Redeemly Review – Make 6 Figures With Cardless Loyalty Agency

Redeemly Review

A Smart Web-App That Creates Customer Loyalty Websites For Recurring Monthly Income In 2022 & Beyond

During the pandemic, businesses are struggling to get their customers. If you can help them, then you can make some serious money.

Most of the time, businesses don't realize that they can get great results through traditional marketing methods. They typically don't realize that they can also get great results through Cardless Loyalty Programs.

And that's why they're hosting a free webinar that will teach you how to help business owners get started with Cardless Loyalty Programs.

They're also including loyalty templates that are “done for you.”

Step-by-step training that shows users how to make money with Redeemly without having to sell anything.

For anyone who purchases Redeemly during the launch, they're waiving the monthly fee.

This program is the perfect business for anyone who wants to make 2022 a highly profitable year. It's indemand, it works, and it's simple.

Redeemly is a program that can change the way people make money. It works seamlessly and without any prior expertise.

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Redeemly Review



  • Product: Redeemly
  • Vendor: Misan Morrison
  • Launch Date: 2022-Feb-15
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $39
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is Redeemly? – Redeemly Review

Redeemly is a smart web app that enables businesses to create and manage loyalty programs that are designed to increase sales and reactivate dormant customers.

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for businesses, and this app can help them get back on track. This app is ideal for businesses wanting to improve their loyalty programs. Monthly payments are also available.

  • This is a fantastic way to assist struggling businesses in increasing profits.
  • This is an excellent way to assist businesses who are suffering as a result of the recent pandemic.
  • To set up a new cardless loyalty program, you don't need any technical knowledge because the app handles everything.
  • They'll show you how to get customers.
  • Even if you've never sold anything before and are a complete introvert
  • This service is so effective that it sells itself.
  • Create A Monthly Recurring Income Stream
  • This is so easy to do that you could do it in your spare time.

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What are the great features of Redeemly? – Redeemly Review

Cloud-Based App

Redeemly is a cloud-based loyalty platform that lets you create and manage loyalty campaigns from anywhere in the world.

Add Up To 50 Businesses

You can add up to 50 businesses to your account, which means you can generate 50 recurring income streams.

500 Customers Limit

Have a maximum of 500 clients each campaign.

500 Loyalty Campaigns

You can create up to 500 different loyalty campaigns, so each company can have many campaigns

100 Business Staff

There are multiple points of contact for each business and company.

500 Loyalty Rewards

At the account level, you can earn up to 500 total loyalty rewards.

100 Customer Segmentation

Segment up to 100 different customers.

500 Digital Savings Card

500 digital savings cards are available to loyalty customers of Redeemly. These cards are very powerful and can get customers to spend money.

Detailed Earnings Analytics

With in-depth earnings analytics, you'll be able to track how your campaigns are performing and how they're growing.

Detailed Spending Analytics

With detailed customer spending analytics, you can show your clients how effective Redeemly is at keeping them on track.

Demo Video

Funnel Detail – Redeemly Review

OTO1 – Redeemly Deluxe (Price: $67)

This upgrade gives you the ability to run more campaigns, scale your income, and work with more businesses.

  • 5000 Customers
  • Create 500 Businesses
  • UNLIMITED Loyalty Rewards
  • And UNLIMITED Loyalty Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Customer Segmentation
  • And UNLIMITED Business Staff
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • UNLIMITED Digital Savings Card

OTO2 – $47 – Redeemly Local Business Finder

This powerful add-on will find unlimited leads so that you can start closing thousands of clients in just a few clicks.

The app is ready to find leads that are ready to be converted into loyalty campaigns.

It will find leads that are ready to pay you $500 to $3000 to setup a loyalty campaign for their business.

OTO3 – Redeemly DFY Agency (Price: $47)

This upgrade will allow users to create a stunning Redeemly Agency Website that will allow them to start generating leads and making money without any work required.

This upgrade will allow users to create a professional agency website that will allow them to easily sell Redeemly and accept payments.

DFY Hosting

DFY Subdomain

OTO4- Redeemly White Label (Price: $197)

This upgrade allows you to completely rebrand the entire agency as your own, and it includes everything you need to get started.

Rebranding Capabilities (Let's Setup Redeemly App & Sell Under Your Own Brand and Generate Maximum Profits)

Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence

Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts

Ready Made Sample Proposal

Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Template

High Paying Client Video Course (+White Label Rights)

Bundle – Entire Funnel (Price: $267)

Get the Redeemly Funnel Upgrade in Its Entirety for a One-Time Discounted Payment (Over 75% Off).

Why should you buy it? – Redeemly Review

A smart web-app called Redeemly enables businesses to create their own cardless loyalty programs. It then creates loyalty websites for their customers in 3 simple steps.

There’s no hard selling required since this app essentially sells itself. This app helps businesses grow revenue by creating loyalty programs for their customers.

It’s easy to track the results of your program so businesses know that they’re helping them. It lets them keep paying you month after month.

Just like the big brands, businesses can easily create their own cardless loyalty programs with just a few minutes.

Once you get started, it doesn’t take much time or maintenance to get started. It’s a great way to generate a new recurring income stream.

You don't need any technical expertise or experience to start making money with this app. Because it's built on an A.I.-powered platform, it's incredibly easy to use.

With their app, you can create and manage your own cardless loyalty programs from home. It's very simple to do so since you only need to have internet access and a phone.

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