Publishing Empires Review – Build A ​Thriving ​Passive ​Lifestyle Business

Publishing Empires Review


It's not difficult to know that selling on Amazon is an incredible opportunity. People are having great success creating books for sale and publishing them. The problem is, too many haven't had the ability to follow in their footsteps.


Sometimes it's because the niche gets too saturated too fast (with junk hiding some of the gems). More often it's because while there's lots of information out there on how to publish on CreateSpace, and it's not actionable.

While publishing ​high-engagement in-demand books (journals, coloring books, kids books, coffee table books, planners etc) is not a difficult task in itself, the truth is, too many people are either:

Over thinking their ideas, have ideas but get stopped at implementation, get to the point of publishing but get zero sales, and are totally confused at how to really make it work.

It's easy to slap something up, “fling it to the wall” so to speak, and hope it sticks and gets sales.

But that's not really the best way to proceed.

Instead – it's time to Unleash Your Creativity with ​high-engagement in-demand Books… WITHOUT the panic… without the fear of it not being what people want… without the tech confusion and most importantly… without the overwhelm.

It's called Publishing Empires. It's so powerful, beta members have easily published as many as 7 journals, plus printables and started having sales, right within an 8 week time frame… because it was simple.

There's only one catch: ​it's only open for just 7 days. After that, it won't re-open until Spring 2018 (at the earliest).

This is truly a step by step system, the ultimate in simplicity – with at the same time, the most power possible to make this work for you, as quickly as possible. ​ Join me now and let me help you get a jump on the rest of 2017, 2018 and beyond.

Publishing Empires is the course that will help you build your simple high-engagement, in-demand book empires and help you build your thriving passive lifestyle business.

​If you're ready to turn your life around, to stop wasting time and start joining the ranks of successful book publishers, then join now while the offer is still available.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Publishing Empires Review for more details.


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I. Publishing Empires Review  – Overview

  • Product: Publishing Empires
  • Vendor:  Amber Jalink
  • Launch Date: 2017-Nov-30
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $97
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Publishing Empires?

Publishing empires helps entrepreneurs create low content books, and publish them on CreateSpace, Etsy, and other marketplaces. One of the biggest problems with low content books, is how to truly create them – not just slapping up a page, but true training on how to use programs such as Publisher, Powerpoint or Word to create these products. Publishing Empires shows every detailed step in easy weekly trainings. Our beta members had great success and loved it – the overwhelm is completely removed.

Publishing empires is an 8 week course that takes entrepreneurs through the entire process of picking a niche, to knowing what to create, learning SIMPLE software strategies (if you can type an email, you can do this!), to getting the cover designed, uploaded and your ​high-engagement in-demand book for sale.

Read more in my Publishing Empires Review.

III. What are the great features of Publishing Empires?

In short, you will be learning (or refreshing if you are already past some parts) – how to turn your ideas into final products, get them promoted, and get them earning.

This ultimately will help you get sales both in short bursts, but also long term on an ongoing basis.​

And every time you release a new book/project, you'll have people waiting to throw their money at you as soon as it goes live for sale.​

There's lots of reports on creating simple high-engagement books and printables. Some are good, some are completely useless.

What makes this course different is the step-by-step-nothing-left-out training to get you publishing quickly – but with quality.

​The bottom line is, if you don't do an exceptional job of creating your books and printables, AND motivating people to buy your products regularly, you're cheating yourself out of all the profits you could potentially be earning.

IV. How does it work?

V. Why should you buy it? – Publishing Empires Review

​If you truly want a passive, thriving lifestyle business, you need to get to work. (And yes, there is a bit of work, but nothing good comes without any right?)

To maximize your success and minimize the time you need to spend learning, this course is broken down into 7 modules.

Each module contains a series of short videos, typically 3 to 12 minutes each to help you understand every single stpe.

Most modules are less than 1 hour in total… in fact, the entire course is about 5 1/4 hours. It's very direct and to the point, no fluff.

As mentioned, this is so you can easily start and stop where you need to.

And what if you just want to plow through it all, do the work at each stage, but keep moving forward to get publishing as quickly as possible? (After all, this IS the best time of year for it, right?)

Well rather than force you to do it on a weekly basis as he had originally done with our Beta group, he has set the system to allow you to have 100% immediate access to the entire course!

Obviously yes, you have to watch each training video before you can watch the next, however, this ensures you can get through as much as you can right away.

If you could take a fumbling project or idea, and turn it into a successful system that helps you earn even a few hundred dollars every month (or more), wouldn't it be worth just $97 one time?

When you break that down over a year (since you have 1 full year access), that works out to just $1.87 per week. If you don't think it's worth $97, then I don't know what will help you.

​There are NO upsells at this time, so you have no additional costs to worry about. It's just the one time payment.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Publishing Empires Review! See you later.