Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review – The Biggest Free Traffic Secret of 2021 and beyond

Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

8 ‘World-Class' Pinterest Experts Reveal How To: “CRACK The Pinterest Traffic Code That Sends 10,000's Of FREE BUYING Visitors To Your Affiliate Links, Ecom Stores, Blogs & More!”

If you’d like to discover how to unleash the the biggest FREE traffic secret of 2020 and beyond… To go from a standing start and literally have 100’s…even THOUSANDS of hungry buyers FLOODING into your affiliate links, ecommerce stores, blogs (or anywhere else) in just a few short days.

Pinterest has become the GOLD-RUSH traffic (and Income) opportunity of the decade!

BIG NEWS: When it comes to generating an almost instantaneous FLOOD of 100% FREE, virtually zero-work BUYING traffic.

Here's Why:

  • Pinterest is a massively growing VISUAL ‘search engine’ with 335 million+ monthly users!
  • High-income households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income households
  • Every ‘Pin’ (post) is a DIRECT LINK to a ‘money site’ of your choice
  • There are 100,000’s of Instantly Rankable LOW or NO competition keyword phrases with massive search volume just waiting for your Pins.

And for the first time, 8 of the worlds' TOP Pinterest traffic experts have been interviewed on camera and forced to reveal ALL their best-kept rapid-traffic secrets: “How To Explode Your Affiliate, Ecommerce, Blog Income (& Much More) By Unlocking 10,000’s of FREE Monthly Pinterest Visitors and $100 – $1000 Days At Warp-Speed

I highly recommend this, especially in these times.

Regardless if you're an affiliate marketer, blogger, ecommerce store owner, CPA marketer, email marketer, consultant, coach or ANYONE who needs to send traffic to a ‘money site' or link, the secrets and strategies you'll learn will TRANSFORM your profits.

Pinterest has grown tremendously over the years and regardless of your niche or online business model their are now endless amounts of buying visitors just waiting for your pins!

Absolutely anyone who wants to quickly and easily unleash 1000's of daily ‘buying visitors' to any ‘money site' or online business in a matter of days will benefit immensely from this.

That's why Cory gathered 8 of the world's top 6 and 7-Figure Pinterest traffic and marketing experts and forced them to reveal EVERYTHING.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review for more details.

Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review


Overview – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

  • Product: Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass
  • Vendor: Cory Friedman
  • Launch Date: 2020-Dec-29
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • FrontEnd Price: $9.95-$18
  • Official Sales Page: Click Here

Who is Cory Friedman?

Cory Friedman is a 15 year ‘in the trenches' online marketing veteran with millions of dollars in info-product and coaching program sales to his name.

A life-long ‘obsessed' student of all things online marketing, Cory's core strengths include copywriting, course creation, product launches, paid traffic and high-ticket client enrollment.

What is Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass? – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

The Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass is an instantly-accessible digital series of video and audio recordings plus PDF NOTES (for each video session).

They got 8 of the world's top Pinterest traffic generation and money-making experts reveal all of their best kept secrets for generating 10,000's of 100% FREE ‘buying visitors' from Pinterest each and every month.

Listen, as possible as it is to make an absolute ‘hands free’ fortune from the TORRENTS of FREE buyer traffic just waiting for you on Pinterest.

The truth is, there’s small handful of critical secrets that will literally make-or-break your Pinterest ‘Pin Ranking’ and Rapid-Traffic success.

When you DON'T know these secrets:

  • You’ll set up your Pinterest account incorrectly (accidentally telling Pinterest NOT to display your Pins!
  • Nobody will EVER find them when they search…
  • Your Pins will be lost in a sea of thousands of other Pins
  • You’ll unknowingly be working AGAINST the Pinterest algorithm (when it’s so EASY to give them what they want!)

