the great features of Repeat Payments?

  • No Product Creation Or Technical Skills Required
  • You Don’t Need a Website or an Email List
  • Takes Only Minutes To Set-Up
  • ​100% Newbie-Friendly
  • ​There’s no Waiting on Anything – They Give You Everything You Need to
  • Make Money Right Out The Gate
  • ​Work LESS Than You Ever Did Online, But Make MORE Money FASTER,
  • With Jamie’s Genius Plugin
  • ​Full Step-by-Step Training Included – Simply Copy Jamie’s EXACT Blueprint
  • And Get Earning Right Away.
  • ​Start From FLAT BROKE And Be in Profits by This Time TOMORROW
Video Demo

Demo Video


So How Exactly Does “RepeatPayments” Work
  • Step#1: Sit back and view their step by step training
  • Step#2: Set up the software
  • Step#3: Follow step by step training directions
  • Step#4: Sit Back And Watch traffic and money roll into your account FAST
  • Step#5: (Optional – Do This Only If You Want To Create A Job-Smashing Online Income) – Rinse And Repeat To Make As Much Money As You Want Day After Day!
Funnel Detail

FE – RepeatPayments : $19.95

Repeat Payments is a software that first finds orphaned online real estate, then sends the targeted traffic from them into pre-built subscription-funnels, generating monthly commissions (repeat payments) for its you.

Jamie has been doing this for over 12 months, as have tons of his beta testers, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits so far.

OTO 1 – R.P Unthrottled : $47 Upsell / $27 Downsell

The FE for RepeatPayments allows for 20 searches per day. With their Unthrottled version, you get unlimited searches. This allows you to REALLY go hard with this method, as it removes the income cap that the FE version has.

OTO 2 – R.P. Six Figure Generator : $97 Upsell / $67 Downsell

With the main method, their software finds orphaned web properties, then monetize the traffic with 3rd party subscription sites. their R.P. Six Figure Generator takes it one step further, by auto-building THEIR OWN WEBSITES around each web property. These websites are set up to capture the email of everyone. So in addition to making recurring commissions from them, you now have all of them on your list, so you can monetize them over and over.

Additionally, they’ve proven for these sites to gain value over time, meaning that at any point, these sites can be sold (they show you how), for a quick cash injection any time it’s needed. In other words, this OTO packs one serious punch.

OTO 3 – R.P. 5 Figure Commissions League : $197 Upsell / $97 Downsell

You unlock the ability to make commissions up to $17,000 a pop. Yes, $17k, and repeatedly, as proven by Jamie and his students. their 5 Figure Commissions League unlocks the software to reveal ALL the info and secrets (keywords, training, connections, the works) that Jamie personally uses to get high ticket commissions between $5,000 and $17,000. In addition to the software boost, you also get additional video training on exactly what to do to to hit these large commissions, and FAST.

OTO 4 – Jamie Does It For You : $397 Upsell / $197 Downsell

LIFETIME access to Jamie’s WEEKLY live training, where members get personal coaching directly from him. This is invaluable, as Jamie is the Master of this method, and can help you accelerate your process dramatically. Previously closed for new members, Jamie has agreed to open it up to R.P. members, for a limited time.

But just as importantly; this weekly training has been going on for a long time, and has a huge audience, including BUYERS. On every training, you can give any domain you’ve acquired using the RepeatPayments software, and Jamie will help you sell it right there and then (sometimes these traffic-flooded domains have a high value). This is great if you happen to need a quick cash influx.

OTO5: R.P. Entrepreneur Club : $197 Upsell / $97 Downsell

Users of this OTO receive 6 more income streams. With R.P. Entrepreneur Club the members get INSTANT, fully upgraded access (complete funnels) to 6 of their other best selling income systems.

Why should you buy Repeat Payments? – Repeat Payments Review

Are YOU Ready To Have Countless Orphaned Traffic Hubs Spewing Cash Into Your Account?

He has put his heart and soul into creating it.

It’s easily worth over $100, but he's not charging that, because he wants as many people as possible to have a real chance of changing their lives.

That’s why he's offering RepeatPayments to you for a FRACTION of what it’s worth.


  • The simple steps to take RepeatPayments to a job-crushing online income FAST
  • Why this method is different (and better) than every other method you’ve seen before… No one has EVER released anything like this, In Fact… a lot of “gurus” out there will be upset when they realize they’re sharing a secret that only the cream of the crop marketers knows about…
  • How to get started with The RepeatPayments right now, even if you’re a complete newbie with no technical skills, connections or anything else (their method is so simple, you’ll be blown away)
  • And how to quickly scale things up to four figures per week (and beyond) with just minutes per day and without spending a dime out of your pocket
  • How to use RepeatPayments to bank an easy $100 by this time TOMORROW… Seriously, they’ll walk you through their SIMPLE steps to put money in your pocket within HOURS from right now…

To be honest, thank you for reading my Repeat Payments Review! See you later.