Prokem Suite Plugin Review – Help to Increase Your Sales

Prokem Suite Plugin Review

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How Can This Software Assist to Increase Your Sales!! Increase your Customer, Lead and Purchaser till 300%

A versatile tool, creator product for online shopper, needed by affiliates, is introduced available in the market.

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I. Prokem Suite Plugin Review Overview

  • Product: Prokem Suite Plugin
  • Vendor: Agus Sugianto
  • Niche: Software
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jul-14
  • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $37
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Prokem Suite Plugin?

Prokem suite is WordPress Plugin-shaped software that has many features that you should utilize on the Web site or link your sales. Appropriate for Product creator, Affiliate, CPA and Publisher

After all it would be more comfortable to have a plugin like this, because only by putting in a plugin this alone can use various features provided.

Prokem Suite operate Specifically is Pop Up, Top Bar, Exit Intent and Bottom Bar, Shortener Link, Input Pixel, exired link.

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III. What are the great features of Prokem Suite Plugin?

  • Pop Up

Of course, you get curious on some included functions of the plugin. One of the functions is pop up. It is able to show pop up in any forms either image, writing, videos, or auto responder. Those are so beneficial to increase your sales.

  • Exit Intent

If a cursor is put over the browser, it is appearing pop up like the feature of number 1. It is able to show pop up in any forms and shapes like images, writing, videos, or auto responders. You can select one of the forms for sales increase.

  • Top Bar and Bottom Bar

You can show bar in any forms including image, writing, videos, or auto responder. If you ever see a website in which it has a lining banner in bottom or top area, that is the example of top bar and bottom bar for this feature function.

  • Link Shorter

This feature has its function for sales increase. This is usually used for affiliate players or CPA because it is able to shorten affiliate link that will be promoted. In addition, it is able to show pop up, exit intent, or top or bottom bar.

  • Expired Link

This feature has a function for shorted link. Of course, it is possibly determined its expired date. This is functioning if you are promoting affiliate products for limited sales up to a certain date for selling. If the link is clicked by visitors, while the sales are closed, it is like neglecting visitors or chance for gaining profits. So, if the link is determined up to a certain date, expired date, you can be diverted to your other link.

  • Input Pixel

You can input pixel code for retargeting method later. So, for those people who have visited to your website, they are able to do retargeting later with the use of FB Ads. It means that you are able to re promote website or product to the people who have visited to your website by putting pixel code of FB.

IV. How does it work?
  • Able to show pop up on your website
  • Able to show top or bottom bar on your website so that anywhere visitors scrolling website, advertisements or product promotion will be always seen
  • There is an exit intent, with this feature, when visitors want to close your website, they will see pop up feature
  • Able to use for shortening affiliate link that will be promoted
  • And Able to input pixel on your own website or affiliate link so that you are able to do retargeting to the people who have visited to your affiliate link or website
  • Able to promote your products in soft selling way
  • Easy to remember to your promoted affiliate link or CPA
  • Your shorted link is able to show pop up, top or bottom bar, or exit intent in the form of image, videos, or auto responders for your list building.
  • Able to promote 2 or 3 products in one link only because with this plugin you are able to show off pop up, top bar, and bottom bar at once
  • Able to net potential buyers secretly with your FB pixel code
  • You can benefit for soft selling. With this function, you can short link affiliate but common links are potentially shorted like, Amazon and the other links possibly shorted. There are still many more benefits of using this plugin for selling increase

V. Why should you buy it?

Have you ever purchased such plugin in abroad?

So How much is it?

In abroad, the worth of this plugin is normally minimally about $37 – $47. That is the minimal value and much more and presumably one website solely.

And, that's just for shortening hyperlink no options of pop up, pixels and plenty of extra. Whether it is added pop up options and plenty of extra, in fact it's getting more expensive.

VI. Conclusion

To be honest, so thank you for reading my Prokem Suite Plugin Review! See you later