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Real Estate Stealth Leads Review

Complete Services Portfolio for Real Estate Consultants?

Real estate is an “Essential” business. REALTORS Won't be locked down. They currently have virtual showings, virtual open houses… but most are still physically showing homes, holding open houses and meeting clients in their office. They're essential and folks need a place to live.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: A Hungry & Eager Audience for Quality Leads like this…

For years real estate agents have either dabbled in lead-gen or they've paid lead vendors to do it… And has it worked?

You bet it has! Yes – Today, real estate agents are generating Online RE leads, but there's one problem.

TOO MANY RE AGENTS are shuffling around the same leads! Even though the lead count is impressive, the same prospects are being called by a multitude of agents. The competition is more than stiff!

You see the leads are there. Some will eventually buy a home – but there are 10 agents calling on 1 lead!

Not to mention the fact that major real estate sites like,, and are selling the same lame leads using the same lame approach since the early 2000's to many agents at a time.

Yep, these agents are all sharing “recycled” leads – It's a vicious cycle of endless calling and follow up… so bad, they might as well start cold-calling again!

Long-overdue, he is releasing Real Estate Stealth Leads: Local Real Estate Agent Consulting to End 2020 Strong and Start 2021 With A Bang!

Real Estate Stealth Leads is a new strategy virtually untouched in the Real Estate industry which delivers quality results to real estate agents and consultants!

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Real Estate Stealth Leads Review for more details.

Real Estate Stealth Leads Review



  • Product: Real Estate Stealth Leads
  • Vendor: Mike Paul
  • Launch Date: 2020-Nov-30
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Real Estate Stealth Leads?

First he shows you how to bring the heat with a shoe-string-budget prospecting technique that will have the attention of hungry real estate agents like yesterday!

Then you offer a no-brainer foot-in-the-door service that leverages open-houses. (Yes, Realtors are still holding open houses whether virtual or in-person).

Now, get this… it's known that the open-house approach in most markets… well, to put it plainly open-houses suck. Most agents never make you work but you don't know what else to do.

But with this peculiar yet spot-on approach leverages the open-house to attract “RSVP's”… MEANING. The homebuyer never even has to show up to become a lead! Sounds Crazy, he knows… but real estate agents get it!

NEXT, he teaches you how to follow this foot-in-the-door service with 2 Real Estate Lead Gen Strategies for Today's Market… TOTALLY UPDATED FOR 2021 and BEYOND!

With these PREMIUM services, you can collect lavish $1000 +/mo fees at the local “Go-To” consultant to REALTORS!

A Complete Real Estate Consulting Pack To Start 2021 STRONG & End 2020 With a BANG!

Use this little-talked about method to land RE Agent clients who are already interested in meeting you.

  • Discover the Secrets To An Almost Instant Realtor client
  • A clever “system” that can do all the ‘heavy lifting' for you when looking for the better RE Agents
  • What to say to Your Best Client Source to 5X Your Responses!
  • A counter intuitive way to look at new agents VS very experienced agents
  • The ridiculously simple set of tasks to do when you first start working with a RE Agent
  • No-Nonsense Way To Follow-up with lead sources.(hint: do NOT use autoresponders!)
  • The “sneaky trick” to finding a good agent and client. THis almost never fails. (but do it ethically)
  • The real RE Agent turnover in the business is so high, and why it actually HELPS you
  • Discover which Realtors you should prospect most.
  • What to say when the Realtor says, “I'm against that” (This reply not only kills one of the most frustrating objections freelancer marketers hear, but it also builds your sales posture and credibility.)
  • The BIGGEST mistake you can make with realtors.
  • Approaches that require zero convincing, no begging, no pitching, or manipulating at all. The shy persons dream.
  • Why new agents are just as valuable to you as experienced agents…you'll be surprised.
  • How To sign 5 Realtor clients in the next 60 days And Make A Full-Time Income with Part Time Effort. Monthly.

Read more in my Real Estate Stealth Leads Reviews.

What are the great features of Real Estate Stealth Leads?

Those real estate agents want leads, and most of them are currently generating a ton of them online. Business is good.

But guess what? Those leads are not converting!

But your approach will bring them better results, with hardly any effort.

And get this… the system is so complete… it covers 3 services from your initial foot-in-the-door to two additional services to scale your consulting empire going into 2021!

Frankly, your chances of success skyrocket when all you have to do is follow a Step-By-Step blueprint.

The PDF and Videos hold your hand every step of the way.

No-joke, you'll be equipped with everything you need:

Foot-in-The-Door Service #1: Run Online “Event” Ads Draw RSVP's… in the for of Hot Leads For your Realtor Clients…

Add-On Foot-in-The-Door Service #2: SMS Marketing The NEW Way for Real Estate agents… compete with copy-n-paste swipes that places your client's marketing on autopilot at the tune of 4Xing their conversions with text message marketing…

Premium Recurring Service #3: Totally updated online Lead-Gen for real estate agents with no landing-pages, no websites, no hosting, and no tech… to Finish 2020 Strong and Kill-It in 2021 (for You and Your Happy Clients)!

Training courses like this are selling now for $600 … but you'll practically steal it for less than 30 bucks… what?!

Demo Video

Why should you buy it? – Real Estate Stealth Leads Review

How you can start earning a Powerhouse income stream… by positioning yourself well to own a commendable local consulting business for 2021.

It’s really very simple. You will soon start helping real estate agents succeed with a complete portfolio of “set-n-forget” lead getting services. (Foot-in-the-door & core lead-gen services training included)

You’ll soon find out that even a brand new consultant with no experience can have this set up in minutes.

And unlike other ad-types, the ease of creating these micro-ads will boost your confidence going forward.

Here’s why the method just makes more sense:

  • There’s no need for outside websites, landing pages, or lead forms. Everything is inside Facebook
  • No more testing audiences
  • And No more expensive hosting or techy setup.
  • No more coming up with sales copy.
  • And No more testing geographic locations

Even a Brand-Spankin’ new consultant can have this setup in a day!

There are two pivotal factors to the methods. Facebook has all the assets you will need to carry this out. And your Realtor Client has all the copy and images to plug right in!

To be honest, thank you for reading my Real Estate Stealth Leads Review! See you later.