POSTLEY Review – Best Facebook & Instagram Traffic Software 20-in-1 App


20-in-1 App to Boost Performance of Your Social Posts and Ads Campaigns

Here is a little secret for you: Facebook forces you to always use the “Boost” button on their platform which is not optimized for conversion, but inside POSTLEY, it is well optimized for conversion and will never let you fail again to get traffic.

Whether you’re trying to generate leads OR sell more products & services, you NEED traffic and contrary to popular opinions, it’s still very possible to siphon truck loads of free targeted traffic from Facebook & Instagram without spending a dime on ads.


POSTLEY – a brand new 20-in-1 Facebook & Instagram Traffic App!

Postely is a 20-in-1 Facebook & Instagram traffic app to EASILY help you Boost Performance of Your Social Posts and Ads Campaigns GUARANTEED!

Once every few years comes a game-changing technology that alters the traditional way of doing things.

And the secret to hitting it big with such innovations, is being able to jump on it ever before it becomes saturated.

POSTLEY allows you to easily create winning posts that your audience will love and engage with.

Set automated rules to track and maximize reach and engagement of your best-performing page post and turn them into an automated traffic spinner all on Autopilot.

And to take this even further… You can use best-performing posts and Hidden Facebook Interest to easily set, schedule or Manage ads automatically all within the POSTLEY app.

This will allow you to spend less on ads and pay less for clicks.

This is the most proven and tested way of running successful Ads because People don't want ads, they want interaction – to be heard, to be engaged, to be listened to and that’s exactly what Postley helps you to achieve!

The truth is POSTLEY is the GAMECHANGER when it comes to getting qualified traffic from Facebook or IG.

It comes with NEVER SEEN BEFORE tools like Best Caption Creator & Viral Hashtag Generator that helps you create winning posts that your audience will love and thus help you siphon a flood of FREE qualified traffic without stress.

And if you’re ready to scale using ads, POSTLEY still got your back 100 PERCENT.

With its Smart Ads Spy, Top Audience Finder, Hidden Interest Finder, etc. you can start running winning ads campaign which will be profitable from day 1.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my POSTLEY Review for more details.



Overview – POSTLEY Review

  • Product: POSTLEY
  • Vendor: Jai Sharma
  • Launch Date: 2020-Dec-21
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $47
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is POSTLEY? – POSTLEY Review

POSTLEY is The INCREDIBLE 20-in-1 Mother Of All Apps. 20 Incredible Apps Inside POSTLEY: Hidden Facebook Audience Finder, Powerful Ads Spy, Social Post Scheduler, Smart Ads Scheduler, Powerful Graphic Editor, Ads Performance Tracker, Related Interest Suggestions, 500+ DFY Templates, Workspace & Team Management, Top Account Audience Finder, Post-Performance Tracker, Winning Audience Finder, Multi-Language Dashboard, Ads Campaign Creator, Camtasia Like Free Video Editor, Viral Hashtag Generator, 500+ DFY Audiences In 50 Categories, Millions Of HD Stock Videos & Images, Caption Creator, Social Post Creator.

Copy & replicate secret strategy of successful marketers that get you millions of traffic without fail.

How is Postley different from other apps?

Postley finally solves the traffic problem, it comes jam-packed with all the tools and features you’ll ever need for profitable Facebook & Instagram marketing(20 awesome tools), all in one seamless dashboard.

Read more in my POSTLEY Reviews.

What are the great features of POSTLEY? – POSTLEY Review

Powerful 20-in-1 Jam-Packed Features

Powerful Graphic Editor

Create Appealing Professional Image to use in Page Post or Ads Graphics with their Powerful Inbuilt Drag-n-Drop Image Editor in few clicks.

Smart Ads Spy

Find Best Performing Ads on Facebook and Instagram for Any Keyword, Comment on the ad, Advertiser name, Ad URL, Landing Page URL, or Even Landing Page Text.

With over 91 million ads from 203 countries and 15 million advertisers. It also comes with a powerful Ad Analytics to show you more details about the ad like target location, gender, and age. Replicate Successful Ones to Profit.

Social Post Scheduler

Publish or Schedule Multiple Page Posts for days, weeks, or months with over 100 time zones in 1 Click.

500+ D.F.Y. Templates

Select one or more of their proven to convert and professional Graphics from over 50 niches by simply Click.Edit. Publish and Use It in Any Niche.

