Pizza Money by Ben Adkins Review – Honest Review

Pizza Money by Ben Adkins Review

How to build your own SMS Marketing Platform (without coding)

As we saw much of the world go into lockdown, we saw a huge number of businesses start to struggle. One of the main industries to suffer was the Restaurant industry.

But Not all restaurants got hurt. Some restaurants actually grew their business during this period, even when they couldn’t allow people to come inside of their location.

How is that Possible?

The restaurants that thrived during all of this lockdown uncertainty were the ones that had one specific thing going for them that the others did not.

The restaurants that thrived… had a customer list. And not just any list… An SMS List.

Let me explain why their SMS helped them thrive during lockdown.

While all of the other restaurants were struggling to tell their customers what changes they made to stay open (curbside pickup, new hours, different menu options, etc), the restaurants with their own SMS list were able to text their best customers and instantly notify them of their changes to handle the lockdown.

This resulted in… INCREASED SALES.

The reason?

Their best customers still wanted their food and they wanted to also support their favorite spot to eat.

So… Why don’t all restaurants have their own SMS list that they can use anytime to contact their best customers?

Simply put… They don’t know how to set it up and get it off the ground.

That’s where you come in… The Big Opportunity…

What if Ben Adkins could also show you how to find the perfect restaurants for this service?

And What if he could show you exactly how to build your own SMS Marketing platform without the need to do any coding?

What if he could show you all this… and walk you through exactly how to deliver a huge return on their $200/month by delivering big results for the restaurant each month?

And What if he could also show you how to get on the restaurant’s radar and close a $200/month deal with them… without ever leaving your house?

He's going to walk you through a big opportunity of how you can do all of the above and build a $5k/month business by helping restaurants in the next 3-6 months.

Inside “Pizza Money” you will learn exactly how they're helping fill up restaurants with customers every single month (even during covid 19) and how they're getting paid $200/month per client. (and how you can build your own Restaurant SMS Marketing Platform… without any code).

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Pizza Money by Ben Adkins Review for more details.

Pizza Money by Ben Adkins Review



  • Product: Pizza Money by Ben Adkins
  • Vendor: Ben Adkins
  • Launch Date: 2020-Aug-04
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • FrontEnd Price: $27
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

What is Pizza Money by Ben Adkins?

Where did the name come from?

The name “Pizza Money” comes from the fact that they originally tested and proved this model in Pizza Restaurants.

Don't let the name fool you though.

This technique has since been proven to work in all kinds of restaurants (bars, steakhouses, sushi, mexican, and just about any other kind of restaurant you can think of at this point).

What will you learn inside:

Inside, Dr Ben Adkins will be walking you through a model that his restaurant clients love.

Specifically, you'll learn:

  • 1) How to Build your Own SMS Marketing System: He shows you how to build your own SMS marketing platform without any coding knowledge (yes… seriously… you get a step-by-step map)
  • 2) How to find the Ideal clients first. He shows you how to find the ideal restaurants to sell the service to (so you don't waste any of your time going after businesses that aren't a good fit).
  • 3) How to blow them away with your SMS System. He shows you how to approach and attract their interest in the SMS Service… by putting the power in their hands before they ever even sign up.
  • 4) How to Close $200/month clients. He shows you the exact way that they set up and close the deal in a sales meeting (and set each client up as a $200/month deal at minimum).
  • 5) How to onboard a client so that they stay longterm. He shows you exactly how to onboard the client and make sure that they never want to stop the service (we make sure that they do something special in the first month of running the service to prove that this is a game changer for their business.

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What Exactly is the ‘Pizza Money’ System?

They’ve developed a unique SMS marketing system that they manage for their clients.

For each client, they use this system to build a list of dedicated customers and keep them within the inner circle. It gives the restaurant owner the ability to strengthen customer loyalty while sharing special offers and promotions.

This consistent contact with their customers maintains their bottom line and keeps their business successfully afloat, even during the lockdowns!

Before they go on, let me clarify something important: you DO NOT require any kind of coding experience!

The Pizza Money System is a video-based course that breaks down every critical part of this model. So after you complete the training, you’ll be able to immediately take action. Successfully locating and attracting new clients while building a long-term business of your own that requires little ongoing maintenance.

Why should you buy Pizza Money by Ben Adkins?

If you’re currently managing your own digital agency with small business clients, or if you’re looking for a simple and mostly ‘hands off’ business opportunity, then this is for you.

He Shows You How To Build Your Own SMS Marketing SOFTWARE In Under 25 Minutes And How He Uses That Software To Make $200/Month (PER CLIENT)… Providing AN Extremely EFFECTIVE Marketing Service FOR LOCAL Restaurant Owners.

There’s also a lot of restaurant owners in dire need of this exact help. By teaching you how to use the ‘Pizza Money’ system, this service becomes accessible to even more restaurant owners who need the help. By charging a small fee, they still benefit from sharing our system, you get access to a blueprint that will help you quickly build your own business and more restaurant owners receive the service they need. Everyone wins!

To be honest, thank you for reading my Pizza Money by Ben Adkins Review! See you later.