However… When You Know The SIMPLE SECRETS Of The Top 1% Of Pinterest Traffic Pro’s :

  • 1000's of buyers will see your Pins… every single day!
  • Your Pins will skyrocket (overnight) to the top of the Pinterest results for 90% of the keywords you target!
  • You'll be able to quit your day job FAST thanks to the ever increasing Tsunami of Pinterest buyer traffic hitting your money sites like clockwork… every single day!

People will ciIck on YOUR Pins. NOT your competitors!

Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass is the COMPLETE ‘rapid' Pinterest traffic (and income) success education at and he's giving it away ridiculously cheap.

These experts will show you how to get 100's of buying visitors coming into your sites in a matter of days.

Even better, all of these Pinterest wizards have their own specialty with Pinterest traffic (affiliate marketing, ecommerce stores, blogs, list-building… you name it).

Read more in my Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Reviews.

What are the great features of Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass?

You're About To Discover How To:


You'll learn how to turn a SINGLE pin into an ongoing flow of effortless ETSY sales so get ready to ramp up production because these secrets will absolutely flood you with customers. Unleash the power of Pinterest and TailWiind for a steady flow of pure-profit ETSY sales and unlimited traffic.

10X Your Affiliate Success

Step-by-step you'll discover the best products to promote, how to optimize your Pinterest account and boards for maximum affiliate profits and the ideal daily action plan for maximum results. Learn the secret system for generating pure-profit affiliate sales from free Pinterest traffic.

EXPLODE Your Blog Traffic

These insider account optimization, Pinterest SEO and automation secrets will hand-you a golden daily action plan for maximum blog traffic and success. Discover the A-Z gameplan for getting 10,000's of free blog visitors from Pinterest each month.

Generate Endless eCommerce Sales

These incredible strategies take ecom stores from zero-to-hero astonishingly fast without spending a dime on ads! Discover the blueprint for getting 10,000”s of FREE monthly visitors your eCommerce websites that turn into massive amounts of pure profit sales.

Unlock The Ultimate Pinterest + YouTube Channel Growth Formula

These 4 Secret Hacks For Viral Pins That Dominate Pinterset SEO Add 1000's Of Monthly YouTube Subscribers While Simultaneously Tripling Your Pinterest Followers! Master the ultimate Pinterest + YouTube channel growth formula to add 1000's of new YouTube subscribers each and every month.

Grow Your Email List By 1000's Of GOLDEN Subscribers Each Month

You'll learn how to optimize your account for maximum list-building traffic, what type of pins drive the most email subscribers and what to include on your blog for a super high visitor to opt-in rate. Unlock the secrets to acquiring & monetizing 1000's of FREE email subscribers from Pinterest, each and every month.

Consistently Generate VIRAL (Traffic Crushing) Pins With 3 Simple Hacks

Creating viral pins isn't just luck, this session will turn you into a Viral Pin Wizard (so you can grow your traffic, profits and business at 5x the speed!). Finally Revealed: The proven formula that consistently creates viral pins that generate 1000's and 1000's of impressions and clicks to your website!

Live a Life of FREEDOM As a Pinterest VA In 2-3 Hours a Day

Did you know it's possible to make a full-time income managing other business's Pinterest accounts in 2-3 hours per day? You'll learn how to get clients quickly and easily, prep their accounts for maximum success and implement the exact strategies that will drive them perpetual traffic and business growth so they never stop paying you!

Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Testimonial – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

Demo Video – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

Who Is Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass For? – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

Rapid Pinterest traffic and profits requires knowing a slew of insider secrets that will make or break your results. That's why they gathered 8 of the world's top 6 and 7-Figure Pinterest traffic and marketing experts and forced them to reveal EVERYTHING.

Absolutely anyone who wants to quickly and easily unleash 1000's of daily ‘buying visitors' to any ‘money site' or online business in a matter of days (without wasting months and $100's… even $1000's down the train trying figure it all out by yourself.

How Is The Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Different From Other Pinterest Courses?

They craft each MasterClass to deliver a complete educational experience on each topic. It's their unique process of creating online events that resemble college-level courses delivered by world's leading expert speakers.