C.T.A. Post Creator

Easily Create Highly Engaging Ad-like “CALL TO ACTION” Posts with a link and Button that drive Traffic to your Product, offer, or landing page.

Social Post Creator

Create Attention-Grabbing Normal Facebook Post with a link, image, text, and video in a few clicks.

Post Performance Tracker

Easily create Automated Rules to track and maximize reach and engagement of your best-performing page post and turn them into ads on 100% Autopilot. This will allow you to spend less on ads and pay less for clicks.

Slide Post Creator

Easily Create Multiple Slides and Carousel Posts with images or videos to improve your Conversion or sales if you sell multiple products or offer multiple services.

AdSet Creator

Easily Create or choose any Adset inside any Ads Campaign in easy steps, (10x Easier and Simple than Fb Ads Manager)

Ads Campaign Creator

Create Multiple Facebook Ads Campaign with any desired objective like Conversion, Traffic, Brand Awareness, Post Engagement, Video Views, and Reach. (This is 10x Easier and Simple than Fb Ads Manager)

And the Boost Post Button inside Facebook is not optimized for Conversion.

Related Interest Suggestions

Instantly find Unlimited Related Interest Suggestions based on any Interest Search you make and Get 10x More Targeted Audience.

This will help you to uncover even more hidden Interest and dig deeper into the suggested keywords for precise targeting.

Hidden Facebook Interest Finder

Search for any keyword and Find Hyper-Relevant Hidden Facebook interests to target and get 10x targeted results in any niche (This is Not Visible in Ads Manager)

And If you're still using Facebook's Targeting system, you're actually wasting money because Thousands of Businesses around the world Are All Competing for The Same Audiences, which makes it super expensive.

And Facebook charges you much more for your ads if you don't get your Interest targeting right.

Winning Audience Finder

Instantly find Unlimited Related Interest Suggestions based on any Interest Search you make and Get 10x More Targeted Audience.

This will help you to uncover even more hidden Interest and dig deeper into the suggested keywords for precise targeting.

Ads Scheduler

Facebook explicitly told them that it'll only reward the Pages and posts that generate interaction.

Easily Use best-performing Posts and Hidden Facebook Interest to Easily S.E.T., SCHEDULE, or Manage Ads Automatically.

This is the most proven and tested way of running successful Ads because People don't want ads, they want interaction – to be heard, to be engaged, to be listened to.

Ads Performance Tracker

Automatically Track, Analyse the performance of your Ads On Automation, so you're always in the know of how your ad is doing.

Top Account Audience Finder

Instantly compare all your Audiences in Ads Account against each other and Find the best-performing audience Automatically.

This will help you find which target audience is best for your business.

Caption Creator

Easily Create and Save a winning post or ad campaign captions. Re-USE them again to create Powerful Post or Ads in Seconds.

This will save you countless hours on finding proven to convert captions to use for your Campaign.

Viral Hashtag Generator

Easily user, their Artificial Intelligence Hashtag Generator, to generate multiple hashtags from different topics to Make Your Post or ad campaign go Viral and increase its visibility by 5 times by adding related viral hashtags.

Workspace & Team Management

Create and manage different client's accounts in an organized way and add a new team member to manage your account. You can charge clients hundreds and even thousands of dollars as a Facebook Marketing Agency.

Multi-Language Dashboard

Choose different languages and translate the Postley dashboard into different languages. [Best for Non-English Users]

Demo Video – POSTLEY Review

Funnel Detail – POSTLEY Review

Front End ($47-67) – POSTLEY

  • Smart Ads Spy
  • 500+ DFY Ads Templates
  • Powerful Graphic Editor
  • Social Post Creator
  • Social Post Scheduler
  • Slide Post Creator
  • CTA Post Creator
  • Ads Campaign Creator – 50/month
  • Post Performance Tracker– 50/month
  • Hidden Facebook Interest Finder
  • AdSet Creator– 50/month
  • Ads Scheduler
  • Related Interest Suggestions
  • Top Account Audience Finder
  • Winning Audience Finder
  • Viral Hashtag Generator
  • Ads Performance Tracker
  • Multi-Language Dashboard
  • Caption Creator
  • 3 Team Members
  • 3 Workspace


  • PrimeStocks – Millions Of HD Stock Videos & Images
  • PrimeStocks – Millions Of HD Sounds
  • Smart Ads Spy – UNLIMITED
  • Camtasia Like Free Powerful Video Editor
  • Social Post Scheduler- UNLIMITED
  • 1000+ DFY Ads Templates
  • Post-Performance Tracker- UNLIMITED
  • Social Post Creator- UNLIMITED
  • AdSet Creator- UNLIMITED
  • Ads Campaign Creator- UNLIMITED
  • 25 Workspace
  • Ads Performance Tracker- UNLIMITED
  • 25 Team Members


500 DFY Targeted Audiences from 50 Categories including Local Businesses and Digital Agencies. Plus access to 50 DFY Audience Every Month for next 6 Months.

