Profit Leadz Review – Taps Into 100+ MILLION Business Leads 2021

Profit Leadz Review

World’s 1st “Robotic” Client Getting App

Did you know that there are tons of offline clients out there just waiting for you to snatch up?

You’ve Probably Tried Just About Everything To Land Local Clients.

But why work hard? Start working smart!

Well today I want to share with you a tool that will not only fit your budget but will deliver big time results.

There are so many tools out there for doing so many different ways to help you with finding leads for you offline marking but most will cost you big time. Also many times it is just hard to know which one will do what you need to do.

In fact that is actually a understatement if you pick up this tool right now you can snatch it up for dirt cheap!

Profit Leadz Is The World's 1st “Robotic” Client Getting App! They are calling it Profit Leadz and it is loaded with incredible features that are just 1 click away.

Profit Leadz will allow you to Tap Into 100+ MILLION Business Leads in 3 Simple Steps and it works for EVERYONE even newbies!

Are you tired of bouncing from product to product because you don’t have a software product that doesn’t give you the results that you need and deserve?

With Profit Leadz you’ll get all the free targeted traffic you need from Google first page – with one push of a button.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Profit Leadz Review for more details.

Profit Leadz Review


Overview – Profit Leadz Review

  • Product: Profit Leadz
  • Vendor: Chris Jenkins
  • Launch Date: 2021-Jan-25
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $17
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Profit Leadz? – Profit Leadz Review

Profit Leadz helps you automatically find and land new clients to sell video or other agency services. Comes with real, in-depth training that includes how to get clients on a variety of networks.

The software also comes with real, in-depth training that includes how to get clients on a variety of networks, what to sell and charge, scaling training for hands-free work, and more to run a successful freelance or agency business.

It’s a groundbreaking cloud prospecting, email marketing, and CRM software that helps you automatically find and land new clients to sell their video or other agency services to and manage them all from within the app.

Read more in my Profit Leadz Reviews.

What are the great features of Profit Leadz?

Profit Leadz Is LOADED With Features That Are All About Getting You Local Clients FAST Prospect For Local Clients Through Facebook, Google, And The Yellow Pages With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse

Find the best local businesses in any area and instantly get access to everything about them like their physical address, email addresses, website, start rankings, and more.

Get targeted and highly responsive leads

Once you generate the leads then the in-built lead analyzer feature will help you find the most targeted and highly responsive leads

1-click detailed lead opportunity finder

In just 1 click, you’ll be able to see how much traffic each lead is getting, what they’re doing right, what wrong and the best ways for you to help them (most agencies pay for this data, but you can see everything with just a click when you have profit leadz)

Easy-to-use agency calendar

Because profit leadz is all about making it easy to run your local agency and make money without any hard work, you can track everything, schedule appointments, and more right inside the profit leadz dashboard

Built-in CRM

Easily track and manage your leads right inside the profit leadz dashboard by using the included crm

Done-for-you lead gen agency

Profit leadz is an ultimate solution to build your automated lead gen agency with just a few mouse clicks

Unlimited business potential

As profit leadz can be used in any market and any niche to find ready to pay clients with a few clicks of your mouse this unleashes the unlimited potential of this push-button app

Profit leadz is cloud based

Because profit leadz is securely hosted in cloud, you can use it to land clients and make money from any device with an internet connection (there’s nothing better from making money from home – especially these days

Push-button email marketing

They’ve loaded up their best email templates for landing clients right inside profit leadz, and all you need to do is click send and you’ll be able to finally land high-paying clients in your spare time with just a few clicks

What you will get?

Profit Leadz Software – Worth $497

This push-button software makes it easier than ever for you to get hot local leads that are ready to spend hundreds of even thousands of dollars with just 45 seconds of work required!

​Agency Licence – Worth $997

Now you can use Profit Leadz to charge unlimited clients THOUSANDS of dollars for easy work. Limited to the first few buyers, they will include the agency license.

‘Get Clients And Scale To 6-Figures’ Agency Training – Worth $297

Although the software is extremely easy to use, this step-by-step training takes you by the hand and makes it easier than ever for you to go from ZERO to HERO overnight with the ProfitLeadz push-button software.

Built-In CRM – Worth $397

Easily track and manage your leads right inside the Profit Leadz dashboard by using the included CRM.

Dynamic Customer Support – Worth $297

Just open a ticket, and if you need help with the Profit Leadz software, they’re here for you. If you have any questions or get stuck along the way, they’ve got a team of professional support experts ready and waiting to help you.

Intuitive Dashboard – Worth $397

Profit Leadz Features An Intuitive Dashboard That Makes It Easy To See What These Local Businesses Are Doing Now And How You Can Help Them For Fast And Easy Paydays.

Funnel Detail – Profit Leadz Review

Profit Leadz FE (Features): ($27 – $37)

  • Detailed Lead Opportunity Tech. – Tap a button to see if the lead is using video marketing, if the site is secure, using WordPress or not, social networks their set up on, if their site is mobile friendly, etc. to see where you can help them.
  • Prospect Clients Through Google, FB, & Yellow Pages – Enter a keyword, location, & radius and hit search. See important data like prospect’s address, email, website, star ratings, and far more from all 3 networks.
  • CRM Dashboard – Keep track of solid opportunities you find, products you’re working on with each client, and any deadlines or meetings all in one easy-to-use place
  • Push-Button Email Marketing – You can find the email addresses of local client leads and allow you to email them from right inside the app with your own custom-made templates that add value.
  • Instant Site Health Audit Reports – Just paste in your lead’s URL and quickly generate a great looking“site-audit” report you can charge for or give away for free to your potential client.
  • Built-in Client Calendar – keep detailed track of when projects are due, meetings with new leads, and more
  • Fully Cloud-based & Tested – Make money from anywhere with an internet connection with this cloud-based software.
  • Built-in Mobile Optimization Analysis – Quickly see if a prospect’s site is mobile friendly and even what it looks like on mobile right within Profit Leadz.

OTO1: ($67-$97)

You can now unlock unlimited client searches on Google, Facebook, and Yellow pages, find clients worldwide, and manage unlimited clients and CRM opportunities. You will also get a DFY Agency website, Agency Growth Material package to help begin outsourcing you work to make money hands-free, and extra bonuses.

OTO2: ($67-$97)

You can get a DFY resellers version of VidAgency Ally 1.0 with coupon codes, DFY sales material, and extra reseller bonus package to go along and help sell the software.

OTO3: ($67-$97)

A massive new collection of Agency materials including DFY explainer video templates, stock videos, stock images, background audios, and even 2 video marketing courses with giveaway rights… a $20,000+ value.

Demo Video

Why should you buy it? – Profit Leadz Review

We all love videos right!

Business need them in their arsenal more then ever so the potential for a Video Agency business is in more demand than ever.

There are plenty of apps out there to help you get started with your agency but what good does that do you if you don’t have a way to find those desperate clients Fast n Easy?

With Profit Leadz you will:

  • Built-in lead finder gets you FREE leads
  • Brand new app that you’ve never seen before
  • 100% newbie-friendly with no prior skills needed
  • Intuitive dashboard makes it easy to manage your business from one place
  • Land your first paying client as soon as TODAY
  • ‘Done For You’ emails land you clients with a few clicks

To be honest, thank you for reading my Profit Leadz Review! See you later.