No need to rearrange your schedule. Learn at your own pace anywhere you are and never miss a beat again. Their cloud-based learning platform allows you to attend the sessions from any device 24/7.

Funnel Detail

FRONT END – The MasterClass

The Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass is a pre-recorded 8 Video, Audio & PDF Expert Interview Series.

8 of the worlds' TOP Pinterest marketing experts reveal how to explode your affiliate, ecommerce, blog (or any type of ‘money site' ) income By UNLOCKING 10,000's of FREE Monthly Pinterest visitors and life-changing income FAST.

Upgrade One – 300+ Optimized Pin Templates

He paid one of the best Pinterest graphic designers to create 300+ stunning, click-optimized ‘Done For You' Pin Templates so you can save hours of ‘design time' increase your traffic faster and make sure you're NAILING the Pinterest algorythm by getting maximum engagement on your pins.

Upgrade Two – $50 Into $500+ DFY Ad Campaign

He partnered with one of the worlds TOP Pinterest marketers to provide you with a 100% ‘Done For You' high-ticket affiliate Pinterest ad campaign and auto-webinar sales-funnel.

You'll be getting his exact Pinterest Ad + Campaign Settings ALREADY PROVEN to generatet dirt-cheap Pinterest traffic & massive sales.

With the included step-by-step video training you will be able to ‘turn this on' in minutes & make $647.86 commissions on autopilot over and over again.

Upgrade Three – ‘The Pin Coach' ELITE Coaching

‘The Pin Coach' (Louise Cottrell) is offering her Pinterest coaching at a FRACTION of her normal price as a special offer for this launch.

You who take this offer will get Louise (The Pin Coach) to evaluate their Pinterest accounts, profiles, keyword-optimization and more for overall effectiveness.

This will IGNITE you confidence, eliminate all chances of mistakes & EXPLODE your Pinterest traffic as fast as possible!

Upgrade Four – License Rights

For upgrade #4 you will have the opportunity to get License Rights to the entire, super-high-converting Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass sales-funnel and keep 100% of the profits on the first 5 offers in the funnel.

And with $37, $97 & $197 upgrade offers you'll be in an amazing position to make BANK.

His copy has always been touted as some of the highest converting JV's have ever seen, with routine 10% front-end converation rates and conistent 30%+ upsell take-rates.

Upgrade Five – “Watch Me Profit Videos” Membership

“For the first time ever, he is inviting you to WATCH HIS EVERY MOVE as he unleash his virtually infallible “Infoproduct Success Formula” to set-up one highly-profitable infoproduct selling machine after another.

Step-By-Step… right before their very eyes…

Inside his “Watch Me Profit Videos” over-the-shoulder, WEEKLY Info-Product Success video training & LIVE coaching membership.

He has created info-product income streams in over 15 different niches (without being an expert) and he's finally doing it FROM SCRATCH – over & over again with cameras rolling – so you can benefit MASSIVELY.

Why should you buy it? – Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review

Organic traffic is what we're all after but most platforms require that you spend months slogging it out before you can hope to get any real traffic.

Do you wish their was a social platform that could start sending you 1000's of free buying vistors in a matter of days?

Unless you learn THESE Pinterest secrets.

Did you know Pinterest has become one of the hottest and fastest ways to get boatloads of free targeted traffic to any ‘money site' you may have?

Imagine having dozens of Pins (that take just minutes to create, ranking (almost immedaitely) for unlimited high-traffic, low-competition Pinterest search keywords?

Imagine getting hundreds of buying visitors for free in a matter of days NOT months!

Pinterest is that ‘rare-gem' social platform WITH a built-in search engine that makes getting rapid, massive traffic not only possible but actually easy to achieve (once you know these secrets).

Whether you're an affiliate, ecommerce store owner, blogger, list-builder or any person that needs more traffic to your ‘money-sites'.

It's 100% doable and 8 top experts are going to show you exactly how.

To be honest, thank you for reading my Pinterest Traffic Breakthrough MasterClass Review! See you later.