These highly relevant targeted Interest Audience are proven to convert in any niche of any business.

OTO3 ($197-297) – POSTLEY AGENCY

They are giving you everything needed to succeed as a Facebook Marketing Agency during this Covid-19 period.

  • Create and manage (50 or 250) WorkSpaces
  • Create and manage (50 or 250) Team members
  • DFY Agency Websites (3 Professional WordPress Designs)
  • DFY Custom logo pack
  • One-Click Installation and Easy to Modify.
  • Print-ready Commercial Graphics Templates
  • Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts
  • Stunning Google Banners
  • Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
  • Highly Optimized Email Sequence
  • Professionally Developed Proposals (PowerPoint & Word)
  • Professionally Developed Sales Video
  • Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts
Why should you buy it? – POSTLEY Review

In eCommerce, discovering what works, involves a painstaking process of testing several products and ad campaigns, which requires a huge budget and of course ample time.

This is why so many persons struggle with Ecom, so you’re not alone!

If you have an eCommerce business or you’re remotely interested in Ecommerce, then you should know that eCom and paid advertising goes hand in hand.

And interestingly, Facebook & Instagram remains the most effective way to drive tons of targeted and profitable traffic to your stores and Ecom offers.

But there’s a problem…

The easiest way to solve this problem, is to spy on your competitors to see what is currently working and simply replicate it.

Unfortunately there has never been an easy way to go about this… Until now!

It reveals how to find hot selling products & winning ads for any product, so you can simply replicate and get the same results the “big wigs” are getting…

Presenting POSTLEY…

Postley allows you spy on your competitors, successful eCom-prenuers & their exact stores to see what products are currently working for them and exactly how they are running their ads…

You get to see the product, landing page, exact ad copy, ad image, ad type, target location, demography and you can even see the exact technology like: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Active-Campaign, I can go on and on and on.

POSTLEY allows you run a search on it’s robust database of over 91 million ads from 203 countries and 15 million advertisers… You can search based on: Keywords; Competitors name or store URL, and even; Product name.

Surely, this is not business as usual… POSTLEY is here to change the way eCommerce is done forever!

The Possibilities inside POSTLEY are endless.

With this, all you need to do is replicate what works, rinse and repeat.

And the best part is that you can create your fully fledged ads with Hidden Highly targeted facebook Audiences inside POSTLEY. You don’t need to leave the POSTLEY dashboard.

This is simply a game changer!!

Here are SIX reasons why you should pick up your POSTLEY access right now; POSTLEY Review

  • Unlike a lot of the existing similar platforms, with POSTLEY it’s not just about being able to set up winning ads, that’s part of the package. But it also helps you siphon a flood of FREE quality traffic ORGANICALLY!
  • It’s an all-in-one solution to the traffic problem. A lot of the other apps out there have one or both of the following limitations. It’s either they don’t work as promised or many times you’ll need to combine other tools with them before you can get any meaningful results… But with POSTLEY, you get 20 amazing tools all in one dashboard to help you fire up your posts & ads performance GUARANTEED.
  • This launch special deal comes with FREE commercial licence, so you don’t need to upgrade to use POSTLEY for your clients.
  • POSTLEY comes jam-packed with a number of NEVER SEEN BEFORE tools, like Ads & Post Performance. Tracker, Top Audience Finder that you can use to EASILY win with ads and also fire up your FB and IG marketing!
  • Once you get your access right now, you’ll have unlocked a ton of premium and congruent bonuses already delivered in your members area… This is to help you succeed fast, NO EXCUSES!
  • For a limited time only (ending very soon). POSTLEY is going for a very low one-time fee and solidly backed by their NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED money back GUARANTEE.

To be honest, thank you for reading my POSTLEY Review! See you later.