PursueApp Review – The Complete Cold-Email Marketing System For Agencies & B2B Businesses

PursueApp Review

Unlock The Power of Cold Email Marketing For Your Business

Cold-emailing has been the most loved marketing strategy for b2b businesses since more than a decade.

An effective cold-email campaign is carefully tailored specifically and individually to the recipient. To establish a relationship and turn a non-customer into a loyal fan.

Cold-Emailing through PursueApp is the only way to get cold-emailing right and not land in the spam folder.

PursueApp brings the most powerful cold-emailing systems and workflow to our market. You can also create custom customer journeys based on specific responses and behaviors, and engage each customer in a 100% unique manner. With features that allow you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns without spending hours.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my PursueApp Review for more details.

PursueApp Review


Overview – PursueApp Review

  • Product: PursueApp
  • Vendor: Cyril Jeet
  • Launch Date: 2021-Mar-20
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is PursueApp? – PursueApp Review

PursueApp is the Complete Cold-Email Marketing System For Agencies & B2B Businesses.

You can also create custom customer journeys based on specific responses and behaviors, and engage each customer in a 100% unique manner.

With features that allow you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns on automation. PursueApp brings the most powerful cold-emailing systems and workflow to their market.

  • GDPR & PECR compliant. Keeps your business safe and secure.
  • Online SAAS works in any location and any device.
  • Send Cold emails using Gmail, Gsuite, Outlook, Exchange, or SMTP
  • Integrates with any lead source or CRM using Zapier.
  • An intelligent reporting system tells you exactly what’s working and what’s not.
  • Send emails at time intervals, specific days, and events.
  • Craft perfect customer journeys for your niche and customer type.
  • Full automation for cold emailing campaigns. Set it up once and forget.
  • Create custom emails to be sent on event triggers like open, clicks, etc.
  • Supports multiple campaigns. You can market multiple products or businesses.
  • Supports import of leads using CSV files.
  • In-built email verification and cleaning system. Send only to valid leads.
  • Limited Time Offer: Agency & Commercial Rights Included

Help local businesses automate their sales with Cold-Email marketing & build a powerful recurring income with PursueApp’s Agency Rights

Buy PursueApp today and they will also give you the powerful video course that they have created to help marketers like you grab the maximum sales and profits from cold email marketing.

Read more in my PursueApp Reviews.

What are the great features of PursueApp? – PursueApp Review

Benefits of PursueApp

1. Personalized cold email campaigns your leads will love

Emails that are 100% organic and targeted and make your lead feel that they are written just for them. PursueApp helps you create highly personalized cold-email campaigns. Create a warm relationship from the first mail.

2. Powerful event and triggers system

Did your lead open the mail? Did they read it? Did they click on any links? How many times did they open your email?

PursueApp powerful events system watches how your lead reacts to the email and lets you automate the next step based on everything.

Use all of this information and more, to create emails that strike on target and compel your leads to convert.

3. Works with any lead source

PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them, no matter how you bring in your cold leads.

PursueApp can be combined with any CRM, any website, an ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads.

4. Automatically verifies leads

PursueApp lets you verify every lead that comes in and make sure it’s genuine. Increasing your response rate and keeping your sender score high.

In email marketing, your reputation depends on the leads you target. Target bad or non-existing leads and your sender reputation goes down.

5. Dozen of readymade email themes & templates

You can modify the template with our in-built powerful designer and customize it with your own graphics and content.

Make your emails stand out with PursueApp’s in-built email themes and templates that are suitable for every business niche and every occasion.

6. Tracks Conversions & Sales

PursueApp not only tracks how your leads warm-up, but it also tracks sales.

Conversion data will help you make your email sequence bullet-proof. So if there is any sale from the cold email, you’ll know which lead bought at what level in the sequence.

PursueApp commercial license authorizes you to run cold-email campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them.

Get PursueApp in the special sale today and they will add a Commercial license to your purchase.

Demo Video

How does it work?

Set & Forget Your Profit Cold Email Campaigns With Pursueapp

  • Step#1: Set it Up! Create your campaign in PursueApp
  • Step#2: Turn it on! Switch on the campaign and let the emails go out. Enjoy!

Watch it rain! Watch the cold leads warm-up and embrace your business.

Funnel Detail – PursueApp Review

PursueApp Pro – $67

Pro version of PursueApp unlocks unlimited email campaigns and unlimited email sends along with more powerful email templates and dozens of themes.

  • Unlimited email sends a month
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Powerful email verification features
  • More email themes
  • More email templates
  • 2 years of free upgrades
  • Expanded Agency Rights
  • Ready made sales page for service providers
  • And more..

PursueApp Agency – $97

Agency license lets buyers sell PursueApp for profit. PursueApp is a highly maintained, evergreen SAAS product and their agency buyers trust them to create a constant income source for them and buy repeatedly.

ListJanitor Pro – $47

Powerful desktop based email list cleaner. Removes invalid email addresses, role addresses, spam emails & verifies every email for authenticity.

CloudFunnels Pro – $67

Powerful funnel builder that can be hosted on any hosting. Includes scores of templates and readymade plugins worth $100s a month.

Why should you buy it? – PursueApp Review

Technology makes not just life simpler, it also makes business simpler if you use the right technology.

What you need is a conversion machine.

A program that will make it easy for you to set up an effective cold email campaign, and then work reliably in the background, churning out buyers from the leads you feed into it.

Cold Email Marketing is extremely effective, but it works very well for some business groups.

Like agencies offering their services to businesses, business to business products and services, services offered by an individual to businesses, investments, real estate, and other similar niches where people expect or demand personal attention.

This means if you are in any kind of service or agency business, then cold email marketing can be perfect for you.

PursueApp makes it easy to run successful cold email campaigns for any business:

Powerful Email-Flow Paths

PursueApp lets you create handcrafted customer journeys based on how they engage with your emails. Reach out to them with highly specific emails at every point of customer journey.

Custom Lead Marketing

Cold Emailing can’t be treated like bulk marketing. When you start a cold-email campaign, you have to create a custom journey for each customer. Only PursueApp enables that.

Readymade Templates

Know exactly what to say with their readymade email templates designed for maximum results.

Email Verification

Maintain high sender reputation with in-built email verification that lets you verify every single Email address.

Powerful Analytics

Know what’s getting results and what’s not with PursueApp’s powerful analytics that gives you the key information points.

Powerful Integrations

Zapier integration lets you bring in leads from any source. Send emails using Gmail, Outlook, Exchange or SMTP.

Built-in Conversion Tracking

PursueApp has built in conversion tracking that tells you what and lead sources are giving you measurable results.

To be honest, thank you for reading my PursueApp Review! See you later.