ProfitBotz Review – Send Unlimited Messages In Facebook 2022?

ProfitBotz Review

New cloud software gives you your own personal Facebook autoresponder and DFY traffic machine

Facebook messages is the latest craze for making money online. With this new tool you can automatically find targeted leads, add their Facebook profiles as contacts, and then send them direct messages with your affiliate link.

Anyone – yes, even complete newcomers – can now send unlimited Facebook messages directly to anyone's phone using a brand new cloud app!

That's right, you can become the next Zuckerberg and reach literally billions of people with the click of a button starting today!

Facebook has over 2 billion daily users, and with everyone glued to their phones 24 hours a day, Facebook messages are read 99 percent of the time.

Not to mention that the average person checks their phone 30 times per day!

When you compare that to email's traditional 5% open rate, you'll understand why I'm so excited about this new software:

ProfitBotz is a brand-new software that finds Facebook-targeted leads, adds them as contacts, and then sends them unlimited messages with your affiliate link.

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ProfitBotz Review


Overview – ProfitBotz Review

  • Product: ProfitBotz
  • Vendor: Mike McKay & Radu
  • Launch Date: 2022-Mar-23
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $22
  • Official Sales Page: Click here

What is ProfitBotz? – ProfitBotz Review

ProfitBotz automatically finds Facebook targeted leads, adds their profiles as contacts, and then sends unlimited messages with your affiliate link.

It has the ability to send direct messages to one contact at a time or to all contacts at once.

It's similar to email marketing on steroids, but with no list building required and nearly 100% open rates.

ProfitBotz is the ultimate autoresponder, but not in the way you think!

Easily send affiliate offers or any other type of message to dozens of contacts in Facebook. You can send them all on the quick or do them one at a time for better engagement and for personalization purposes.

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What are the great features of ProfitBotz? – ProfitBotz Review

  • Fully cloud-based Facebook messaging system (guaranteed open rates of 98 percent!)
  • Say goodbye to the typical 3-5% autoresponder open rates!
  • Import an unlimited number of contacts instantly and begin messaging within seconds!
  • What, no contacts? They assist you in obtaining hot Facebook leads right away!
  • Facebook messaging is unrestricted!
  • You will benefit from a new viral traffic source!
  • You are guaranteed a high conversion rate!
  • Because this is a one-time payment, there are no monthly fees.
  • The integrated drag-and-drop editor ensures that you create killer messages!
  • For maximum engagement, they've integrated a Facebook mass sender!
  • There is nothing to configure – everything is DFY!
  • Perfect for affiliates, ecommerce sellers, offline sellers, and everyone else!
  • 100% beginner-friendly and simple-to-use software!
  • The online success shortcut that produces results!

What are the advantages for you?

  • Facebook automation has never been seen before!
  • Professional statistics and reporting are available within the profitbotz admin panel!
  • They have personally tested it and it works!
  • You get the profitbotz software, video tutorials, and email conversion!
  • This is the complete package, including templates and everything else needed to succeed!
  • This will give you true automated messaging freedom!
  • You can create your very own custom chatbot!
  • Believe in their cutting-edge technology, which ensures the highest level of quality!
  • All-in-one panel jam-packed with incredible tools for making money online!

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Why should you buy it?

It has the ability to send direct messages to one contact at a time or to all contacts at once. It's like email marketing on steroids (with none of the drawbacks!).

The best part is that it works even if you have no Facebook contacts!

As a result, you can send your affiliate link to millions of people who are interested in your niche and have them read and open it from their phone.

ProfitBotz also includes features such as instant import of an unlimited number of contacts, the ability to set up sequences, a built-in message editor, and the ability to send texts immediately or schedule them for later!

To be honest, thank you for reading my ProfitBotz Review! See you later.