Profiting From Podcasts Review – The #1 System For Leveraging The Power Of Podcasts

Profiting From Podcasts Review


Today, I want to share with you a powerful, authority-building SHORTCUT that far too few businesses use to generate leads, conversations and cash. It’s one of the best ways to establish your authority and broaden your influence… and, it won’t cost you one red cent to leverage.

Of all the marketing tactics I’ve implemented over the years, nothing provides a better return on my investment of time, energy and resources than aligning myself with leading influencers and being featured on their high-visibility podcasts!

If you’d like to connect with 670 of the world’s leading podcasters, you’re going to love this new resource… which is absolutely FREE for the next 48 hours.

Getting yourself in front of all the right key players who have the ability to blow your exposure through the roof used to be a really tough task. It could take years to get connected with those types of people – if you could make it happen at all.

Well, now you can… EASILY… because my friend Steve Olsher has just released his brand new, Profiting From Podcasts.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Profiting From Podcasts Review for more details.


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I. Profiting From Podcasts Review  – Overview

  • Product: Profiting From Podcasts
  • Vendor: Steve Olsher
  • Launch Date: 2018-Apr-24
  • Launch Time: 12:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $1,497 or 3 monthly payments of $549
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here


II. What is Profiting From Podcasts?

The program empowers those seeking massive visibility FAST through eight weeks of training, coaching and done-for-you services in three key areas: 1) Positioning 2) Presenting and 3) Profiting.

You will discover his proven process for getting booked on the world’s leading shows, generating MASSIVE visibility at NO cost and converting that visibility into cold hard cash.

While far too many ‘internet marketing experts’ and ‘gurus’ are serving up outdated, difficult to implement or pricey shiny object tactics that fail to work for most, this Blueprint offers time-tested, easy-to-implement strategies that require NO out-of-pocket expense and will absolutely work for you too!

There is no fluff or filler here. Each page is loaded with absolute gold.

The Profiting From Podcasts launch is ideal for coaches, authors, speakers, solopreneurs, holistic practitioners and small business owners as the pre-launch training teaches:

  • About the tremendous opportunity the world of podcasting offers and the pending (and current) explosive growth of the medium.
  • Why podcasting is the best option for reaching a LOT of ideal prospects… FAST… and at NO cost.
  • How to connect with today's leading podcasters and appear as a guest on their shows.
  • Proven strategies for being an engaging guest, enrolling listeners and monetizing one's visibility

Price: $1,497 (single payment option) or 3 monthly payments of $549 (payment plan).

Read more in my Profiting From Podcasts Review.

III. What are the great features of Profiting From Podcasts?

Profiting From Podcasts is competitively priced at $1,497 and, in addition to the detailed, 9-module training program which includes 8 live training calls and a private Facebook group where registrants can connect with podcasters and get booked on their shows, those who enroll also receive:

  • 1 ticket to the New Media Summit, a one-of-a-kind event where 150 attendees have the rare opportunity to spend three full days learning directly from 40 of the world's leading
  • podcasters AND… are able to pitch them and get booked on their shows on the spot!
  • A professionally designed Media One Sheet created FOR THEM
  • A brand new podcast channel created FOR THEM on iTunes
  • Access to our detailed, Launch YOUR Podcast training
  • A lifetime listing on Perfect Podcast Guest (hosts turn to PPG to find guests)
  • And, other aligned, high-value bonuses worth over $17,000!
IV. Why should you buy it? 

If you’re a coach, author, speaker, holistic practitioner, online marketer, or entrepreneur – please pay close attention to what I’m about to share…

Do you know the #1 reason why most businesses fail? Here are a few hints:

  • 1) It’s not because their products, programs or services are inferior.
  • 2) It’s not because they don’t have a big social media following.
  • 3) And, it’s absolutely not because they lack the desire, or fail to put in the effort required, to be successful.

Nope. The #1 reason most businesses fail is because they don’t have enough… VISIBILITY.

Want more visibility FAST?

Yup. Visibility is the lifeblood of your business. Simply stated, if people don’t know your business exists, in short order, it won’t.

When your business has sufficient visibility, leads flow in – leads turn into conversations – and, conversations convert into, you guessed it… cash!

Far too many business owners, however, struggle to get the visibility they deserve.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way, because there’s an easy solution to this problem – one that not nearly enough take advantage of and, best of all, it won’t cost you one red cent to leverage.

If you’d like to:

  • Quickly, and easily, reach THOUSANDS of ideal prospects with your mission and message
  • Secure massive visibility for your business, and
  • Connect with ‘Icons of Influence’ who have the ability to feature on their high-visibility platforms…

… then please grab this critical, FREE resource now.

V. Conclusion

To be honest, thank you for reading my Profiting From Podcasts Review! See you later.